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Worship Method of Ugadi in 2023, God and Goddess to Worship on Ugadi for Wealthy Life.

Worship method of Ugadi in 2022, God and Gooddess to Worship on Ugadi 

Ugadi is a South Indian festival, mostly celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, it’s the beginning of the year. It is also known as Yugadi, celebrated in the month of Chitra month.

History of Ugadi:

  • Yugadi means “beginning of the year”. This festival is named after Lord Brahma, creator of the universe of Ugadi. It’s also a date for Lord Rama’s birthday.

God and Goddess to Pray on Ugadi:

How to celebrate:

  • Worship Method of Ugadi 2022, God and Goddess to WorshipOn this day take early bath and visit temple. People make a swastika symbol with rangoli, turmeric and kumkum. Also, people build an altar and install Brahma and worship Ganesha first.
  • They start with chanting “Un Brahmane mantra” then offer prasadam and enjoy festivals.

Ugadi brings new positive energy to everyone and peace, prosperity in life.