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Goddess Balambika – Mantra

Goddess Balambika: 


Goddess Balambika


Balambika is a Hindu Goddess, found in South India. Balambika means “Goddess Of Knowledge”, or “Child Goddess”. This Goddess is considered a child, and can bring true knowledge, education, wisdom, power and prosperity. 

Goddess Balambika Mantra

Moola Mantram for Balambika Goddess:

“Aiym Kleem Sow. Sow, Kleem, Aiym. Aiym, Kleem, Sow”.

“Aiym” means learning.

“Kleem” means magnetic attraction.

“Sow” means prosperity.

This moola mantra is a solution for all the problems. When you chant this moola mantra that can give power to face problems.


Balambika has a temple in Kamarasavalli in Ariyalur district of Tamil Nadu.

Balambika Brass Idol:

 The Brass Balambika Statue is carved uniquely, depicting her icons of holding the book of palm leaf scriptures and japamala, representing knowledge and spirituality. This particular Balambika Brass idol is carved beautifully depicting the innocent little child along with courage and valor. She is also known as a warrior queen. 

Benefits of Keeping Balambika Statue at Home:

Keeping Goddess Balambika Statue at home can bring knowledge, education, wisdom, power and prosperity for a better life. Chanting Goddess Balambika mantra can vanish all your problems.