Odhimalai Murugan Temple:

  •     Odhimalai is the oldest temple of Lord Murugan, There he is depicted with his famous five faces and eight arms. This temple is situated near Puliampatti, Sirumugai Way
  •     The road is called Odhimalai Road from Annur.
  •     We should reach the temple from down the hill only by walking, there is no public transport for vehicles.

odhimlai murugan temple history and specialityOdhimalai Subramany Swamy Temple History:

  •      This famous Odhimalai temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. There is a beautiful story about Odhimalai’s name and this temple, this is the temple where lord Murugan teaches the Pranava mantra to his father Lord Shiva. 
  •     Once the creator Lord Brahman was about to visit Mount Kailash to worship and proceed darshan to Lord Shiva.
  •     He started with Lord Vinayaga, the creator saluting Vinayaga, Shiva, and Parvati, but he ignored Lord Murugan.
  •     So Lord Murugan wants to teach a lesson to the creator. 
  •     To teach a lesson to Lord Brahma, lord Murugan asked the meaning of the Pranava Mantra “OM”, but Brahma was unable to give an answer, so he prisoned him with all four faces. 
  •     This incident is why Lord Murugan got Five faces in this Odhimalai, this is how peoples believe this.
  •     After being imprisoned Lord Brahma Murugan takes the work of the Creator. 
  •     He creates all the creations himself including Humans. This thing increased the population of the world and became a burden to the mother of Earth. 
  •     So Goddess Bhumadevi went to Lord Shiva and explained her woes
  •     When Lord Shiva came to Murugan asking about this meaning Murugan explains the meaning of Agamas of the Vedas. 
  •     From that, this hill got Odhalmalai Odhal meaning “learning” and Malai meaning “hill”. After some years it has turned into odhimalai.
  •     Hence Shiva came to visit Murugan on the hill so he also had a shrine there he is called Kailasanathar“. 

ஓதிமலை முருகனின் அற்புதம்:

Odhimalai Temple Speciality:

  •       Lord Murugan is normally known for his five-face, six-face, and single-face. 
  •       There is a belief that once Lord Murugan gave darshan to Bogar, who was one of the 18 siddhar performing yagas, and he had completed their years of Yagas, Lord Murugan gave darshan.
  •       Bogar wants to visit Pazhani Malai, but he doesn’t know the way to reach there so lord Murugan took form with one face and four arms to lead Bogar to Pazhani.
  •       In the place of Kumarapalayam, 4 km from Irumbarai lord Murugan gave further direction and vanished after that.
  •       Lord Murugan resides in the temple with one face and four hands. 
  •       That is why lord Murugan is depicted with five heads and eight arms in Odhimalai.

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Facts About Odhimalai Temple:

  • Odhimalai Murugan temple has around 1800 steps.
  • We couldn’t reach the temple by vehicle we can only climb the hill by walking. 
  • He resides with five faces and eight arms.
  • Irumbarai got named by Lord Brahma and was prisoned in the irumbu room. 
  • Bohar performed homa in white. Now this is given to devotees as a prasad. 

Puja and Rituals on Odhimalai Temple:

ஓதிமலை முருகன் கோவில் வழிபாடு:

  •       Prayer and thanksgiving is the most traditional ritual of people. 
  •      On special Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays priest comes and does pooja. And special days people do some prayers and observe vratas. 
  •      We can pray for knowledge and wisdom. 
  •      People perform abishek to lord Murugan with milk and sandal, and they offer vistas-clothing to the lord
  •      Lord Murugan protects his devotees and blessing to live a beautiful life. 

Famous Places Near Odhimalai:

  • Othimalai Andavar Hill,
  • Othimalai hill,
  • Vanabathrakali Amman Kovil,
  • Pillur dam, 
  • Niligiri Mountain

How Many Steps are there in Odhimalai Murugan Temple:

  steps in odhimalai murugan temple

This is the biggest temple among all the Murugan Hills temples, this odhimalai temple is situated at a  height of 2000 feet. Has around 1800 steps are there to reach Murugan temple at its peak.

Festivals of Odhimalai:

People celebrate big festivals in Odhimalai Murugan Temple.

Thaipoosam, which normally comes in January and February month is celebrated as a 9-day Brammotsavam. 

Panguni Uthiram on March- april month,

Chithirai Tamil New year on April month,

Vaikasi Visakam on May to June month,

Adi Perukku on Auguest Month,

Skanda Sashi on October- November month,



In Odhimalai Murugan temple people mostly celebrate the Murugan festival and other important festivals. 

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Opening Time of Odhimalai Temple:

Odhimalai Murugan temple will be open on 

Wednesday Closed

Thursday Closed


(Eid al-Fitr)

6 am–5 pm

Hours might differ


(Eid al-Fitr)


Sunday 10 am–5 pm

Monday 6 am–5 pm

Tuesday 6 am–5 pm

 During other festivals, the temple will be open, and the month of Margazhi temple entirely open. 

During  Sashti and kiruthikai Odhimalai Murugan temple will be open. 

Address of Odhimalai Temple:

  •      Odhimalai Murugan temple is located about 15 kilometers from Annur, Irumabarai in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu. 
  •      It is situated 50 km from Coimbatore and 25 km from Mettupalayam. It has 1770 steps and it is a freestanding hill of Lord Murugan.