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Gifts Ideas for Men, Women, Wedding and Occasions New Luxury Gift- 2024

Gifts and Gift Ideas for Men, Women, Wedding and Occasions New Luxury Gift- 2023


A Gift is given to someone without any expectation during certain special or memorable occasions. It is a fundamental human behavior that is given to express their emotions or feelings between the giver and receiver.  

Gifting is also a way of showing you care about someone and appreciate them. The gift we choose and how we present them will tell more about a person. Hence behind every gift presented lies various emotional contents.


History of Gifts Giving:

The Aspect of Gift-giving practices existed from the beginning of human civilization. As per the evolution of Humans and technology development, gifting ideas and techniques have also been changed according to the needs and desires of individuals. It has become a part of our tradition

The Habit of Gift-giving has been followed throughout the world in several ways since ancient days till now. Each and every region, nation, culture, and society has their own way of presenting gifts. Gifting is not a Barter System hence one should not expect anything in return.

Occasions to Give a Gift:

The various occasions on which gifts can be presented are shorted out as follows and this may vary depending on persons.

  • Birthdays, weddings, ceremonies, Anniversaries, Engagements, Housewarming, Babyshower, Sendoff parties, Farewells, Annual Day Celebrations other Special Occasions
  • In order to Compliment, Encourage, Return Gifts, etc.
  • Promotional Gifts in Business, Corporate Functions, etc.
  • Religious Festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Christmas, Ramzan, Bakrid, New Year, Raksha Bandhan, etc
  • Any temple, Holy, Auspicious or Spiritual Functions 
  • Special days of the year like Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, Friendship Day, Teacher’s Day, etc.
  • Winner or champions of respective competitions conducted under various aspects.
  • Birthday or Death anniversary of Leaders, Special persons of History, etc
  • Graduation or any next new important phase of life, wishing for a speedy recovery.
  • Gifting by Random acts of kindness for no reason on no Occasions is also kind.


Best Mother’s Day Gifts:

       There is always something special about Mother’s day and mother day gifts. “Mother” has some magic. Whenever we spell this we heal from all the pain and the hardest part of our life. She is a pure soul in the word we can give anything to her smiling face. For the selfless soul we can give our love in the form of gifts. Gifts are a symbol of deep relationship and purity of the soul. This will touch our heart in a unique way. 


mother day gifts

Mom’s favourite items, Saree’s, Books, Chocolates, Jewells, Flowers, Sweets, Planets, rings, and other surprise gifts, greeting cards, tea mugs, watch, statues, mehandi, customized gifts, handmade gifts.


Father’s Day Gifts:

        Father’s day is a day to honor our brave and selfless father. We can’t do anything to beat his lifetime sacrifice for us. But giving gifts to the beautiful man is something we can do every time. You can make your father’s day colorful with your small and recognizable gift. Gifts will be an all time favorite thing for your father when you give.


Father's day gifts

Books, pens, Shirts, eyeglasses, watches, Wallets, photo frames, Bluetooth, Lunch bag, smartphone, digital frames, Radio, Desk study lamp, shoes.


Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas:

        In India we celebrate Raksha Bandhan. This is the festival that celebrates brother and sister. On Raksha bandhan sisters will tie rakhi to her brother’s hand and brother’s will give gifts to sister. These gifts are a symbol of bond within blood relations. 


Teddy bear, necklace, sweets, chocolates, mug combo, dress, trendy hoodie, gift vouchers, magazines, bluetooth speakers, earbuds, watch, customised jewellery, cup cakes, ice creams, Dry fruits, perfumes, bags, rings, bangles, dogs, ferrero rocher, mixed chocolates,    


Brother’s Day gifts:

         Make your brother smile wholeheartedly and make him feel he is the best brother with your unique gifts and surprises. Surprise with unique gifts, this is sure it will make his day more beautiful and better. Brothers are another father and even sometimes be a mother for all the girls. So it is necessary to give him a gift on brother’s day. 


happy brothers day gifts

Personalised LED light or cushion with his photo, Mug, Video game, mobile, bike, shirts, watch, cake surprise, clock, Guitars, His favourite songs, wallets, mobile case, ultimate fragrance perfume, camera, pen stand, sun glass, wireless earbuds, Silver ring, Silver bracelets, His photo frames.


