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Balamurugan Panchaloha Idol-12″

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Buy Panchaloha Statue Online In India

Panchaloha is also called the “Panchadatu” Sanskrit word. Panchaloha consists alloy of five-metals of real significance, used for making Hindu God & Goddess Sculptures and also Jewelleries. The five-metals used for making Panchaloha Sculptures are Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, and Lead.

Panchaloha Statues kept in Traditional Hindu Temples, Puja Room, Home Décor, Office Cabin, Restaurants, Hospitals, Colleges, Malls, Business locations, etc. 

Buy Panchaloha Statue Online In India as per your dream for a different purpose. Buy at Unbelievable price, real Handmade Panchaloha Sculptures designed by Indian Great skilled Artisans. Artisans work with more skill and knowledge to design each Panchaloha Sculptures. Panchaloha Sculpture is one of the Traditional and Classical Sculptures of Indian Country. Many Artisans work beyond the years ago. In search of Panchaloha History, Divinity and Nature, here we discuss all info distinct and useful methods. Let’s watch it! Stay Tune! 

Short History of Panchaloha 

Panchaloha Sculptures developed during the Chola, Chera, and Pandya dynasties after the 10th Century period. Moreover, the style of the Sculpture looks similar to ‘Tamil Culture’.

Later in13th Century the Panchaloha Statues are recovered from the well in Thiruvananthapuram location by archaeologists. After that, all the Panchaloha Sculptures moulded by craftsmen from Chera, Chola, and Pandya period in India. Artisans used the components of Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper, and Lead for manufacturing all Panchaloha Sculptures by handmade.

The Statues of Hindu God & Goddess was sculpted at a later age by craftsmen. Earth, Fire, Space, Water, Air are the essential elements of Panchaloha Sculptures which shares the generality with all living being on this universe.

Panchaloha Statues made of Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, and lead distributed to various temples in the period of Chera, Chola, and Pandya kingdoms. Based on the Hindu traditional text, the Statues are crafted with full dedication and with skilful Craftsmen.

Tamilnadu is the World famous for crafting Panchaloha Statues, especially in Swamimalai, Kumbakonam, Madurai, Kanchipuram, Thanjavur, and Mahabalipuram. Swamimalai and Kumbakonam is more exceptional places for crafting unique and decorative Panchaloha Sculptures overall.

What is the Significance of Panchaloha to Human Being?

Panchaloha consists of five-metals, of that Iron, Zinc, and Copper are found to be an integral part of the human body and Gold, Silver used as ornaments for the human being. The five metals are most important for the human being, which described in later Vedas. The primary three metals, like Iron, zinc, and Copper, are the backbone of our physiological system by nature. These three precious metals mainly support bio enzymes in our living systems. 

About Panchaloha Art craft Sculptures

In India, the Tamilnadu has been the place for many Hindu ancient temples with Panchaloha Sculptures. Mostly Panchaloha Sculptures are crafted in Tamilnadu at different cities as per sculptors’ availability. Panchaloha Idols are perfectly molded with rich five-metals by skilled and talented sculptors around the region. All sculptures are creatively real handmade by artisans. Many hidden secrets are present in Panchaloha Sculptures.

Thus Panchaloha Sculptures have medicinal values and divinity power together. Keeping Panchaloha sculptures and doing Puja’s with milk or pure water brings actual positive energies, cosmos around the place and to the human body significantly.

It believed that every Sculpture of Panchaloha is a real living God due to its power and creativity at temples, homes, and wherever you keep for worship. Buy Panchaloha Statue Online in India at a trusted manufacturer or seller at your affordable price.

Panchaloha Statues for Sale at Trusted Manufacturer, India

Real Handmade Panchaloha Statues are a little expensive wise and takes a productive short time for moulding while comparing to Brass or Bronze Statues. The reason behind this is the costly components present likes Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, and Lead.

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Panchaloha Sculptures Manufacturing process

Panchaloha Statues manufacturing process mainly involves two processes. The first thing is to construct the mould, and the second step is the creation of the Statue. Initially, an image of the God or Goddess created in wax with full details. Then the wax is prepared by mixing paraffin wax, with bee’s wax and groundnut oil. To create a mould, the wax model is covered in layers of fresh clay with soil and allowed to dry it. After the clay dries, it gets heated to melt the wax create a hollow mould.

Then, molten Panchaloha metal alloy is poured slowly into this prepared mold to allow air bubbles to escape. Then allowed to cool and solidify into the Statue of God. The cooling period varied between a few hours or a few days, it’s depending on the size of the Statue. Finally, the Artisan breaks the clay mould starting from the head of the statue to get the complete preliminary Sculpture with a good look.

Then artisans work to finish the Statue finally. This moulding Panchaloha Sculptures process remains the same from the ancient period of Chera, Cholas, and Pandya regions. The extraordinary wonder thing is, the same process continues even today in various places of India. 

