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Brass Kamatchi Vilakku Benefits and Designs

brass kamatchi vilakku benefits and designs

Brass Kamatchi Vilakku Benefits and Designs:

Brass Kamatchi vilakku is more powerful when we keep this in pooja room. And it is very auspicious. We can have all the benefits.

Kamatchi Amman Vilakku Designs:

Antique Kamatchi amman vilakku is hand-crafted in a unique and elegant design. That will enhance the beauty of the home. It is beautifully designed in brass metal.

Difference Between Kamatchi Vilakku and Gajalakshmi Vilaku:


brass kamatchi vilakkku benefits and designs

Kamatchi amman diya and gajalakshmi amman lamps can be kept at home. It is auspicious and good to keep both at home however to keep Kamatchi amman lamp is more special to the home. Smiling face is mandatory. In Kamatchi amman diya has Sugar can i hand and flower buds in odd numbers. Gajalakshmi lamp has two elephants on each side, and goddess sitting on lotus and holding buds in her hands.

Kamatchi Vilakku benefits:

Keeping Kamatchi vilakku gives numerous benefits to the family. Goddess Kamatchi symbolizes the eradication of darkness. She prayed for her knowledge. It can fulfill life with enlightenment, prosperity, and wealth. 

Kamatchi Vilakku At Pooja Room:

Brass Kamatchi Deepam Vilakku brightens up your prayers with the most beautiful elegant Kamatchi diya. It will improve positivity and destroy all the negativity in your home. It should face in a south-east direction to receive the whole benefits. We can give and acquire this brass kamatchi diya as a gift.  Brass kamatchi vilakku benefits and designs are inevitable in life. There is lots of benefits.