Friendship Day Gift Ideas:

Friendship is the pure bond in the world after parents. We can share every moment in our life with them without any hesitation. And his one word can change our min cheerful.

“one loyal friend change your life beautiful”

Bracelet, cards, Bands, small and all tine recognizable gifts, chain dolloors, chains, glass, same model bags, teddys, minions, key chains, friendship card frame, chocolates, handmade friendship day gifts, card with friendship quote, images, balloons, friendship lights, surprise trips, cakes.

Home Ceremony Gift:

         Everyone held a new home ceremony after they moved to another new residence. And they invite all of their friends and family to that part. So it will reflect our generosity and manners by giving gifts and presents to them.


Ganesha statues and ganesha frames, home decor items, clock, table lamp, ganesha statues handcrafts, tea and coffee mugs, diyas, radha krishna, buddha, elephant statue, kalpavriksha tree statue, kamadhenu statue, all gods photos and statues, tortoise statue, baby krishna statue and frames, house lamp, decor ladies.


Valentine Gifts and Surprises:


valentine's day gift

Twins heart personalised handmade LED light, Flowers, couple ring, Greeting card, couple mug, brass decor statues, Radha Krisha, Chocolates, key chains, rings, rose, customised gifts, Matching gift like rings, watch tshirts, mobile case, customised greeting cards, memorable video contents, teddy, rose. 


Farewell day Gifts:

         Farewell is the most important part of everyone’s life. In students’ lives there are two most memorable days: school farewell and college farewell. As an adult we have an office farewell when we leave from that office and go to another office. 


Notebook, Video clips, Fun gaming player, Rubix cube, Camera, photo frames, plate that has writing about them, smart watch, smart water bottle, bags, drawings, wooden photo frame, personalised caricature, bottle with name, loving family personalised caricature, bottle lamp, Their favourite books, ganesha, wooden medal, corporate and promotion gifts, flags, brass statues, tree statues, plants.


Baby Shower Premium Gifts and Ideas:

        Baby shower is one of the best moments and functions in every woman’s life. This is popularly known as the gift-giving ceremony and everyone calls differently in every different countries and  cultures. This function is conducted for women when she is about to give birth to a child. And she is going to transform her name into mother.    


baby shower gifts and ideas

Toys for newborn baby, chairs, baby kits, shampoo, lotions, water bottle, dress, pillow, bag, bangles, sweets,  gift for baby shower, gift hamper, best mummy wooden frame, personalised caricature, booty cap set, feeding bottle.

Birthday Gifts and Handmade gifts:

         Every year we celebrate the birth date when we were actually born. Birthday is the anniversary of the birth of a person. Every person celebrates birthday differently in all varieties of cultures. On that day, the birthday person throws a party for all of his friends and family. For their birthday we give gifts to make it more memorable.


birthday gift online

All types of personalised gifts, Led light for table, customised special gift frames, favourite chocolates, dress, watch, shirts, custom photo, cameras, female hamper gifts, balloons, cards, gift box, books, water painting, scribble art, rose message bottle, mobile phones, mobile case, bracelet, kitkat, ferrero choco, perfume, oil painting, ring, gold items, brass statues, unique memorable gifts, bouquet, custom pillow, led speaker, cakes, selfie stick, bluetooth speaker, mini calendar.


Wedding Gifts:

          Weddings are a big function in every human being, where two people unite and share heart and ring, this is celebrated differently in all the countries.


Home appliances, electronic items, kitchen products, wall paintings, decorative items, coffee cups and mugs, brass idols, ganesha statues, bowls, led light, table lamps, wall hangings, picture frames, 3d paintings, planets, artistis gift, moon light, radha krishna statues, bowl set with spoon, travel mug, home decor items, door bells, customised wooden frames with names, photo lamp, peacock design wall decor, wedding return gifts. 


