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Types Of Laughing Buddha- Their Importance In Life

Types Of Laughing Buddha- Their Importance In Life  

The laughing buddha also known as a happy man is a symbol of happiness, abundance and prosperity. It is considered auspicious and often kept in homes, offices and restaurants for energy and good luck.

There is a 6 types of laughing buddha

Laughing Buddha Sitting With Kids:

  •    This form of laughing buddha brings good fortune from heaven. It will solve childbirth related problems.

Buddha In a Resting Position:

  •    This will bring good luck and success to the people who are facing failure.

Laughing Buddha In A Meditating Position:

  •    Those facing mental problems such as stress, anxiety, nightmares. It helps gain mental peace and calm.

Laughing Buddha With a Fan And Bottle Gourd:

  •    Good health and also a symbol of good luck in life. It is said that the waving of a fan by a Buddha sculpture depicts the banishment of troubles.

Laughing Buddha with Both Hands Raised:

  •    This form of laughing Buddha helps us progress and achieve success. You can keep this statue in the office as well as at home.

Laughing Buddha with a Bag Of Treasures:

  •    Those facing financial problems should keep this in house. It will help you to get out from financial problems.


Laughing Buddha, as we all well know that it will bring good luck where it place. It will satisfy everyone’s wishes who heart fully ask favour to him. 

It is good to keep laughing Buddha at home?