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25 Spiritual Blogs 2024, Great Content for Better life.

Top 25+ Spiritual Blogs To Follow Daily In 2022 – Must read

There is no doubt that due to increasing competition in the world, the increasing fight for survival, somewhere the stress level of human beings is also increasing. People are facing huge mood swings and anxiety. Stress is covering the heads of humans and negative thoughts are leading the human race. Well, this is the time where one can realize the importance of spirituality in their lives. 

Spirituality is nothing but a process that can give real peace to your mind and allow you to know the real meaning of satisfaction. Spirituality allows you to explore the actual meaning and purpose of living life and add your life with lots of positivity and truthfulness. It makes you think logically and take you away from the problems of life. 

Though you will find many spiritual people in the world still there are many of us here who actually does not know what is spirituality all about. People often make spirituality mixed with god’s power and grace but actually, spirituality is a much wider concept. 

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Importance of spirituality in Daily Life with Top Spiritual Blogs To Follow Daily In 2022

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  • Spirituality defines the purpose of life: Life is not about flowing wherever it is taking you but the actual meaning if life is to find the actual purpose of living and spiritual life can help to find out that purpose.
  • Spirituality promotes peace and Harmony: it helps to minimize violence and struggles by promoting peace and harmony as it has the power to encourage you to forgive others and live happily.
  • Improve mental and physical health: Once you start feeling positive and peace around you, you will feel healthy not mentally only but physically too.
  • No fear and clear thoughts: It removes the fear of death and other insecurities. It also helps to overcome attachment to this world and life-related issues. Hence, he loses fear, anxiety and is ready to face failure and consequences in life.



Spirituality and Religious

There are even people who compare spirituality with religion. In this concept, they say that religion and spirituality are very much similar where actually it is not so. Spirituality and religion are very much different and there is hardly any connection between the two. 

  • In spirituality, a person looks for values and connections wherein a religious concept, a person looks for what is right and truthful. The basic difference is the way a person believes in the concept. 
  • Spirituality is all about an experience whereas religion looks for factual data. 
  • Spirituality is not a study but some real proven experiences of life whereas religion is totally a result of researches and studies.

In this article as well, we will take about spiritual blog websites, not religious ones. So you can discover your inner peace, happiness, and harmony. 

Also, spirituality improves the emotional health of a human being. Yes, an individual when looks for an emotional connection, he basically urges the need for spirituality because spirituality is all about connections and emotional; connection as a part of it. When an individual is spiritually strong, he or she tends to remain emotionally healthy and has strong bonds than to the person who is not sopped spiritually strong. A person who is spiritual in nature, generally, has stronger connections because he understands the depth of the bond and situations very well as compared to the other individuals.

How to become more spiritual in our daily life?

One can also choose the path of spirituality by doping meditation and yoga as it is the universal practice of increasing the concentration and connections and helped many people to follow the path of spirituality. 

To light a spark in your own spiritual journey, here are some practices you may follow in your daily life like:

  • Practice being more conscious and self-aware
  • Deepen your relationship with God
  • Follow a routine practical approach to life and living
  • Follow present without worrying about the future and forgetting past
  • Deepening awareness of the presence of spirit
  • Everything in life is spiritual 

But it is also a huge problem that how to get proper and true knowledge about spirituality. Well, if this is your problem that you are looking forward to knowing about spirituality deeply and do not have any platform to get the knowledge than all your problems are solved. 

Spiritual life has a powerful impact on professional and personal in significant ways. But does it mean to have spiritual wellness? Spiritual wellness includes the values and beliefs that provide a purpose to live life. It’s always beneficial to spend some time reading the spiritual blogs to bring positivity in your life.

There are many lovely websites available on Google that provide information on spiritual practices with their proper guidance. 