Anniversary Gifts:

          Married couples celebrate and share gifts to each other every year when they exactly got married in a previous year. It is important to celebrate and share gifts on this day.

Cakes, chocolates, rings, mixed flowers, dresses, personalised gifts for men and women, idols, roses, and a necklace. watch, cards, surprises, balloon with gifts, fragrance gifts, personalised couple gifts, surprise dinner, Led lamp.

Why Do We Give Gifts?

Gifts are given in order to build a new relationship or to enhance or reinforce the existing one. Expressing our feelings, emotions, affection, love, devotion, apology, celebration, friendship, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, charity, and so on.

How to Select the Right Gift?

Finding a perfect gift for a special person may be challenging most of the time. It is a mandatory thing to remember about the selection of the right gift for the particular person. Here are some points to be kept in mind before choosing a perfect gift.

  • The gift should be practical and at the same time should be pleasing too rather than being so dramatic.
  • Useful gifts can be utilized by the person for a reasonable purpose in their life.
  • Knowing and observing the need, requirement, and desire of the person, in order to get something that they dreamt of.
  • Getting gifts according to the interest, likes, characteristics and preference of the person will be ideal.
  • Thoughtful or sentimental gifts which make them feel warm when unwrapping them as they create memories whenever they see them.
  • Grab unique gifts which make them feel that they can be given only by you rather than being common like others. 
  • Be creative with your very own ideas and present the gifts which are unpredictable by the receiver.
  • Selecting gifts according to the profession of a person which can be used by them in their daily life.


Best Gifts Online Coimbatore:

Gift Categories:

  • Flowers
  • Cakes and Chocolates
  • Personalised Gifts
  • Photo frames
  • Mugs
  • Customised Gifts
  • Paintings
  • Personalised Gifts
  • Clothes
  • Perfumes
  • Corporate gifts
  • Home decor
  • Oil Painting
  • Wall hanging
  • Watch
  • Electronic
  • Furnitures
  • Statues


Handmade gifts in Coimbatore:

     Handmade gifts are a very special and ideal gifting purpose. When we give handmade gifts with pleasure it creates more respect and love. We can create handmade gifts from all the metals like gold, brass, wooden, stones. All metals are perfect to make gifts. Create handmade gifts from independent artists who will catch your mind in a unique way. 


  • Personalised Photo frame pops
  • Tea cups with cartoon design
  • Plants with designs
  • Buddha statues
  • Explosion box with chocolates
  • Pen and watch set
  • God statues
  • Wall decor items
  • Handmade wall hangings
  • Flower wash
  • Exclusive photo designs



Various persons to whom you can present a gift are categorised as follows

General:Relations,Family,Colleagues,Friends,Couples,Babies,Gurus,Guest of honour etc.



Unique and Creative Ways to Reveal the Gift:

Scavenger Hunt:

  • Instead of presenting the gift directly, Giving clues to the respective person that leads them towards the place where the gift is kept will become more memorable than being ordinary.

Faking out gifts:

  • With the fake packaging of real gifts, turning disappointment into joy or surprise is its theme.


Throwing out surprise parties at unexpected times with favorite people in a special place may be a great idea.

Stranger Gifts:

Trying to give the gift through a stranger or our pets, when the person expecting directly from you will create a memory.

Unexpected Discovery:

  • Hiding the gifts in the respective persons routine places or things and making them discover it all of sudden will be a great surprise.

Best Gifting Ideas:

Home Decor:

Gifting Home decors helps to enhance the beauty and artistic attraction of the living space where it creates a pleasant environment.

Decor Showpieces boats, fountains,Night Lamp, Table clock, Wall Hangings, Photo Frames, Multipurpose Stands, Interior decors, Glass decors, Metal decors, statues, idols, sculptures, Paintings, Dream Catcher, Vintage Showpieces, Figurines etc.

