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Worship Method Of Lord Shiva at Temple or House

‘He is all and everything. He is the universe’.


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Worshiping Method OF Lord Shiva Temple or House:


“Shiva is not a god up there above but a
living presence here”- Sadhguru.

  •     Worship  Shiva in a home or temple you need to worship Ganesha before Shiva. Ganesha is a god of success, who will remove any obstacles in your life.
  •     Pray to Shiva once a day and meditate in front of  Shiva. You also chant mantras and pray to Lord Shiva in temples or homes.
  •    Offering milk, bilva leaves, rice, milet, wheat is also considered good for god Shiva on monday. Offerings can increase your favor with the god.
  •     Worship of Lord Shiva during Shravan Maa comes in July- August. It’s a very auspicious month for god Shiva and the most preferable month for fasting.
  •     Saravanam and other flowers together to honor Shiva can strengthen your worshipping practice and connection to god Shiva.
  •     Attending celebrations of Shiva at a temple on mondays can deepen your worship of Shiva.

“Shiva Is Internal Love”.

Lord Shiva is responsible for creating all of nature. So it is important to know the Worship method of lord Shiva.