Here are the Top Spiritual Blogs To Follow Daily In 2020, whether you are looking to get some inspiration, change your life, achieve our goals, or even looking to foster a better relationship with yourself, these blogs offer the regular content and must be in your list to follow. Some blogs out there provide extremely useful material that you just can’t get enough of.


1. Tiny Buddha Blog

Initiated by Lori Deschene, the tiny Buddha Blog is one of the most popular Spiritual Blogs attracting millions of people to live mindfully. You will love the tiny Buddha spiritual blogs for mindfulness and personal growth. The site features tips and stories about love, happiness, relationships, spirituality, letting go, mindfulness, etc.

The purpose of tiny Buddha blogs is to applying the knowledge instead of only gaining it. Such knowledge helps to simplify the complex life by eliminating struggles, tensions and bring peace. It is not necessary that you need to be interested in Buddhism to read and appreciate their blogs.

The Tiny Buddha blog gives you the option to subscribe, where you will receive one or two blogs every day. Don’t forget to read the “Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself” book to transform your life.

Main Topics: Love, Health, Mindfulness, Happiness, Motivation, Yoga, etc.

Blog Frequency: 1 post per day | Visit Website

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2. Spirituality & Practice Blog

Founded in 2006 by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, the content is focused on spiritual healing blogs and self-development. You will understand the actual meaning of spirituality and it’s practiced. The mission of Spirituality & Practice Blog is to encourage everyday spiritual practices as an integral part of their life. Learn the A to Z of Spiritual Literacy with Spirituality & Practice Blog.

All the blogs posted at the site are very engaging and meaningful for everyone to learn.  Their blogs are written with deep knowledge and understanding to clear your mind. Subscribe their E-newsletter and discover the daily practices for your spiritual journey. 

Main Topics: Spiritual healing blogs

Blog Frequency: 10 posts per day |  Visit Website

3. The Wellness Universe Blog

The Wellness Universe is one of the world’s best spiritual blogs to promote health and well being. This blog platform’s mission is to revolutionize the wellness industry by connecting professionals and world changers leaders around the globe.  The Wellness Universe Blog has over 3500 members who are practicing within 7 areas including Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual.

The wellness seekers can use the directory in these seven categories to improve their life. The community teaches mindfulness and wellness online and in the workshop all around the world. If you’re a passionate reader, then this blog produces a lot of content to keep you engaging in reading.

Main Topics: Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Physical

Blog Frequency: 3 posts per week |  Visit Website

4.  Ask-Angels.com

Started with just a flashback of inspiration and passion, back in 2009 by Melanie Beckler, Ask-Angels.com is now serving a clear channel of the Divine, Light and Infinite. Melanie Beckler is an author and also a spiritual teacher sharing the various energy healing guidance for spiritual growth and life transformation.

The purpose of Ask-Angel’s blog is to provide guidance on how to connect your angels and spiritual realms. This blog site also helps you with spiritual tools such as Angel oracle cards. The writer is tending to write about inspiration, energy, overcoming challenges, beliefs, etc. Read out some of the articles and you will instantly find yourself inspired to change yourself by changing your behavior and life.

Main Topics: Energy Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Earth Wisdom, Psychic Development.

Blog Frequency: 9 posts |  Visit Website

5. The Mindful world

This is one of the good looking spiritual sites with lots of mindful blogs. It is a group of passionate individual bloggers who believe in spreading mindfulness around the world. This blog brings together people and gives them a platform to exchange their thoughts and ideas so that the whole of society is able to be thoughtful. Their articles are very in-depth to make you understand in a friendly manner. 

Started in 2007, the blog is actively spreading positivity, to make the world a better place and their blogs will add more bliss in your life. The articles are published after lots of research and keep them interesting to interact with people. I’m sure you are going to be habitual once you start reading their blogs.

Main Topics: Mind spirit, Conscious creativity, Wholistic health, etc. 

