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Thai Poosam – The Auspicious Day Dedicated to Lord Murugan

Thai Poosam | தைப்பூசம் :

Thai Poosam – The Auspicious Day Dedicated to Lord Murugan

It is a famous Hindu festival celebrated by all Tamil people worldwide. On this auspicious day, people worshipped lord Muruga.  It falls on a full moon day in the Tamil month of “Thai” and  Star “Poosam”  Every year. “Thai Poosam”, “Thai” Stands for Tamil month Name and “Poosam ” stands for Star Name.

History of Thai Poosam:

  •     Once upon a time the arrogant asuras mediate towards Lord Shiva and get some blessings from him.
  •     Asura starts troubling devas.
  •      They complained to lord Shiva and then he creates 6 sons from him nettri pottu ( forehead eyes).  The six Karthigai girls take care of these children and teach them some essential war skills.
  •     One fine day Goddess Parvati devi urges these six children into one and he is the lord Murugan. He possesses six persons’ energy and power.  After the fight with his brother lord Vinayaka.
  •    Asura starts their extremely troubling behavior on devas,  Goddess Parvati came to lord Muruga and give divine weapon vel on this auspicious Thaipusam day. Then he fights and killed asura. This entire war happened at Thiruchenthur. Currently, it’s one of the Arupadai Veedu of lord Murugan.
  •    Lord Muruga is Cheif commander of Devas. Lord Murugan Veera vel is dedicated to destroying all enemies of his devotees.

Specialties of  Thai Poosam:

  • It is celebrated all over the world (India, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, and South Africa) by the Tamil community.  It is a famous festival for lord Murugan devotees. Particularly in Tamil Nadu, it is a famous festival for Murugan devotees.
  • Murugan devotees took Kavadi on this auspicious day and dedicated it to lord Murugan. Some of the people wear Alagu on their tongues.
  • On this auspicious Thaipusam day special pooja is carried out in all lord shiva temples.  Because lord shiva performed aanandha Dhandavam at Chidambaram on this particular proposal day.

Fasting Methods for Thai Poosam:

Usually, Murugan Devotees start their Thaipusam viratham on the Tamil month of “Markhazli”  which is one month before this festival. During this viratham day they read Murugan’s famous spiritual books like “Kandhasasti Kavasam”, “Kandhar alangaram”, “Thirumurugaru Padai”, and “Thiru Pugal” and worshipping lord Muruga through these spiritual songs. Then End of the day visit Palani Murugan temple and get Murugan’s blessing and complete this fasting.

During this fasting, all devotees do pooja and read Murugan songs and say 108 times as

” Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha”.

We can achieve healthy life with all wealth through this Thai Poosam viratham. We can rectify our longtime medical illness and money issues also.

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Year Thai Poosam Dates
2020 Feb 8 , Saturday
2021 Jan 28 , Thursday

2023 Feb 5, Sunday


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