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Lord Krishna is one of the most popular Gods of all Indian deities. Krishna worshipped as the eighth incarnation of the great Hindu Lord Vishnu, and also, he is the Supreme God. Lord Krishna is a God of Warrior, Hero, Teacher, and Philosopher by all his Hindu devotees. All Hindu God devotees love Lord Krishna. Buy Krishna Statue Online In India, know more about Lord Krishna’s History, Teachings, Worship, Love, Unknown facts, and Blessings. We will discuss more exciting facts about Lord Krishna. Stay Tuned!

About Beautiful Lord Krishna 

Lord Krishna was born to the King Vasudeva and Queen Devaki. Devaki was the sister of Kamsa, the tyrant of Mathura (Uttar Pradesh). Krishna was Eight children of his parents. Lord Krishna was the avatar of Lord Vishnu, and he bought Krishna to the Gokul village. Krishna loved to make pranks, for captivating the Gopis of Vrindavan to the sound of his flute. Radha was one of the Gopis who lived there, and she became the beloved of Lord Krishna. He also called has Gopala among his devotees. Krishna loves eating Butter in his childhood days. He also called has Butter Thieve. 

Lord Krishna had a real love relationship with Radha. Radhakrishna’s relationship represents the highest form of divine love. Both humans and God’s connection is considered to be unique due to their unconditional love and seems to be the symbol of the soul. Radha and Krishna do not live one without another. They named has RadhaKrishna. Are you a true worshipper of Lord Krishna? If yes, Buy Krishna Statue Online In India. He `worshipped in many religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and New age religions, etc.

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Is It Good to keep RadhaKrishna Brass Statue at Home? 

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Lord Krishna is the Supreme Godhead. The Human Soul is eternally related to Krishna. Are you eager to become a tremendous devote of Lord Krishna? Simple follow few ways, Chant Lord Krishna’s Mantra and Worship him routinely at home or a temple. Worshipping Lord Krishna is not a tedious task to follow. Just Buy Krishna Statue Online In India at Great Offer price at people’s choice of Shopping God Statues Vgocart. Grasp the Great Offers at your first purchase itself. Krishna Statues are real handcrafted statues with exceedingly skilled artisans from India. 

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Puja & Mantra of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is a Universal Deity. Offering Puja is a very Good devotional practice to please Lord Krishna and for Spiritual life. It helps all us to develop a personal relationship with the God Krishna, to acquire all knowledge and positive energy. He helps us to control the mind and discipline us very correctly. The Simplest way of Puja,

  1. Offer a Flower, Garland, Ghee Lamp, Incense, Fruit, Butter, and Water in altar daily.
  2. Keep Krishna Idol on a clean plate and drip clean water.
  3. Apply some sandalwood or butter paste on Krishna Idol and show Aarti lamp.
  4. Apply some Kumkum on Krishna Idol feet and show Aarti Lamp.
  5. Chant with Krishna Mantra for a few minutes.
  6. Last Alanghar Krishna Idol with Auspicious things and lighten Ghee Lamps.
  7. Most Auspicious things are Lotus flower, Peacock feather, Misri and Makhan, Tulsi, Vaijayanti Mala. 

Lord Krishan Mantra – “Namoh Bhgwate Shri Govinda”

Lord RadhaKrishna Mantra for Love – “Keshavi Keshavaradhaya Kishori Keshavstuta, Rudra Rupa Rudra Murtih Rudrani Rudra Devta”

Chant 108 times, especially on Friday Lord Krishna will bless your life with full happiness and make all your desires come true. Buy Krishna Statue for Gift home puja and beloved one’s special days.