Blog Frequency: 3-4 posts |  Visit Website

6. Energy Muse Blog

Know the unique way of crystal healing by learning what you are capable of. The Energy Muse Blog guides you for healing, spirituality, and crystals. This blog site helps through crystal healing and therapy in a fun way. This channel offers ideas and suggestions on how to use the crystal and how they actually help in spiritual healing. 

Read your crystal horoscope to predict your day with Energy Muse blogs and discuss the historical uses of crystals.  Their daily mails are something you will be tempted to open in the morning.  Add this amazing blog in your list of top spiritual blogs to follow daily in 2020. 

Main Topics: Wealth, Success, Health & Wellness, Love & Happiness, Spirituality & Faith 

Blog Frequency: 14 posts per year |  Visit Website 

7. Wildmind Blog

Wildmind Blog is launched by Bodhipaksa in 2000. Bodhipaksa is a Buddhist practitioner and teacher and a published author. His Wildmind website is highly focused on Meditation. As per the author “Learning meditation is a skill which can be learned through practice”. The site provides various meditation guides which will guide you to about each stage of meditation. You will also learn about Walking meditation and Mantra Meditation. 

Those who are seeking to learn and deepen their meditation practice will find it very useful. No matter your tradition this is just good solid advice and accessible meditation practice.

The author encouraged to practice meditation at least 10 minutes every day to see the big differences in your life. You can also play and download free MP3 meditation timers at home.

Main Topics: Meditation, Spiritual  

Blog Frequency: 2 posts per month |  Visit Website 

 8. Yogaville Blog

Yogaville was founded by Sri Swami Satchidananda (Sri Gurudev). He is a spiritual leader aiming to spread peace and happiness around the globe. Yogaville considers yoga as an integral part of our daily life. The blog has a community to make people aware of yoga and spirituality through its training programs and residential programs. There are various residential programs like Kitchen yogi, Farm yogi, etc.

The author has also developed various comprehensive 200/ 300 hours of teacher training program covering breathing practices, meditation, deep relaxation, Asanas, etc. You’ll be able to find some amazing items that are not only attractive in look but also beneficial in serving as a reminder for your daily meditation practice.

Main Topics:  Yoga and Spiritual

Blog Frequency: 20 posts per year |  Visit Website

9. Spiritually Inspired Blog

Spiritually Inspired Blog has designed to support mindfulness and personal growth through crystal healing. The author of Spiritually Inspired Blog, Sara Rae’s mission is to assist in the spiritual transformation by loving yourself. You will learn the crystal meanings, their history and how they help in the healing process. The blog is full of informative blogs on physical healing, spiritual development and loves yourself with your touching souls.

Start reading by downloading their E-Book and learn everything you need to know about crystal healing. You will find some of the best spirituality and self-help books. 

Main Topics: Crystal healing, Mindfulness, Personal Growth, Spiritual practices

Blog Frequency: 1 post per month |  Visit Website

10. Change Your Energy

Ilchi Lee, Founder of the Change your energy describes various tools, tips and techniques through his blogs to make others understand how energy works. The site is packed full of spiritual guidance, and inspiration with a huge following. It discusses ways to learn how to use your energy more positively, creating the life you have always wanted.

The site provides online courses, live webinars, and weekly informative blogs to transform your life with positive vibes. In the busy schedule, luckily Ilchi Lee is here to help us in focusing mind-body connection with exercises, yoga, and meditation. You will feel an immense change in your energy by reading their blogs. Their blogs will help you to start your spiritual journey by choosing love over fear.

Main Topics: Self-development and Spiritual healing 

Blog Frequency: 5-6 posts per month |  Visit Website

11. Spiritual Direction 101

Run by Teresa Blythe, Spiritual Direction 101 has become popular quickly after publishing of book Spiritual Direction 101: The Basics of Spiritual Guidance. It is a spiritual website that will enable you to understand the meaning of angel numbers and how they influence your life. So learn about the angel letter with their weekly blogs and daily tips.