Natural Gifts:

Persons who are fond of Nature, A plant lover, or those who are obsessed with gardening will be overwhelmed when the following things are gifted!

Flowers,Bouquet,Indoor and outdoor Plants,Decor or floral plants,Saplings,Seedlings.flower pots, flower vases, wooden gifts, arranging a terrace garden, gardening kit and tools etc.

Home Appliances:  

Gifting the beneficial basic essential stuff of daily routine living will be handy and helpful to every family person out there.

Kitchen sets, Gardening kit, dinner set, coffee/tea mugs,furnishes,serving set, customised bottles, containers,working station, Tool kit, Organising stand, containers

Gift Ideas


Foodies cannot get a better gift than this which they love the most.

Cakes, chocolate box, sweets, dry fruits and nuts kit, beverages. Healthy hampers, snacks baskets.


If the receiver likes reading, the classic books are a great gift for a book lover.

Comics, Historical books,Books of famous authors, fairy tales, story books,Holy books like Daily journal Dairies

Greeting Cards for various special occasions


Nothing can be a greatest gift than pets to an animal or a pet lover.

Dogs, Cats, Fishs, Birds, Rabbit etc

Stationery Desk Accessories: 

Fulfill and satisfy the hearts of such artistic persons by gifting the listed things as per their interest, passion and hobby.

Pens, painting kits (sketches, crayons, oil pastels, poster colors, pencils, acrylic paints), stationery kits, coloring kits, Art and craft stuff, Scrapbook, pen stand, Reading light etc.


Who can say no to the joy of dressing up with their favourite costumes when they receive them as gifts! Presenting the favorite dress according to the person’s taste, liked colour, climates, seasons and trends will be a perfect present

Sarees, kurtis, frocks, jeans, customised t-shirts,shirts, suits, traditional, western, party wear, hoodies, sweaters, branded dresses etc.


To gadget freaks out there, the gifts of gadgets as per the trendy technological evolution is a blessing.

Mobile phones, smart watches, fitness bands, tablets, airpods, headsets, earphones, laptops, customized mobile cases, bluetooth speakers, power bank, hard disk

gifts ideas bags purses wallets chocolates toys kids brass gifts home decors 1Accessories: 

Accessories make the ordinary, the best and everything better. Gift your person with unique accessories to make them feel special and shine.

Jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces,pendants and other jewel sets made of gold, silver, gems, pearls, diamonds, platinum, oxidised jewels,etc.

Perfumes, Hang bags, traveller bags, backpacks, purses, wallets, shades, coolers, keychains, sandals, shoes, slippers, watches, hats, caps and so on.

Beauty and Personal Care Kits : 

Invest in your skin and make them glow brighter. Beauty care gifts play a perfect present role for Girls and Women.

Self grooming kit, Branded makeup kit, Skin care kit etc spending on the respective individuals.

Baby Essentials: 

Pampering gifts for New born babies are highly recommended.

Baby care kit, hampers, baby grooming kit, boot mitten, toddler mattress, Baby crib, baby toys teether, swings


There are toys for all ages from kids to the inner child in adults. Let’s make them embrace the little kid in them by giving them their favourite toys or games.

Puzzles, building blocks, soft cushioned toys, teddy bears, barbie dolls, balls, balloons,famous cartoon character toys,piggy bank,sports accessories, Indoor game, playstation

Sports Gifts: 

Sports gifts may vary depending on the type of sports

Helmets, INdoor or Outdoor sports articles, chess board, carrom board, shuttle badminton cricket hockey bats, basketball, volleyball, sports suits, jerseys etc

Personalized Gifts: 

Surprise your beloved persons with personalised gifts owning their individuality in it and make them feel special.

Photoframes, Caricatures, Painting portraits, Sketches, Drawings, Paintings, 

Wood carvings, tables lights, magic mirror, exploding box, name board, 

Cushions, mugs, table lamps, clocks, cubes, posters, prints, pillows

Other Gifts:

Gifts can be presented according to the professions of the persons such as Professors, lawyers, doctors, It professionals,Artists, engineers, politicians, police, chef etc.

