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Brass lord Garuda Statue Online

Garuda Dev Murti: 

    Lord Garud Dev is variously the vahana of the Hindu Vishnu, he carries Lord Vishnu on his back. The god of preservation a dharma-protector. Garuda represents birth and heaven, In the Rigveda the sun is compared to a bird in its flight across the sky, and an eagle carries the ambrosial soma plant heaven to earth. 

Biggest Garuda Statue In India:

   Jatayu Earth Center, also known as Jatayu nature Park. It is a public-private partnership tourism center in Kerala.  It stands at an altitude of 350m above the mean sea level. 

Garuda Idol at Home:

    It is good to keep a garuda image or idol at home for those who want sky-level confidence and who want to touch the sky with full conscious mind. Keeping a garuda image will bring a positive idea of the person and he succeeds in reaching the goal. You can give it as a gift for your promotion. Brass Garuda statues improve the decor quality of the house, office, hotel, temple. 


Brass Garuda idol

Garuda Brass Statue Online:

   Brass Garuda statue online is available in India, you can buy collectible India brass Garuda Dev murti idol at lowest cost with good quality in India On Vgocart. Different types of garuda statue that brings happiness in your life. In Vgocart we have unique and custom, handmade statues from traditional handcrafted places in India.

Brass Garuda Statue:

    The Brass Garuda statue is a symbol of power. Beautifully carved brass garuda statues add charm and elegance to your home and the surroundings. Brass Garuda Dev Murti is a perfect showpiece. Garuda believed to bring prosperity and happiness.

    Beautiful way to decorate yours is to place Garuda statues and lamps that are available online. You can buy your Garuda brass statue  online, Coimbatore, India.

Garuda Stone Statue:

   Garuda is a bird creature from Hindu mythology that has a mix of an eagle and human features. You can buy Garuda brass statue online in India.

   The Garuda stone statue is described in a lot of terms with colors, wings, four arms and a breast, knees, legs and roundish eyes. Vishnu rides his arms. The stone sculpture is described like this.