Explore the different perspectives on spirituality with Spiritual Direction 101 blogs! You will find the various views on faith ad how to develop this. Check out some of their blogs and I bet you will instantly find yourself inspired to take a turning point in your life with lots of positivity and happiness. Their blogs will teach you how to love in a present moment and take benefit of each section in self development with spiritual guidance. 

Main Topics: Spiritual Guidance

Blog Frequency: 1 post per week |  Visit Website

12. My Spiritual Shenanigans:

Started the most influential spiritual blog by Vasundhra Gupta in 2017 has a huge following now with the top 15th Rank in Top Spiritual Blogs To Follow Daily In 2020. In this blog site, you will all free blogs, e-books, self-love, and spiritual newsletters once in a month. Apart from her own spiritual website, Vasundhra Gupta also runs a Facebook Group, where other spiritual writers interact with her to grow their presence in social media and teach people how important spiritual life is.

My Spiritual Shenanigans have also explained how to balance your chakras, their facts, practical training to balance the energy and also interesting self-assessment quizzes.  

Main Topics: Spirituality, Self-love, and Personal Development 

Blog Frequency: 2 posts per week |  Visit Website 

13. The Daily Meditation:

The daily medication is the internet’s leading resources for meditation and spirituality. Along with daily blogs, daily meditation also offers a complete online meditation course which includes various meditation techniques such as Buddhist meditation techniques, Zen meditation techniques, mantra, mudras, yoga meditation and much more. This spiritual blog website is also maintaining an active social media platform on Facebook and Twitter with daily spiritual updates.

People who are looking to read free blogs on health, conscious living, health, yoga, meditation, spirituality, etc. can subscribe to their site to get the blog on their emails. The site has extensive blogs loaded with researched spirituality information and also a good place to connect with other people.

Main Topics: Meditation and Spirituality

Blog Frequency: 6 posts per day |  Visit Website

14. Spiritual Shifts

With the aim of a fight with fear, hopelessness, and violence with strength, Spiritual Shifts is one of the Top Spiritual Blogs To Follow Daily In 2020. By following the spiritual shifts, you will learn to love yourself fearlessly and start believing in yourself. You can book a retreat, one to one sessions or even watch videos related to satsangs and explore various aspects of nonduality. Definitely, one of the best spiritual blogs to follow daily in 2020.

Those who love healing through poetry are going to love Spiritual Shifts blogs. They share the positive effect of meditation that provides exercises and guidance free of charge.

Main Topics: Self-love, Spiritual, Nonduality, etc.

Blog Frequency: 3 posts |  Visit Website

15. Spiritual Media Blog

Dr. Matthew Welsh, founder of Spiritual Media Blog started to write about the inspirational content after his graduation. His Spiritual Media blog features articles about spirituality, inspirational, guest posts, reviews, and interviews. Their only agenda is to help people meet their spiritual needs with a wide variety of resources for anyone of any faith.

You will find the best blogs regarding getting relive from anxiety and loneliness, about various angel card readings, etc. If you’re an avid reader you’ll be happy to know that this blog produces a lot of content

Main Topics: Spirituality, Psychology, and Inspirational

Blog Frequency: 1 post per day |  Visit Website

16. ModernAgeSpirituality 

ModernAgeSpirituality is complete guidance about life through spiritual blogs. You will find everything from Spiritual, Wisdom, Spirit & Soul, Meditation, Energy & Vibrations, Heart & Mind, etc. This is one of the Top Spiritual Blogs To Follow Daily In 2020 to connect with yourself with your life’s journey.

Roshan Sharma is the author of this ModernAgeSpirituality blogs has written more than 500 blogs about various topics. He is also a regular practitioner of meditation and beliefs that meditation is a great tool to understand life and yourself. You will get various other related blogs as well on their sites like Enlightenment, energy & Vibration, Intensity, Widsom, etc. 

Main Topics: Spirituality, Meditation, Life, God, etc. 

