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PANGUNI UTHIRAM 2024 | Murugan | முருகன் கல்யாண வைபோகம்

PANGUNI UTHIRAM –Lord Murugan’s Kalyana Vaibogam :

This auspicious divine day of Tamil Hindus contains a lot more devotional events included in it. Panguni Uthiram in sanskrit is represented as Meena Uttara Phalguni and it falls on the 12th month of Tamil month Panguni by full moon day at Uttara Nakshatra and this function lasts for about 7 days in temple celebrations.


Lord Murugan Brass Statue


Panguni Uthiram is known as KALYANA VIRATHANAAL or THIRUKALYANA VAIBHAVAM as it is the day where various divine marriages took place. This day is symbolised for GRAHASTHA DHARMA. This Panguni Uthiram indicates the importance of holy bonds in relationships and the overall growth of progeny. It indicates how marriage relationships play a major role in the life of every individual in the world and the worth of such bonds.


After defeating Soorabadhman in a great war, Lord Murugan was celebrated by everyone for his victory over evil. Lord Indra decided to present him with an extraordinarily special gift for his victory and as a result he gave his daughter Deivanai to get married to Lord Murugan. Later on the auspicious day of Panguni Uthiram the Marriage ceremony of Murugan and Deivanai rook place in a huge manner at the place called Thiruparankundram, which is the first padai veedu among 6 padai veedu of lord Murugan.


Apart from Murugan Deivanai marriage, this day is considered as an auspicious day because of the various other divine occasions that took place. The divine marriage ceremony of Parvati-Parameshwaran(Gowri Kalyanam), Andal- Ranganathar(Andal kalyanam), Narayana-Komalavalli, Ram-Sita(Sita Kalyanam),Vishnu-Lakshmi(Lakshmi Kalyanam) are also taken place during this day. Hence Panguni Uthiram is where all the marriages for divine couples take place mostly in every hindu temple.

Besides, it is the day considered as jayanti for Lord Ayyapan(his incarnation) and also where Goddess Mahalakshmi appeared and came out of churning the ocean by devas and asuras.

According to Brahmanda puranam, the Panguni Uthiram is the day where one all the holy water combines and joins into the Tumburu Teertha which is one among 7 sacred tanks in the place of Tripati Thirumala.


In general the divine marriage ceremony takes place in every temple of the above mentioned gods and goddesses and we can make our own contributions to derive the divine blessings. On this day pooja can be done at home in a holy way according to our comfort, ability, well and wish.

  • The special way to worship on this day to receive the whole blessings are as follows.
  • This can be done by unmarried persons to get married soon and also by every individual.
  • Make your pooja space neat, clean and tidy.
  • Create a Saravanabava yantra(star shaped image) and mark each letter of the mantra at each corner of the star(sa, ra, va, na, bha, va) and Ohm(pranava mantra) in the centre of the yantra.
  • Light 6 karthigai diyas with ghees at 6 corners of the yantra.
  • Fill some raw rice in the centre of the yantra and place some coins of the letter ohm.
  • Kumarasthuvam parayanam can be done to gain whole benefits.
  • Pongal or any other sweet dishes and be offered to the lord.

At temples the devotees make their worship by the way of piercing their face and body with needles, spines, carrying pots of milk and holy water, carrying kavadi of different varieties and submit their desires to be fulfilled with strong belief.


By making poojas and worships Murugan during this panguni uthiram day helps to fix problems in relationships and creates a good vibes. The unmarried may get married and relationship miracles will take place by creating a productive and fruitful relationship among the couples.

Thus the divine forces bestow their grace and provide with blissful life.




  1.   om shanmuga pathaye namo namaha
  2.   om shanmadha pathaye namo namaha
  3.   om shatkreeva pathaye namo namaha
  4.   om shatgreeda pathaye namo namaha
  5.   om shatkoNa pathaye namo namaha
  6.   om shatkosa pathaye namo namaha
  7.   om navanidhi pathaye namo namaha
  8.   om subanidhi pathaye namo namaha
  9.   om narapadhi pathaye namo namaha
  10. om surapathi pathaye namo namaha
  11. om nadachchiva pathaye namo namaha
  12. om shadakshara pathaye namo namaha
  13. om kaviraja pathaye namo namaha
  14. om thaparaja pataye namo namaha
  15. om igabara pataye namo namaha
  16. om pugazh muni pathaye namo namaha
  17. om jaya jaya pathaye namo namaha
  18. om narayanaya pathaye namo namaha
  19. om manjula pathaye namo namaha
  20. om kunjaree pataye namo namaha
  21. om vallee pathaye namo namaha
  22. om malla pathaye namo namaha
  23. om asthra pathaye namo namaha
  24. om sasthra pathaye namo namaha
  25. om shashti pathaye namo namaha
  26. om ishti pathaye namo namaha
  27. om abedha pathaye namo namaha
  28. om supodha pathaye namo namaha
  29. om vyuha pathaye namo namaha
  30. om mayura pathaye namo namaha
  31. om bhuta pathaye namo namaha
  32. om vedha pathaye namo namaha
  33. om purana pathaye namo namaha
  34. om prana pathaye namo namaha
  35. om bhakta pathaye namo namaha
  36. om muktha pathaye namo namaha
  37. om agara pathaye namo namaha
  38. om ugara pathaye namo namaha
  39. om magara pathaye namo namaha
  40. om vikasa pathaye namo namaha
  41. om adhi pathaye namo namaha
  42. om pudhi pathaye namo namaha
  43. om amara pathaye namo namaha
  44. om kumara pathaye namo namaha
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