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Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration

Brass Uruli Online Coimbatore:

Buy unique urli with significant purpose. Uruli is most important thing when it is come to decorating your home with beautiful idols. In Vgocart we have multi design uruli  with separate purpose.  You can buy your favorite urli and other idols online, Coimbatore.


Brass Urli

 Brass Urli is the sign of good luck and prosperity. We can keep this uruli at home as vastu and decor items in home or office or temple.


 Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration

  Brass Urli has a lot of purpose, the main purpose is to decorate a place where it is kept. We can keep this as a decor idols in the entrance of the living room and working place or home and temple. Decorate this urli with flowers and water and it will give pure energy and enhance the beauty of the home. We will see Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration


brass peacock uruli

Brass Urli Made Of:

 Brass urli is made of pure brass metal. We can make all the small idols and big statues and sculptures with brass metal. 


How to Use Urli at First Time:

   Apply oil inside and outside of the uruli and repeat the process for at least three days. Otherwise fill the uruli with starch water for 12 hours a day ,drain it and repeat the process for next two days.


What Do You Put In The Uruli:

  We decorate the uruli with water and colorful flowers at home or temple or other working place at the entrance, water denotes the wealthy aspect. The flowing of the water represents the wealth flow. Hence the Uruli filled with water covered by flowers or lemon or any other decorative materials kept in a place is regarded as auspicious.


Where Should We Place Urli:

We can keep urli at home or temple or working places for decoration or vastu. You can place it in your Pooja room before your idols. Living room entrance is the perfect place for placing a urli. Everyone prefers to keep urli at an entrance. 


How to Maintain a Brass Urli:

Keep this away from the brass spoilers. Clean it with coconut oil and dry cloth. Using lemon will give nice output. Brass maintenance is an easy one. 


Brass Idols and Brass Uruli Online, Coimbatore:

   Vintage and modern type uruli is the best gift for any occasion. And brass vastu uruli in all sizes and traditional brass multicolor urli with god statues. You can buy your brass urlis a Vgocart at the best price. Buy antique url India, Coimbatore. We have a Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration. 


Brass Urli for Vastu:


Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration

   Brass Vastu uruli in all the sizes available at Vgocart online and showroom.  Vastu urlis are very special. By keeping these vastu uruli in the right direction will give all the prosperity and good luck. Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration 


Vastu Brass Uruli Types:

  • Brass urli for showpiece
  • Brass vastu uruli for good luck 
  • Urli for home and temple
  • Brass vastu urli for home or working places
  • Brass decorative traditional vastu urli
  • Multi design brass vastu urli
  • Traditional bowl for vastu
  • Tortoise urli
  • Brass tortoise urli for home
  • Brass urli with elephant for vastu at home.


Antique Brass Uruli:


Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration

Traditional urlis are very decorative for your home. Brass antique urlis are designed at low cost and good quality. Uruli has lots of types and varieties. Antique is the prior one in urlis online, coimbatore. 


Antique urli types:

  • Brass superfine big urli
  • Brass Antique handcrafted urli
  • Golden finish antique urli
  • Brass fruit urli for home
  • Brass peacock urli
  • Antique finish peacock urli
  • Brass decorative urli for home
  • Brass urli bowl for temple
  • Antique bowl for living place


Brass Bell Urli Designs:


Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration

  This Brass Uruli with Bells is an artistic traditional form of home decor used to decorate our home, temple, living space, and any other place to implement the divine traditional look. These brass uruli have a round bowl-shaped vessel with an artistic arch attached with a bell and base with intricately carved designs. Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration has a lots of uruli.


Types of Brass Bell Urlis Online Coimbatore:

  • Brass urli with bells
  • Brass designed uruli wit one bell
  • Brass antique big urli with one bell
  • Brass Urli with rounded bells
  • Brass Kerala uruli with bells
  • Flower decoration bowl with urli
  • Flower bowl with antique uruli for home 


Brass Flower Uruli For Decoration at Vgocart:


Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration

    In general, the water element denotes wealth, hence the significance of brass Urli at home is the flow of wealth inwards. Therefore the Brass Urli filled with water and covered with flowers or lemon are regarded as auspicious when placed in front of the home. We have Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration in home.


Flower Uruli Types On Online:

  • Lotus Urli  with plain base for gift 
  • Vintage bowl with stand urli for home 
  • Flower design urli


Brass Gods and Goddess Idols with Uruli:


Brass goddess lakshmi uruli

This adorable Brass God Uruli is an impressive and majestic home decor that brings a royal rich traditional and divine look to the place wherever it is kept. This brass urli has a different variety that is filled with water and flowers with a designed base at the bottom as a stand. Vgocart has lots of Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration.


God Uruli Types:

  •  Ganesha Uruli for temple
  • Brass Buddha With Uruli 
  • Brass Lakshmi with uruli for home
  •  radha krishna Urli gift
  • Brass vinayagar Urli with swing gift
  •  Ganesha with elephant urli


 Big Decorative Urli:


Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration

Brass big urulis are the best decorative items for home, temple and office. You can buy handcrafts with brass urli designed with arts and crafts. 


  • Dasavathara pure brass uruli with perumal,
  • Antique and largest size swing Ganesha, 
  • Brass superfine elephant uruli, 
  • Brass decorative handmade plai uruli with holder, 
  • Brass large and superfine Radha Krishna swing uruli,
  • Brass Ganesha uruli with small size uruli, 
  • Brass traditional lotus uruli with designs,
  • Brass Ganesha Uruli for temple and home, 
  • brass buddha and uruli with bell on plain base, 
  • Brass mayil uruli big for traditional place, 
  • Brass peacock large uruli for showpiece and decoration, 
  • Brass designer uruli for home and office to keep flowers.


Brass Urli Small and Decorative Designs:


Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration

  • Brass Lakshmi carving uruli with bells on base for decorating, 
  • Brass lotus urli for decorating garden, 
  • Swing krishna radha uruli for decorating temple,
  • Grand carving with bell hanging uruli, 
  • Ganapathy with 2 small elephant  uruli with simple design,
  • Flying bird uruli, bird uruli in simple design,
  • Plain uruli for temple, 
  • Grand ganapathy uruli with carving, 
  • Decorating lakshmi with uruli for decorating. 


Brass Vintage Types Uruli:


brass buddha uruli

  • Brass beauty vintage urli
  • Hand made brass designer urli for occasion
  • Brass stand with urli for temple
  • Brass antique finish urli for decoration


Urli Benefits and Purpose:


  Display the decorative urli/bowl in the traditional way by filling it with water and by floating natural flowers on top along with some floating candles and other decorative stuff. Float some artificial flowers for daily home decor, office or any living space. This can also be used for gift purposes to your dear and near. Here we seen Traditional and Collectible Brass Urli For Decoration.