Blog Frequency: 5 posts per month |  Visit Website 

17. The Soul Energy

Here is another top spiritual blogs to follow daily in 2020. This blog is for those who have great faith in finding the extraordinary in everyday moments of life. The soul energy has the most amazing and engaging blogs about miracles through journeys, poems, tales and soul talks. Beautifully written poems about the spirit are like a daily happiness dose.

You will also get the Oracle & Tarot Card Readings for your life guidance, career, health, relationship, and spiritual healing to make your life better. Receive the best daily blogs and guidance by Sudipta Dev Chakraborti, a Reiki Master and Spiritual Author. 

Main Topics: Spiritual soul, Miracle, God, Tarot readings  

Blog Frequency: one post per week |  Visit Website

18. Spiritual Awakening Process

Spiritual Awakening Process Blog is founded by Jim Tolles, a Spiritual teacher. The aim of this blog is to transform people’s lives and move towards true spiritual freedom. Jim Tolles teaches about spiritual awakening and healing through his regular blogs and personal teaching as well. 

To start your spiritual journey with this top spiritual blogs to follow daily in 2020, start reading the “Spiritual Awakening Help and Tips Guide” blog posted on the Spiritual Awakening Process website. If you are looking to start your spiritual journey, then start your journey with their one hours sessions of Spiritual Awakening process.

Main Topics: Spiritual Freedom, Spiritual Awakening, Growth and Healing

Blog Frequency: one post per week |  Visit Website 

19. Spirituality & Health

Spirituality & Health is also one of the most professional websites with spiritual blogs. Launched in 1998, Spirituality & Health is a complete blog solution for those who are looking at faith, spirituality, philosophy, meditation, yoga, wellness and inner life. Spirituality & Health look to science to help provide complete spiritual solutions. The content is relatable, applicable, and accessible for everyday life. Their authors are diverse as the topics covered, coming from many backgrounds and specialties.

Main Topics: Spiritual, Health, Faith, Meditation, etc. 

Blog Frequency: 3 posts per week |  Visit Website

20. Purpose Fairy

The author of Purpose fairy is Luminita Saviuc, who is passionate about writing the intersection of personal development, spirituality, and psychology. No matter what life challenges you are facing, you will get every practical solution to brighten up your day. In the blog, you can read about spiritual quotes, Spiritual Gym, etc. You can follow the blogger on her spiritual journey through many places through the blog. Every article of Purpose fairy is full of spiritual guidance for developing your spiritual life.

Luminita and various other authors are contributing a lot with their own excellent content and make sure that there is something here for just about everyone. From depression blogs to guided meditation practices and bedtime routine, you will get everything at a single platform. 

Main Topics: Mind, Body, Soul, Spiritual, Meditation 

Blog Frequency: 4 blogs per week |  Visit Website

21. Not Strictly Spiritual

The author Mary DeTorris Poust’s blog Not Strictly Spiritual is all about finding spirituality and how faith helps in daily life. Poust shares her own experiences to encourage people through her blogs. Her articles are full of wisdom certain to enlighten readers. So, if you are looking for the content purely on spirituality and mindfulness, then Not Strictly Spiritual is a must to follow blog.

Read the free content on spirituality, health, and meditation. You will join a like-minded spiritualist’s community and natural health enthusiasts.

Main Topics: Everyday Divine

Blog Frequency: 2 blogs per month |  Visit Website

22. Beliefnet.com

Beliefnet.com is one of the most recommended spirituality websites having lots of lovely blogs and content. They actually have “something for everyone” for all age people. The site offers all the major world religions blogs to daily tips for health and happiness. They even have celebrities and spiritual entertainment section to provide more relatable blogs. You will find their angels sections under the inspiration department very interesting. 

It’s a place to find great quotes, spiritual wellness blogs, meditation help, and answers to questions about spirituals. 

