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Vaikuntha Ekadashi 2023 Dates and Celebrations in Perumal Temples

Vaikuntha Ekadashi:

vaikuntha Ekadashi

      Vaikuntha Ekadashi is a Hindu festival. And Vaikunda Ekadashi is the most auspicious in all Ekadashi. People observe fasting on this day, this is the most special day for Lord Perumal.

      Lord Perumal is also called Vishnu, Venkateswara, and Govinda. 

      According to Hindu Mythology, the word of “Vaikuntha” means the abode of Lord Vishnu.

Is Vaikunta Ekadasi good or Bad?

  •       This Vaikunta Ekadasi day is a more special treat for Vaishnavas because mostly this Vaikunta Ekadasi is celebrated by Vaishnavas. 
  •       On this special occasion, people take long fasting, and chant holy mantras both are considered very auspicious. 
  •       We can attain spiritual perfection by chanting mantras and observing fasting on Ekadasi. 
  •       And reading Bhagavad gits is also considered an auspicious thing.

What is Ekadasi?

  1.       Ekadashi is a popular occasion in Hinduism. It falls on the eleventh lunar day of the waxing and waning lunar cycles in Vedic calendar month.
  2.      On these occasions, devotees worship lord Vishnu by fasting and chanting mantras. 
  3.      Ekadashi is also known as Hari Vasara. If we observe fasting and do prayers on this day we can get plenty of happiness, peace, wealth, and influence. 
  4.       The purpose and story behind Ekadashi are God Vishnu offered the goddess the epithet ‘Ekadashi’, and said she would be capable of vanishing the people’s sins on earth. 
  5.      God Vishnu offered this because he is pleased by her. 

How Many Types of Ekadashi Are There?

  •      There are 24 Types of Ekadashi in a year, we celebrated all Ekadashi for Lord Vishnu, and Lord Vishnu has numerous incarnations. And these 24 types of Ekadashi is associated with various types of the incarnation of Vishnu.
  •       All Ekadashi falls on the eleventh lunar day of each of the two lunar phases- Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha.
  1. Varuthini Ekadashi
  2. Mohini Ekadashi
  3. Apara Ekadashi
  4. Nirjala Ekadashi
  5. Yogini Ekadashi
  6. Padma/Devshayani Ekadashi
  7. Kamika Ekadashi
  8. Shrawan Putrada Ekadashi
  9. Parivartini, Vamana or Parsva Ekadashi
  10. Ananda/ Aja Ekadashi
  11. Indira Ekadashi
  12. Papankusha Ekadashi
  13. Rama Ekadashi
  14. Devathuna Ekadashi
  15. Utapanna Ekadashi
  16. Mokshada Ekadashi
  17. Saphala Ekadashi
  18. Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
  19. Satilla Ekadashi
  20. Jaya Ekadashi
  21. Vijaya Ekadashi
  22. Amalaki Ekadashi
  23. Kamada Ekadashi
  24. Papmochani Ekadashi
  • Vaikuntha Ekadashi is also known as Mukkoti Ekadashi.


  •       According to Hindu legendry, the origin of Vaikunda Ekadashi is mentioned in a legend of the Padma Purana. 
  •       The female energy of Lord Vishnu killed the demon Muran in the form of a damsel named “Ekadashi” to produce devas. 
  •       On this vaikunda Ekadashi day, the gates of the vaikunta open. This is called the “gateway to heaven”. 

Importance of Vaikuntha Ekadashi 2023:

  •       Vaikunda Ekadashi is so powerful, if we observe on this day we will refresh spiritually we can clean our aura, and can develop mental and physical health. 
  •       If we keep observing fasting for lord Vishnu we can get immense peace and lead a beautiful life without any tension. 

Vaikuntha Ekadashi 2023 Date and Time:

      Vaikunda Ekadashi falls on Monday, January 2 this year. And Ekadashi begins on January 1 at 7.11 PM and finishes on January 2 at 8.23.

Famous Perumal Temples in Coimbatore


  • Karivaradharaja Perumal Temple
  • Sri Karivaradharaja Perumal Temple
  • Karamadai Ranganathar Temple
  • Perumal Kovil
  • Venkateshwara Perumal Temple

Perumal Temples in Tamil Nadu:

  • Karamadai, Coimbatore
  • Sri Kadhirrayar Perumal Swami Temple
  • Tirumalai Rayar Perumal Temple, Idikarai
  • Sri Venugapalaswamy Perumal Temple, Kovai Pudur
  • Kundru Perumal Temple, Nanjundapuram

Mukkoti Ekadasi in 2023: vaikunta ekadasi 2023 celebrations

  •        Vaikunta Ekadashi is also called Mukkoti Ekadashi, this is normally celebrated on the 11th day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Margazhi in a Tamil calendar. January 2 in the English calendar. 
  •        This day is dedicated to Lord Shri Hari.

Vaikunda Ekadashi Fasting 

  •        Vaikunta Ekadashi is the biggest day for observing fasting, this is the most important occasion in all Ekadashi. 
  •        Devotees believe that observing fasting and going temple on this day will enable them to pass through the gate of salvation and ascent to heaven.
  •        On the previous day of the observance, people start their fasting by only taking lunch and on the day of Ekadashi they have to maintain complete fasting and should do prayer and do meditate on the thought of Lord Vishnu. 
  •        They should not take rice items on fasting days. 

Benefits of Vaikunda Ekadashi Fasting:

  •      Observing fasting on Vaikuntha Ekadashi helps to get a blessing from lord Vishnu and attain Salvation, if one should observe the fast of Vaikunta Ekadashi with full devotion we can get long life and wealth.
  •       If we visit the Perumal temple on this day we can go to heaven after death, this is Hindus’ biggest belief. 

Celebration of Vaikuntha Ekadashi:

  •       On Vaikuntha Ekadashi normally people visit temples and observe fasting for the whole day. 
  •       Fasting got a special place in this day’s celebration.
  •       In the early morning, people visit the temple and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu(Perumal). 
  •       And Devotees do meditation and get peace in their minds and heart.
  •       In-Home Devotees offer Fruits and sweets to lord Vishnu as a Prasad. 

Temple That Celebrating Vaikunda Ekadashi:

  •       Vaikuntha Ekadashi mostly celebrates in Hindu temples, especially in Perumal temples like Srirangam and Tirupati. 
  •       We can visit these temples and also local Perumal temples. 
  •       Tirupati is the most wealthy temple in India. So, it is worth visiting Perumal temples on Ekadashi. 
  •       Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, located in Srirangam, Tamilnadu- is one of the most famous temples in India.
  •       According to history on this day, “the gates of Svarga will open”. So, if we visit at the time of Vasal opening timing of Perumal temple is considered more and more auspicious and we can get luck to go heaven. 

Temple That Specialty Celebrating Vaikuntha Ekadashi: