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Short History about Brass

Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc, and it is composed primarily. The main component used in brass is copper and also usually classified as a copper alloy. The natural color of brass material differs from a dark reddish-brown, light yellow, or golden color. It depends on the amount of zinc present, the more zinc present, and then the color will be lighter.

Brass is more durable and harder than copper material. Brass is very natural to form into various shapes while molding it. Also good conductor of heat and against the corrosion from saltwater. Though all these resistance present in brass, it is mostly used to make pipes, tubes, bed frames, light fixtures, home faucets, musical instruments, furniture, jewelry, art crafts, home decors, God
Statues, puja items, and many more. Brass is a massive part of all our lives. Brass Art craft is mostly used for decorative purposes similarly due to its gold resemblance, and high workability.

About Brass Art Craft Statues

Brass Art craft Statues is not only considered as the traditional but also one of India’s proud ancient crafts before thousands of years ago. India is well known for its beautiful and decorative handcrafted brass. India is one of the largest brass manufacturer countries in the world, which covers the wide range of brass products. Indian Artisans are very talented with their unique designs making on brass statues. All brass statues made with India’s village superfine characteristics.

Brass handicrafts are famous due to its high attractiveness, decorative arts, and also attributed to India’s traditional religious culture value. The brass metal used to make conventional art crafts like Brass God & Goddess Statues, animal statues, bird statues, vehicle decors, diya lamps, flower vases, home decors, kalasams, puja bells, and many more puja products, gift products.

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India is the right country to buy brass statue online. Though you have come across information about Indian traditional art crafts and Indian artistry. In India, many manufacturers, exporters, sellers are available in various states. Wide varieties of Brass Statues are available to choose your divine statue. They are Murugan, Ganesh, Shivan, Saibaba, Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu, Saraswathi, Lakshmi, Amman, Jesus, Nataraja, Shiva lingam, Gayathri Devi, Annapoorani Devi, home decor statues like elephant, peacock, lion, tiger, deer, rabbit, welcome lady and many more.

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Brass Statue Manufacturing & its properties

Firstly, the craftsman produces a wax design of a God, Goddess, Animal, or home décor statue. Later the wax design is covered in clay and then left to dry in the sunlight. The clay placed on an open fire, which helps to melts the wax completely. Brass Liquid prepared with the alloy of copper and zinc poured into the gap left by the wax. Finally, once its gets cooled, the clay is removed to reveal the brass statue model.

The main properties used to make a Brass Statue are an alloy of copper and zinc and commonly contain lead. May include iron, manganese, aluminum, silicon, or other elements. Brass Colour adds like Reddish Brown, Golden Yellow, or golden.

Advantages of Brass

Brass has several superfine characteristics properties that make the best choice for art and craft. Brass statues are into two types, antique finish polished and other is superfine highly polished. Whereas superfine highly polished brass statues are more bright and shiny. Antique finish polished brass statues are not much shinier.

  1. Brass is a long-lasting metal with an alloy of copper and zinc
  2. Easy & few maintenances to follow
  3. Brass color is probably similar to gold, which adds an attractive look.
  4. Brass metal varies in degrees of hardness or softness, which makes it bendable and easy to carve.
  5. It does not rust very quickly. Brass handicrafts products are trendy in coastal areas globally.

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Where can I buy brass statues for home and gift purposes?

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Maintenance of Brass Handcrafted Statues

Just follow two simple and easy steps mentioned below.

Brass Statues should not be cleaned with an ammonia-based cleaner, as this causes rust in statues.

Brass Statues should be cleaned with gentle water or wipe with Coconut Oil with a soft dry cotton cloth.

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Brass Handcraft manufacturing States In India

India is famous for its Architecture globally. In India, the brass statues mainly manufactured in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Kashmir, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, Mangalore, and Udipi.

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