Main Topics: Inspiration, Spiritual, Faith & Prayer, Health & Wellness 

Blog Frequency: 2-3 blogs per week |  Visit Website

23. Spiritual Travels

Spiritual Travels blogs offer various interesting blogs on spiritual travels, spiritual and religious sites along with their beautiful photography. The depth of spiritual blogs is truly impressive with one of the highest writing quality and easily readable. 

The writing style is very friendly and full of information. The topics are relevant for everyone and there is a lot that one can learn from the blog. The blogger adds a personal touch to the blog and that makes the reader feel close to the blogger and it helps to connect with her. If you want spiritual insights from around the world then don’t forget to subscribe to their blogs.  

Enlighten your life journey with “Practical Advice for Spiritual Journeys” by visiting many spiritual and religious places as recommended the by author. 

Main Topics: Spiritual Travel 

Blog Frequency: 6-7 blogs per month |  Visit Website

24. Yogi Approved

 Yogi Approved blogs are all about meditation and spirituality. It has lovely content to offer about spirituality. You will feel more connected to the spiritual side by reading its blogs and the content on healing and meditation. It has everything spiritual covered. 

Once you start reading their blogs, it truly inspires you to uncover your true potential through very profound articles. The blog author also passionate teaching about spirituality, the meaning of life, and finding health & happiness.

Main Topics: Yoga, Health & Wellness, Meditation 

Blog Frequency: 5-6 posts per month |  Visit Website

25. Speaking Tree

One of the well known and followed spiritual lifestyle blogs recommended for everyone. With the aim to encourage the spiritual conversations, their blogs give you the freedom to share your thoughts. You will feel highly relaxed after their blogs, this is the only reason their following has a huge base and the portfolio of the largest internet network in India.

The site has a wide range of spiritual blogs and forums. The forum allows you to follow the works of spiritual gurus, participate in discussions and even meet other spiritual seekers. 

Main Topics: Yoga, Spiritual lifestyle 

Blog Frequency: 2-3 blogs per day |  Visit Website

26. Ignatian Spirituality 

Ignatian Spirituality ensures high-quality blogs on spiritual directions to live your life with your dreams. Their blogs will make you believe that God is present in our world and active in our lives. Read about the Spiritual exercises developed by St. Ignatius Loyola. These spiritual exercises are the collection of meditations and prayers. If you are looking to deepen your relationship with God, then start reading Ignatian Spirituality.

She emphasizes reliance on God, the love and justice focus of Jesus, and self-reflection. Her pieces are short, easy to read, and compelling.

Main Topics: Prayer, Spiritual Direction, Retreats, God

Blog Frequency: 3 blogs per week |  Visit Website

27. Spiritual Self Transformation

Spiritual Self Transformation helps to transform your life from depression to living life at the fullest by stepping into your greater path and power. Their blogs are very powerful to make you believe in self-confidence and belief by directly affecting your thought and behaviors. 

The author has dedicated his life to guiding those on a spiritual path to fulfilling their life purpose with his spiritual healing blogs. Spiritual Self Transformation is a powerful blog website that will transform your relationship with yourself. 

Main Topics: Spiritual Transformation, Life purpose

Bog Frequency: 1 post per week |  Visit Website

Final Words:

All spiritual leaders and coaches have their own unique power to influence others in a positive manner. We all have our own way to help others but not everyone is aware of the power of spirituality. This is the only reason there are thousands of spiritual blog websites are available and we have sorted out and complied with the Top 25+ Spiritual Blogs To Follow Daily In 2020. Some of these are well known with vast followings. It’s worth investing a little time to follow at least one or two spiritual blogs to get keep it in mind.

Everyone personally loves to read their blogs on a daily basis to find the source of inspiration and find out the best ways to live their life by learning about Spirituality. Now, it’s your time to make your life more positive and spread happiness. Don’t forget to share this Top Spiritual Blogs To Follow Daily In 2020 with your loved ones. 

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