Brass Diyas 2024 – Types of Traditional diyas and Benefits of Lighting

In major parts of Indian households,Diyas play a vital and mandatory role in every function, ceremonies, anniversaries, festivals and any other special occasions.In general Diyas symbolise purity and goodness, which is when lighten will expel the evil darkness and provide divine light.Lighting diyas are a simple process but yet provide an effective remedy.




By lighting brass diyas it provides various kinds of benefits both spiritually and scientifically.

  • In general lighting diya symbolizes the victory of good over evil.
  • Lighting of brass diyas provides good health to the people
  • As metals like brass are good conductors of positive energy it will help to dispel and remove the negativity from one’s mind and soul by providing positive vibes.
  • This clear ups the evil vibrations in order to enter the divine aura and radiate light into the place.

  • Keeping brass diyas lit throughout the full nights will help to ensure the restrictions of negative spirits into the home and other holy places.


  • These kinds of brass diyas are used for auspicious lighting of lamps during any function, ceremonies or special divine festive occasions.
  • These brass diyas can be used as home decors which adorns your space with traditional touch.
  • These brass diyas can be utilized for daily pooja purposes at home or any other holy places.
  • These brass diyas can also be used for best gifting purposes to your beloved persons and to your dear and near.


No poojas will be complete without the lighting of diyas.Let your divine spirits flow with our brass diyas of different varieties along with the tips to experience the whole bliss of divine lights.


There are various types of brass diyas available which should be kept in the pooja room to receive their wholesome benefits.The brass diyas are available in various shapes, designs, sizes, quality and prices. Some of the unique and traditional diyas used from our ancient days are as follows;

Tortoise diya:

Helps to provide us with a long life and patience to handle all the situations in life.

Provides success and victory in business or any other start up business activities and process which is undertaken.

LIghting this diya continuously will provides child progeny to the childless peoa[le 

Lighting this diya facing north direction is considered auspicious and vanishes vastu related doshas.

Brass-diyas-tortoise-diya-buy-online-coimbatore-indiaKuberar diya:

This kuberar diya is lit to maintain and increase the flow of wealth in home and business as it bestows the blessings of Lord kubera the god of immense wealth.

This provides a constant flow of material and spiritual wealth in a person’s life.

This Kuberar Diya should be lit between the time of 5 pm to 8 pm in the evenings on every Thursday facing the north or east direction. 

This helps to dissolve all the financial problems and debts in the life of a person.Lighting this Kuber Diya on the full moon day is considered auspicious as it enhances the inflow of immense wealth both at home and business.

brass-diyas-kubera-diya-buy-online-india-coimbatoreAthma diya:

This type of diya represents the union of both Jeevatma (body and soul) and paramatma (divinity).

This is a kind of traditional diya which is used for worship from ancient days by rishis, siddhars, munivars and various other holy saints.

This diya creates a calm and positive aura to the body, soul and mind.

It belongs equally to all the directions and spreads its light and brings meditative atmosphere to the surrounding.

This Athma diya can be lit during the time of early morning 4 am to 6 am or after evening 6.pm.

brass-diyas-athma-diya-buy-online-coimbatore-indiaPaavai diya:

This can be used specially on the festive occasion of auspicious paavai nonbu.

This diya is depicted as the lady with a lamp. This diya is also known with the names deepa lakshmi, villaku lakshmi, kai vilakku enthiya karigai which originated in south India dated back to the era of Pandya dynasty.

It was said to be initially designed by the Greeks or Yavannas in a way of welcoming and lighting the path towards deities.

brass-diyasGajalakshmi diya:

This Gaja Lakshmi Diya is a kind that contains the structure of goddess Gajalakshmi with gigantic elephants on either side. 

The term Gaja means elephant and the term Lakshmi means the goddess of wealth. This brass Gaja Lakshmi Diya’s divine light indicates the presence of a divine deity. 

This Gaja Lakshmi brass Diya can be lit on every day. This brass Gaja Lakshmi Diya should be faced in the southern direction to receive the benefits.

Lighting this diya will Provide us with prosperity, wealth and fortune.

Brass-Gajalakshmi-Diya-Home-Decor-Gifts-Pooja-Idols-Buy-Online-CoimbatoreKamakshi diya:

This brass Kamakshi Diya which contains the image and structure of Goddess Kamakshi is considered as Kamakshi Deepam. This brass Kamakshi Diya is a special kind of traditional Diya that is used for generations in various families and a must-have possession.

As every god is involved inside this Diya, it is believed that lighting and worshipping this Diya will provide the whole benefits of all gods and goddesses.

This Kamakshi Diya can be lit on every day and should be faced south-east direction to receive the whole benefits by the way of worshipping or praying.

Kuthu vilakku:

This Kuthu Vilakku is the main traditional lamp used in every part of devotional events and has a special place in Hindu Sanatan dharma. This leads us to positive light from the negative darkness of life. This Kuthu Vilakku is generally associated as the example of Women’s power as goddess Rajarajeshwari (combo of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi) believed to be residing in it.

This Kuthu Vilakku has the bottom portion representing Lord Brahma, the middle portion is Lord Vishnu and the wick settling place is lord shiva. The wicks present in this brass Kuthu Vilakku represent the 5 characteristics that a girl should possess(kindness, intelligence, firmness, patience, and caution). 