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Buy High-Quality Customized Panchaloha Statues for Home and Office

Hugely suggested to keep a Panchaloha Statue at Home. Keeping Panchaloha Statue is an auspicious and most decorative thing; it should place in the entrance of the home. It’s supposed to bring prosperity, wealth, positive vibes, good humanity, and good health. Nowadays, mostly all people care about their home to give a traditional value.

Panchaloha fulfils that care by keeping it has a Decorative Showpiece for Home, Office, Malls, Restaurants, and many business places. Keep Panchaloha at Puja room for worship. Worship by offering milk, flowers, fruits, veg food, garland, etc., and it brings more prosperity to you and your family. 

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Panchaloha Statue for Sale at Factory Price

Get Real Handmade Panchaloha Statues at direct Factory price. Before buying, check the Quality of the Statue, Artwork, Size, Price value, and overall finish of all Panchaloha Statues at any cost. For all your doubts and clarifications, we Vgocart support you in all your queries directly, through phone call or Chat. We make you understand the complete process of Panchaloha Statue queries at any cost.

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Real Handmade Panchaloha Surya Bhagavan Statue

Surya Bhagavan is the Hindu God of the Sun. He is the creator of the whole universe and the great source God of all human being life. He brings light and warmth to the entire world. Surya Bhagavan Panchaloha Statue is a most attractive and wonderfully designed statue by craftsman. Surya Bhagavan with seven horses, Panchaloha Statue, adds your home or business location an extraordinary look and feel.

Also, it brings Luck, Wealth, Fortune, and Success in personal life and Business. Order your customized Surya Bhagavan Panchaloha Statue at Vgocart at a low Factory price with different size or design. Get your ordered Statue within one or two months. Buy Panchaloha Statue Online In India

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Maintenance of Panchaloha Sculptures

1. Just clean with a pure cotton cloth applied with Coconut oil weekly twice.

2.Apply little salt on a half a lemon and scrub it over the full statue, wash with warm water and wipe it with cotton cloth gives long-lasting.

3.Apply little salt with vinegar and clean it over the whole figure, rinse with warm water and dry it with cotton cloth gives lasting. 

4.By doing this, the tarnish disappears.

5.Clean with tamarind, it helps to remove the color coat, and copper gets backs to its original color in Statue. 

These are the ways to maintain of Panchaloha Sculptures. Buy Panchaloha Statue Online In India and retain it by easy things that used at home.


Famous Hindu God Panchaloha Sculptures

Artisans in India mainly sculpt Hindu God & Goddess Sculptures. The most famous Hindu Deity Panchaloha Sculptures are

  • Ganesh Statue
  • Lakshmi Statue
  • Surya Bhagavan Statue
  • Dhakshina Murthy Statue
  • Kamakshi Statue
  • Varahi Amman Statue
  • Shiva, Parvathi Statue
  • Annapurna Statue

Buy Panchaloha Statue for Gift for festivals and special occasions to your beloved ones. Like Hindu festivals, Weddings, House-warming, Anniversary, New ventures, New Achievements, Birthday, and also can gift to all Spiritual lovers. Buy Panchaloha Statue Online In India at a low price with safe and secured delivery to your doorstep with free shipping.

High-Quality Panchaloha Durga Idol for Puja

Buy Goddess Durga Statue for Puja at attractive design and low cost at Vgocart. Goddess Durga Devi is the mother of the whole universe, and she is the supreme power of all Goddess. Panchaloha Durga Devi Statue represents positive energy and power. Keeping Panchaloha Durga Statue at home removes all negative vibes which surround it.

Makes your Puja room very decorative and beautiful with Handcrafted Panchaloha Durga Devi Statue. Order your favorite Goddess Durga Statue with High-Quality material Panchaloha at Vgocart online shopping store. Get instant offers and purchase redeems. Buy Panchaloha Statue Online In India and give your home an artistic value.

Buy Panchaloha Kalinga Krishna Idol for Home Décor Online

Buy exotic Lord Kalinga Krishna Panchaloha Statue for Home interior or exterior décor. Handcrafted Panchaloha Kalinga Krishna Statue has many unique features.

Like Krishna shows Abhaya mudra to shower his blessings by casting away all the problems to his devotees. Panchaloha Kalinga Krishna usually purchased during Indian festive occasions, Vastu Purpose, Pooja Purpose, and Gifting purpose. Buy Panchaloha Statue In India, at most traditional manufacturing Panchaloha Statues are Vgocart. Buy your favorite 

Lord Kalinga Krishna at just Rs.30,000/- with 15 Inches height and 4 Kgs weight.


In India, the impact of buying Panchaloha Sculptures increased nowadays. All traditional, cultured, and Art lovers love to décor their Home, Puja room, Business Locations with Handcrafted, and more Gorgeous Panchaloha Statues. Buy Panchaloha Statue Online In India, though India is the region of manufacturing unbelievable designs of Panchaloha Sculptures globally.

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