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How to Awaken Your Seven Spiritual Chakras Through Meditation

How to Awaken Your Spiritual Chakras Through Meditation


  •  In eastern society, chakras are said to be essential points within the subtle body through which energy flows.
  •  There are seven main chakras and each one correlates to different parts of the body. Yoga and meditation basically hinge on the opening and balancing of these seven charas or auras.
  • As you open your chakras, you don’t need to worry about making overactive chakras less active.


1) Open the Root Chakra(red):

It helps you stay aware and feel comfortable in a variety of situations. It’s located at the base of your spine. Your root chakra is responsible for security and stability.

  • You can do yoga and meditations, Eat natural foods, Grounding meditation after doing yoga, chanting the mantra of “LAM” walk by barefoot. Connecting more with one’s family and facing one’s past as needed.


2) Sacral Chakra(orange):

This chakra deals with raw feelings, fluidity and sexuality. It’s located just below your belly button. 

  • Eating natural orange foods, wearing orange color, Meditation on the sacral chakra, doing second chakra yoga poses. Chanting the mantra of “VAM”, practicing healthy sexual relationship. Keep doing this as much as possible.


3) Navel Chakra(yellow):

It’s also called solar plexus chakra, it’s connected to confidence, generosity, and joy. It is located in the stomach area.

  • Eating natural yellow foods and wearing the yellow or placing this color around one’s house. Meditating on the solar plexus chakra and doing chakra yoga poses. Chanting the mantra of “RAM”. Doing yoga and focusing on the inner fire. Practicing bellows breath  ‘Breath of fire’.


4) Heart chakra(green):

Heart chakra is about love, caring and endearment. it’s located near your heart.

  • Sit cross-legged, Meditating  on the heart chakra and yoga poses. Chanting “YAM” while spending time in nature.


5) Throat Chakra(light blue):

Chakras in throat plays into self-expression and communication. Located in the throat.

  •  Sit on your knees and meditate on the throat chakra. Chanting “HAM”. Doing yoga poses then relaxing.


6) Third eye chakra(indigo):

This chakra deals with insight. It’s located between the eyes.

  • Sit cross legged and meditate, chanting “OM” and spending time in nature.


7) Crown chakra(purple):

This is the seventh and most spiritual chakra. Located at the top of your head.

  • Sit cross legged and meditating on the crown chakra. Chanting “OM”. Doing yoga poses for the crown chakra.

Chakras have helped our body to keep balance. Through meditation we can achieve anything in life. It is an essential part of the body.