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Indian craftsman are very talented in handcrafting Beautiful and Decorative Lord Krishna Statue. Craftsman use superfine characteristics of Brass, Bronze, and Panchaloha materials. Mainly RadhaKrishna Statues are crafted in pure Brass material are a more beautiful handcrafted Statue. Krishna is the supreme God, and Radha is supposed to care with her deep love. Radha Krishna Brass Statue is the symbol of pure love & happiness. Radhakrishna Statue can be used for Puja purposes and to decorate your home. Buy Krishna Statue Online In India for Great Sale at Vgocart. Buy at low price high-quality Statues, with long-lasting Brass material. Buy Krishna Statue for Office gives prosperity, wealth, and happiness surrounds it. 

Radha Krishna Brass Statue with Flute
Radhakrishna Brass Statue Online for Gift

Radhakrishna Statue is the latest and hottest very traditional gift in today’s Hindu Weddings, New House Warming Ceremonies, Birthday’s, New ventures, Corporate Gifts, and Valentine’s Gift. In Hinduism religion, the beauty of love glorifies by Lord Krishna with Radha. According to the ancient myths and epics, Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and Radha is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Radhakrishna’s love is between God and Goddess in human nature. That’s the main reason people prefer to buy and gift RadhaKrishna Statue for Weddings and House Ceremony. Idol represents lots of love and happiness. Mostly Krishna pair statue is purchased for Valentine’s Gift, Weddings, House Ceremony, Corporate gifts. Buy Krishna Statue Online In India is the more promising thing for gifting purpose at factory price.

5  Principles of Lord Krishna for Business Management

Lord Krishna is the master of finesse, and we all have to learn a lot from him. Here are mentioned five essential principles of management  strategies for business leaders.

  1. Learn New things routinely and share your learning with your team members.
  2. Define your life goals and stick to your Goals to achieve and adapt to the work culture.
  3. Develop your Strategic Approach with problem-solving and decision making skill
  4. Improve yourself has a Tactful Communicator.
  5. Be an average person, grounded and very humble person with your employees in all situations.

Buy Krishna Statue Online In India for your Office or Business Locations and follow the instructions of Lord Krishna at any cost.

Radhakrishna Brass Statue Buy Online for Valentine’s Gift 

Though you all, RadhaKrishna is the symbol of Love, Romance & Happiness of life. Get a meaningful and gorgeous gift for your beloved ones he/she on Valentine’s Day. Most memorable, lovable, and affordable gift for your loved ones on a particular day. Radhakrishna Brass Statue is available at different gestures like RadhaKrishna playing the flute, sitting on jhula, sitting under the tree, standing pair statue, Krishna with cow and calf and many more. Buy at factory price with unlimited offers.

Vastu Tips for Placing Lord Krishna Brass Statue for Prosperity 

Lord Krishna is known as the epitome of love in nature. According to vastu Shastras, Lord Krishna is one of the great charming Gods, has a quality of attracting everyone by his blessings, love, and care. Keeping Krishna Brass Statue at home, office brings very beneficial prosperity and divine. Here are some vastu guide to place Krishna Statue,

  1. Keep Krishna Brass Statue in North-East direction of your location.
  2. Choose medium height Krishna Statue for puja purpose.
  3. Choose standard height Krishna Statue for Home Décor, Gardening, Office Cabin, etc.
  4. The direction of Diyas should be on the south-eastern side of your puja room. It attracts more positivity, wealth, and happiness.
  5. Choose the right Krishna Statue for all different occasions. Radhakrishna Statue for wedding, anniversary, new house warming, birthday, valentine’s day, etc. Placing in the living room, choose Krishna Statue with calf. 
  6. Offer Krishna Statue with flowers, butter, Makhan, and misri. While worshipping offer with Sandal paste to the statue. 

Wrapping Up

Lord Krishna, in all gestures, forms is believed to be more powerful, charming, and positive. Many people face difficulties in healthy life, business, and love life. Keeping a Lord RadhaKrishna Statue playing with flute will bring more peace in life and brings harmony. Scientifically said that Lord Krishna’s flute takes away all your problems, sorrow, misunderstandings. 

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Lord RadhaKrishna blesses you and your family with more love, peace, happiness, and prosperity!