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How to Clean Brass Without Scratching 100%, with Homemade Items

Brass Polish at Home:

How to clean brass without scratching, brass cleaning with polish

  •     Clean the brass piece with a soft rag, and put it into hot water the lacquer layer will be softened. When it becomes cool the lacquer layer slightly separates from the surface, and can easily be peeled away.
  •     Mix the lemon juice with one teaspoon of table salt and rub on the tarnished piece, wash after 30 minutes.
  •     Apply the lemon juice with baking soda on a brass make paste and apply it on a piece with cloth, after the 30 minutes wash with cold water.

Cleaning Brass With Liquids:

  • How to clean brass items without scratching 100%, with homemade items.    Tomato ketchup also contains acid, so we can use it to clean brass metals. Apply a a small amount of toothpaste after a few minutes and wash it with cold water.
  • with cool water after a few minutes and let it dry.
  •    You can use brass metal polish from a store buying solution. And polish with correct quantity.
  •     Dara brass polish stain remover used for removing brass stain with given instructions. 

Brass metal are very sensitive use it with concentrate on things and wash with right polish.