Brass Varahi amman is The Third Avatar of Lord Vishnuu.Brass Varahi Amman is one among Sapthakanimar (group of seven mother goddess) in Hindu Religion.Brass Varahi Amman is also Known as Ratri Devata(Night Goddess).

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Brass Varahi Amman appears with head of boar,with Eight hands Two hands in Blessing Postion and Six hands With Weapons.

Benefits of Worshipping Brass Varahi amman

Brass Varahi amman is Worshipped as Protector and giving blessings and is belived to possess the Power to overcome obstacles and destroy evil forces
Raja Raja Cholan the King of Chola Empire Worshipped varahi before any battles to attain Victory

Best days to worship Brass Varahi Amman

Varahi amman is considered of an avatar of Mahavishnu ,by lighting special diyas for varahi and Worshipping on Wednesday,Panchami by offering Parsatham like vegetables that grown under soil,offering sangu flowers and Sweets.
Varahi amman Will appear in light of diya and Blesses us.