For example;

  • Momento for chief guests, politicians, and the guest of honours, 
  • Trophies for winners or champions,
  • Gunghroos, dance accessories for Dancer,
  • Musical instruments for musicians,
  • Painting stuffs for artists, 
  • Makeup articles for beauticians,
  • Sports articles for athletes, 
  • Electronic for the respective jobs like editor, designer etc

Besides offering materialistic gifts, arranging for a surprise party, lunch date, candle light dinners, going to a favourite places, tourist spots, theme parks or dream destinations, tickets for movies, live concerts, journeys ,gift vouchers, coupons etc.

Green Gifting:

It is an emerging trend due to safeguarding environmental welfare and budget friendly gifts depending upon the financial stability of a person. It involves the process of recycling such as

Recycle the gifts wraps, bows, stickers, and bags.

Presenting a handmade gift with eco firefly products

Substitute normal papers and designed cloths instead of plastic sheets

Regifting the never used items

gift ideas pets sports items cosmetics makeup selfgrooming 1 1


Spiritual Gifts:

Brass Diyas: 

The Diyas will expel the evil darkness and provide light to the surroundings. Diyas symbolise purity and Goodness so gifting them will spread the divine light and positive vibes.

Brass Kamakshi Diya, Gajalakshim Diya, Ashtalakshmi Diya, Akhand Diya, Crystal Diya, Kuthu vilakku, Hanging Diyas, kuberar diya, Athma diya ,Designer Diyas(lotus diya, peacock diya, swastika diya, sangu diya)

brass peacock diya home decors buy online india gifts 2320 3

brass designer diya gifts home decors pooja festives buy online coimbatore 2387

Brass Pooja Items: 

Derive blessings and grace of the almighty by performing pooja and with the unique pooja items.

Dhoop, Insistence agarbatti holder, arthi spoon, bells, plates, prabhavali, chowki stands.


Become a great gift giver and Let your gifts welcome cheers with happy heartful smiles from your dear and near. Make their day super special and a lifetime memory!



Brass Vastu Products:

Vastu tortoise, owl, kamadhenu, Maha meru, Fish,





Brass Statues/Idols: 

Bring the presence of the God to live by gifting your special persons with the idols of their favorite Gods and make them feel blessed. 

Buddha Statues, Laughing Buddha Idols, Leaders idols(abdul kalam), Saints (ramanujan, raghavendra, kanchi maha periyava, naalvar)

Hindu God Idols-Ganesha, Murugan, Amman, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Ayyapan, Hanuman, Shiva, Krishna Radha, Vishnu, Dasavatharam set, Ashtalakshmi set

Christian God idols-Jesus, Mother mary, Jesus cross

Brass Decors: 

Adorn your living space with valuable and worth full decors made of brass which is also a kind of investment. Gifting such brass home decors 

Brass Wall Hangings:

Wall hanging with Diyas, Decor Bells, God wall hangings, tribal wall hanging, 

Brass table decor:

Paper weight,Brass Boat, Table Clocks, Sand Clock, Key Chains, Swords, Brass Stands, Bullock carts

Brass trees:

Kalpavriksha tree, decor tree, brass banana tree

Murugan Vel, Small Diyas, Pooja Plates, Kalasam, Small Idols

Gift-ideas-home-decor-brass-bird uruli


Brass Animal / Birds Figurines:brass decor tree gifts buy onlin coimbatore homedecor 2439

Dog, Bull, Camel, Cow, Tortoise, Rabbit, Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Horse, flying horse, Deer, Peacock, Swan, eagle, 

Brass Vintage Show pieces:

Auto, Scooty, Car, Flower Vases, 

Brass Uruli:

Flower Uruli, Ganesha Uruli, KrishnaRadha Uruli, Bird Uruli, Swan uruli, Elephant Uruli,

Brass Return Gifts: 

Gifting in return out of love, respect and gratefulness are one of a kind.


Gift shop in Coimbatore:

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