Hence women are mostly asked to light Kuthu Vilakku and pray for the overall welfare of the family. Knowledge removing ignorance is the Symbolisation of this brass Kuthu Vilakku.

brass-diyasAshtalakshmi Diya:

This Ashtalakshmi Diya contains the carvings of 8 Lakshmi called Ashtalakshmi. Those ashtalakshmi are (Adhi Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santana Lakshmi, Vidhya Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi). 

This Ashtalakshmi Diya is used widely in various welcoming ceremonies. Lighting and worshipping with this brass Ashtalakshmi Diya provides all the 8 kinds of wealth from Ashta Lakshmi. 

The benefits of lighting this Ashatalakshmi diya is providing all those eight types of wealth as a whole such as granary wealth, courage, child progeny, knowledge and wisdom, success, fame and fortune material and spiritual wealth.

This Diya provides the divine light and presence of Ashta Lakshmi and their blessings to our home and family. This Diya has engraved with the exact iconography of Ashtalakshmi according to agama Vedas.

brass Ashtalakshmi diya pooja items buy online hindu god idols gifts home decors coimbatore 2560 2Akhand Diya:

This akhand diya is also known as anaiya deepam which burns continuously without any interruption. This is most famous in the northern part of Indian. It is believed that the house where the akhand diya is always lit will be pleased and blessed immensely by the god’s grace.

ThisAkhand Diya is a traditional form of Diya which means uninterrupted flame, where the light will continue to stay for a long time without any interruption.

These types of brass diyas are easy to handle and safe to use when compared to other open flamed diyas. This brass diyas can burn for a long time providing its light without getting much heated up.

Navagraha diya:

This is a unique kind of Diya in which it signifies the 9 astrological planets and its benefits by lightning this brass Navagraha Diya to bring prosperity and courage in life. This Diya contains 9 wicks, among which the 8 wicks are surrounded by 8 planets and the center one is occupied by Sun (Lord Surya).

The wick face of Saturn in this brass Navagraha Diya alone is made of steel or iron and it should be placed where Saturn points, i.e in the direction of west. Keeping this Navagraha Diya in a pooja room can implement positive vibrations and protect us from negative energies. When this Diya is lit on Saturday, then only three wicks should be lit, one for Shukra, Shani, and Surya Bhagavan.

Lighting this Diya in the home brings prosperity, health, peace of mind, and courage for life. This Navagraha diya of brass can be lit daily for success and happiness.


One Face Diya Brass:


brass one face diya

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Brass 3 and 4 Face Diya:


brass 4 face diya

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Diya 5 and 6 face:


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Diya 7 and 9 face:


7 face decor and pooja diya for home

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The first diya should be placed inside the pooja room

Diyas should be placed when there is a Tulsi plant present at home which is associated with goddess lakshmi.

The diyas should be placed in the kitchen and its respective areas which should be clean and tidy.

It can be placed before the entrance of the home or any other holy places to implement the positive divine light.

In general the diyas should be kept over or near the water containers or other water bodies in order to vanish all the negative forces and protect us against the diseases. This also helps to enhance the wealth.


Pure Ghee: 

Attracts positive vibrations from the atmosphere.

Destroys poverty, provides wealth and health.

Attracts the blessings and fortune of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Sesame oil(til oil/ gingelly oil):

Helps to get rid of astrological doshas and evil spirits.

Eliminates the past life karma and prolonged problems.

Pleases shani bhagavan and helps to enhance his grace over the harmful effects of the planet.

Neem oil:

Helps to attract the blessing of goddess parasakthi and the worship of Kula Deivam.

Increases the wealth in households.

Helps to eradicate the effects of enemies 

Castor oil:

Enhance the happy family life 

Provides growth and spiritual development.

Brings fortune, fame and prosperity.

Coconut oil:

Attracts the blessings of Lord Ganesha as a whole.

Brings maximum domestic happiness in and around the family.

Helps to attract the blessings of Kula Deivam 

Mahua oil (illupai oil):

Helps to attract the blessings of Lord Shiva

Get rid of one’s debt problems in life.

Reduces the health effects and other related problems.

Pancha Deepa oil:

It is a mixture of all 5 oils such as sesame or coconut oil, castor oil, neem oil, mahua oil and pure cow ghee in the ratio of 3:2:1:1:2

Protects from evil eye, negative thoughts, poverty and illness

Provides all the 8 forms of wealth, good fortunes, prosperity and happiness.

Brings abundance of food availability in home

Removes all the disharmony, disputes, obstacles, fear and misery.

Helps to get rid of debts and other ill effects of life.

NOTE: Never use sunflower oil and groundnut oil for lighting diya as it is considered inauspicious.


Lighting diya in the east direction helps to increase or improve the health of a person by removing or reducing the diseases and increases the age.

Lighting diya in the south west direction helps for good health and good luck to the family members.

Lighting diya in the west direction helps us to be free and get rid of debts and provides success over enemies.

 Lighting diya in north directions helps to welcome the wealth flow inside your home and life.

NOTE:  Never lit or place diya facing towards the direction of South as it is considered as inauspicious.

Mantra for lighting diya:          

 “Subham karoti kalyanam Arogyam Dhansampada

Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Deepa Jyoti Namostute”

“Deepajyothi Parabrahma Deepajyothi Janardhana

Deepo Me Hara Tu Paapam Sandhya Deepa Namostute”

“May the glow of diya light your path towards progress and continuous success”

If you are looking in search of diyas for worship or gifting purposes, then you can explore our unique varieties of Brass diyas and buy them to adorn your pooja room and can also use them as home decor or for gifting your beloved ones.