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Uruli – Titles We Covered,

  • Origin of Uruli Bowl – Kerala, Tamilnadu – India
  •  Significance of Uruli
  • How To Decorate and Use Uruli?
  • Usages of Uruli
  • Benefits Of Uruli
  • Vastu Benefits
  • Where Uruli Can Be Placed?
  • Directions To Place Uruli


Brass Uruli is a simple round bowl-shaped structure filled with water. Though Uruli is manufactured and available in a lot of materials, Brass Uruli is the most preferred one.

Brass Uruli

                                                     Brass Uruli Bowl With Bell

Uruli can be artistically and intricately designed with various engravings and designs like god idols, which can be sculptured on it. This is available in various materials, sizes, designs, and quantities.    

Origin of Uruli – Kerala, Tamilnadu – India:

The name uruli is derived from the Tamil words (urulai) which mean a round bowl used for the purpose of cooking and preparing Ayurveda medicines during the ancient days mainly in the south Indian region and mainly in Kerala and Tamilnadu. Gradually due to cultural changes and development, these urulis are used as decorative pieces nowadays to enhance the traditional touch and beauty of the place.

Significance of Brass Uruli Bowl:           

Brass Radha Krishna Uruli

                                               Brass Radha Krishna Uruli

Uruli is an amazing Vastu element and a home decor for both your home and workplace. In general, element water denotes the wealth aspect and so the flow of water represents the wealth flow. Hence the Uruli filled with water covered by flowers or lemon or any other decorative materials kept in a place is regarded as auspicious.

How To Decorate Uruli with Flowers and Use Uruli?

Usually, the urulis can be decorated and utilized as per a person’s wishes, desires, and thoughts. Here are some decoration ideas and usage tips to utilize the urulis to its best.

  • Pour some freshwater into the Uruli and add some fresh flowers over it.
  • The flowers used in it should be used along with the stem and should not cut them.
  • Flowers with various colors and fragrances can be used with contrast color combinations that attract 
  • Any flower of your preference can be used to decorate. There is no such restriction on the choice of flower.
  • Both scented and unscented flowers can be used to decorate this uruli.
  • Leaves can be used as an alternative decorative element.
  • Small fragrance candles or small diyas can be let to float quietly on the surface of the Uruli to create pleasant vibes.
  • Adding a few drops of essential oil to the water will uplift the mood of the surroundings.
  • Adding a pinch of javadhu with the water in uruli creates a blissful fragrance in and around the place.
  • Adding camphor to the water in uruli acts as an insect repellent
  • The water in the uruli should be changed daily or frequently.

Other usages of Uruli:                                                           

Brass Vastu Swan Uruli

                                             Brass Vastu Swan Uruli

Uruli in Cooking:

In south Indian, these urulis are used for cooking purposes which hold from small, medium to large sizes depending on the quantity of cooking food. It is the most preferred utensil for cooking on those days. As the process of slow cooking spreads the heat evenly to all the sides maintaining the taste and health of the food to the highest.

Uruli in Ayurveda:

On the Ayurveda side, the urulis are used to prepare medicines and store the potions in them in order to treat and heal various diseases and disorders in the body.

Uruli in Home decors:

Nowadays urulis are used in the various decorative purposes for welcoming during any special festive occasions or in regular interior home decors which enhance the traditional look to the place and attract the attention.


Benefits Of Uruli:

In general, keeping close contact with any kind of natural display helps to reduce our anxiety and provides a pleasant environment.

As this uruli contains natural elements like water, flowers, and fragrant ingredients, placing this at any of your desirable spots helps to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere and boost the harmony of the place.

Vastu Benefits of Uruli:                                                                                   

Brass Uruli With Diya


One of the unique Vastu elements among various types of Vastu products is Uruli. Apart from various Vastu tips available for abundant Vastu products, certain benefits can be received by applying Vastu rules over Uruli.

Pancha bhoota or the five natural elements are believed to remove the negative vibes in and around the environment. 

One among the five elements is water and this water element in the uruli acts as the remover of negative vibes and protects from evil eyes, black magic, and another bad aura present in the respective place.

Where Uruli Can Be Placed?

Choosing the right place to present the uruli is mandatory to receive its complete benefits which enhances the peace of its surroundings. Urulis should be kept in a spot where it gets complete visibility. Following are the suggestions of various places, where an uruli can be placed.

  • Urulis can be placed in pooja room in front of idols
  • It can be placed before the main door                                                                              Brass Plain Uruli
  • This can also be placed at the center of the living room 
  • This can be placed in the area of interior designs as home decor.
  • This uruli can be placed at the entrance of the home or any other holy place.
  • This urulis can be placed either on a table, over a stand, or on the floor depending on its size, weight, and space it occupies.
  • Apart from these areas, the urulis can be placed on the balcony or at any of the favorite spots in your home, where you wish to create a calm environment.


Directions To Place Uruli at Home:

Placing the urulis in a certain direction is considered auspicious as it provides divine vibes and benefits depending on the directions it is placed. In general, the urulis should be placed;

  • At the Right side entrance of the house
  • At the center or southeast corner of the living room
  • At Northeast corner or Ishan corner of the respective place
  • Urulis with green and blue coloured flowers can be placed at the north or northeast corner
  • Urulis with yellow flowers can be placed in the southwest corner.

Brass And Bronze Urulis:

Brass and Bronze uruli with god statues as Radha Krishna, Ganesha, Swing is a famous and good to keep these urulis in home. We can buy uruli statues on online with quality.

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