Brass Mother Mary Idol- 6″

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Brass Mother Mary Jesus Idol-6″

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Brass Mary Matha Statue – 4″

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Brass Jesus Cross Statue- 3″

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Buy Jesus Brass Statue Online In India

In Christianity religion, Lord Jesus is believed to be the Son of God in any mainstream. Jesus is believed to be the second person in the Holy Trinity. According to Christianity God offered humans salvation and eternal life. Lord Jesus taught Resurrection, Ascension and Second Coming to this World. Lord Jesus spread his disciples, testimonies, and teachings of peace, love, trueness, faith, and happiness to all his devotees across the world. Worship Lord Jesus with full faith and full heart he blesses with almighty. Buy Jesus Statue Online In India for worship at home, office and gift purpose. Jesus Statue with Holy family statue, Jesus cross-Statue, Jesus standing statue and many more.

 About Jesus Christ

The World knew 2,000 years ago a person named Jesus came to the earth from Nazareth town Israel. Jesus had gained large followers across the region. His followers preached in the name of Jesus Christ. After a few years, he was hanged in the cross by the religious leaders in Jerusalem. What all he can do for all his devotees are revealed in the Holy Bible. The Bible contains the only record of Jesus’ teachings and testimonies. The bible teaches many things about Jesus Christ for all Christianity globally. According to Christian mythology,

1. Jesus Christ is the only God.
2. He is the Son of God.
3. Jesus performs miracles.
4. Jesus changes all lives
5. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the World.
6. Jesus became human through virgin birth.
7. Jesus lives in heaven with Father God
8. Jesus will return to judge all humanity.
9. Jesus Christ will receive you if you come behind him.
These are the important teachings of Jesus Christ in Christianity religion globally. Buy Jesus Statue Online In India, let’s peace god bless you in all your prayers at home.

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Are you a true Jesus Christ follower and Art lover? Then the right choice is to Buy Jesus Statue Online In India in the best quality and affordable price at Vgocart shopping store. India is more famous globally for its Art and Craftwork by Indian skillful craftsmen. Craftsmen make Jesus Statue in a handcrafted way with superfine characteristics of Indian country. Indian craftwork statues are very famous in the global market. Buy Jesus Statue In India, which are made with High-quality Brass, Bronze and Panchaloha material. 

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Brass Jesus Statues for Sale Online

Brass is an alloy compound of Copper and Zinc metal. Brass Jesus statues are affordable in cost-wise for all art lovers. Artisans craft Brass Jesus Statue with more uniqueness and with wonderful designs. Real handcrafted Brass Jesus Statue from Authentic Manufacturer in India is Vgocart. Buy Jesus Statue Online In India, at Vgocart sells decorative Jesus Statue, Jesus Cross Statue, Holy Family Statue in a pure Brass material. Jesus Brass Statues are very easy in maintenance. Just clean it with pure cotton cloth with an applied pinch of coconut oil. No. 1 Trusted Online Statue Store across India is Vgocart. Buy Jesus Statue for home at exclusive offer prices from Vgocart. Worship Lord Jesus Christ and grasp his almighty blessings.

Lord Jesus Christ Enlightened Blessings

Lord Jesus already paid the valuable price to purchase you. It’s your right and privilege in Jesus Christ. Jesus made it available to pursue all his blessings. He does not want you to live an oppressed life. Because Lord Jesus loves you all more. Blessings can be claimed in your  Christ. When you attain the lord’s blessings upon you, all things in your life will work together to be good for you. Will get the glory and lifting from all disappointment. To get more enlightened blessings from Jesus Christ follow some sayings of Lord Jesus.

1. Choose to Believe the Blessing is available to you.
2. Study God’s word daily from the Bible.
3. Always Speak Blessings words with full faith.
4. Pay your tithe and support God’s work with your earned seed.
5. Keep an Attitude of Gratitude.

These all blessings come you in Jesus name to lift you up in your whole life. Buy Jesus Statue Online In India, worship him on a daily basis with his valuable words from the bible to attain all his blessings in your life. Buy Jesus Statue for Gift to your beloved ones at Christmas, Newyear, Easter festivals and special days like Birthday. Wedding, Anniversary, New house warming, and many more.

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To Be Followed Prayers method to Lord Jesus Christ

1. Always in your prayer, Thank God for all His blessings over your life.
2. Thank God for consciously for every victory, testimonies and every blessing over your life.
3. Thank God for the Great Gift of life and the privilege of Salvation.
4. Pray to God to honor your prayers, according to his word from the Bible.
5. Pray God to forgive all your known and unknown sins and mistakes over your life.
6. Pray Jesus to cover you and your family with his pure and holy blood in all the situations of life.
7. Thank him for his great love over you and your family.
8. Pray to God in all aspects of your life, whether its good or bad issue happens in your life. Ask him to specify of what he wants to do in your life at each moment.
9. Pray to God to do a new good thing in your life every month.
10. Go Head and Thank God once again for all your answered prayers.

‘We are blessed. The blessing will work on us every moment created by Lord Jesus Christ.’

Summing Up

Buy Jesus Statue Online In India, at an Authentic and Trusted manufacturer and seller globally. Worship your almighty Lord Jesus with pure Brass Statue, handcrafted holy statue, decorative designed statue at home or office. Gift your loved ones on festivals and special occasions. Buy Jesus Statue at Vgocart available with different sizes, shapes, designs, price, and color. 

“And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed”. (Gen 12:2-3)

Action Plan for the Day – ‘Think like a Blessed Human Being, because you are’!