Amazing 10 God Murugan Temples Coimbatore | முருகன் கோயில்கள் in Coimbatore, India

God Murugan Temples in Coimbatore, India

The Lord Murugan who is well known for his beauty and protection. He is also called “TamilGod” and “Kaakkum Kadavul”. We have lot of temples for Lord Muruga in and around Coimbatore. We listed some famous Murugan temples as per popularity…

1. Marudhamalai Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple, Coimbatore

It is a very famous Murugan hill temple in Coimbatore created at the time of 12th century by some Tamil kings during the Sangam period…

It is located 12 km away from the Coimbatore city. This temple hill fully surrounded of terminalia arjuna tree. Tamil name for this tree is “marudha maram” and this temple is located on the hill. So it is named as “marudhamalai”.

Marudha Theertham and kandha Theertham are very famous holy water in this place. we need to cross approximately 750 steps to see lord murugan or else we have another way to reach hill temple there we can use our own vehicle or temple transport available.

Pooja Timing
Viswaroopa Dharsanam (ushakkalam) 5.30 A.M
Kalasandhi Pooja 8.30 A.M
Uchikkalam Pooja 11.30 A.M
Thirukkappiduthal 1.00 P.M to 2.00 P.M
Sayaratchai Pooja 4.30 P.M
Ardha Jama Pooja 7.30 P.M


Temple Location in Google Map:

View Maruthamalai Temple on Google map

Public transport for this murugan temple: 70, 70 A / B                         

2. Rathinagiri Murugan Temple Karattu Medu, Coimbatore

It is located near to Saravanampatty ( Coimbatore to sathy road) . This is well known in the name of “Karattu Medu”. This is one of the famous hill temple in Coimbatore.

It is 500 years old temple. It has 150 steps to reach top of the temple. Lord Swayambu Vinayaka exclusive rock statue placed left side of the temple.

Opening time :      BRASS MURUGAN, Coimbatore                                                

Morning : 6.00 A.M to 2.00 P.M

Evening : 4.00 P.M to 7.30 P.M

In Ancient days Poo parithal (flower picking) festival was famous in this murugan temple on mattu pongal occasion.

Temple Location in Google Map:

View Rathinagiri Temple in Google Map

3. Anuvavi Subramaniyar Temple, Coimbatore

It is one of the Ancient Murgan temple in Coimbatore. It is located in top of the hill in periya thadagam area, Coimbatore. It is located in and around of beautiful greenish mountain with river. It is the best place to worshipping lord murugan and enjoying the aroma of nature.

History of Anuvavi Subramaniyar temple:

It is 500 years oldest temple in Coimbatore . According to the history, While Hanuman passed this mountain with holding Sanjeevi hill on the hand feels so thirsty. Then he prayed to lord muruga for water. So Muruga through his Devine weapon Vel on this place, the beautiful river formed.

So this placed named as Anuvavi. “Hanu” stands for Hanuman and “Vavi” stands for water. Later of days naturally “Hanuvavi” changed to “Anuvavi”.

Anybody wants to get married soon or those face delays in marriage can pray for wedding in this temple, Definitely Lord murugan helps you for goodnews. It is one of the ancient belief in this temple.

It is created to gave water to hanuman by lord muruga. If you want to get married soon, you can pray to this “Anuvavi subramaniyar”, He will blessing you

Sri Anuvavi Anjaneyaer Nandhavanam is located near to this temple. So You can get blessing from anjaneya at the same time.

Opening Time:                                                                                             

Morning : 6.00 A.M to 11.00 P.M

Evening : 5.00 P.M to 8 P.M


Temple Location in Google Map:

View in Google Map

4. Sri Odhimalai Andavar Temple, Coimbatore

It is located in irumbarai village , near to karamadai area, coimbatore. In this temple we can worship five face muruga. This mrugan temple located on the hill. It is one of the famous hill temple in coimbatore. It is shortly known as “Odhimalai”. It has 1770 Steps to reach top of the hill. it is one of the the tallest murugan hill temple. “Sunai theertham” is famous in this murugan temple.

History of Odhimalai Andavar:

One day god Brahma came to meet Lord Shiva. While he saw lord vinayaga and murugan . He wished Vinayaga at the same time ignored lord muruga. So murugan got angry and jailed to lord brahma and asked about “pranava mantra”. Lord Brahma not aware of “pranav mantra”. So Lord murugar took brahma creation job and muruga starts creating of souls . Murugan creates all souls purely. So Poomadevi can’t bear the the weight, so she complained to lord Shiva about this… Lord Shiva advised muruga to release Brahma , then Lord muruga teaches “pranavmantra” to Shiva. In this place Muruga says pranav mantra to shiva, Says stands in tamil language “Odhi” and hill stands in tamil language malai” , So it is named as “odhi malai”.

In this place ” Bohi siddhar” made penance sitting on sand to lord Muruga, Here Sand changed its natural color from brown to white. This White sand issued as “prasatham” in “odhimalai murugan temple”.

Opening Time:

Days: Monday and Friday(11.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M)

Weekly 2 days and Special Days

 Temple Location in Google Map:

View in Google Map

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Maruthamalai Temple Video

5. Sri Kalyana Subramaniya Swamy Temple Kumaran Kundru, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

It is located in Kumaran kundru Place, Mettupalayam – Annur Road, Coimbatore. In this temple Lord Murugan gives blessing to his devotees in the wedding form with his Devi’s “Valli” and “Deivanai”

In this temple people follows “Poo kettal” tradition for Decision making. The Lord Murugan Devotees Before starting any good things , they want to get suggestion from murugan through the event “Poo kettal”. In this “Poo Kettal” , Devotees offered two flowers infront of murugan , after close their eyes and thinks one flower accordingly to their action and picks one flower. if the desire flower came after open the eyes, they will start with full blessing of murugan otherwise they quit that decision .

Here , Chithirai month the rays of sun falls directly to Lord Murugan feet, it is a special in this Murugan temple.

Opening Time:

Morning : 5.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M

Evening : 3.00 P.M to 8 P.M

Temple Location in Google Map:

View in Google Map

6. Senjerimalai Velayutha Swamy Temple, Senjeri Malai, Coimbatore, India

It is located in senjerimalai, Coimbatore. It is one of the hill temple in coimbatore build by karikala chola in 13th century. Then it is renovated by Veera Ballala .

It is well known by the name “senjerimalai”.  In this murugan temple muruga blessing him devotees with 12 hands pose and holding flag and cock in left hand. In this murugan temple, Muruga blessess him devotees in the name of “Manthiragiri Velayathutha Samy”.

Opening Time:

Morning : 6.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M

Evening : 4.30 P.M to 8 P.M


Temple Location in Google Map:

View in Google Map

7. Kuruntha Malai Kuzhandhai Velayutha swamy Temple Kuruntha Malai, Coimbaore India.

It is located in the small village “Kuruntha Malai” near to karamadai. This temple well known in the name of “Kuruntha Malai”. it is 700 years old ancient murugan temple situated by green trees and plants.

It is located 24 km from the Coimbatore city and 4 km from karamadai. In this murugan temple muruga looks like “Palani malai muruga” . This murugan temple maintain and managed by “Hindhu Aranilaya Durai”, Tamil Nadu State government.

We need to cross 108 steps approximately to saw lord muruga.

In the date of March 21th to 23rd , the rays of son falls in muruga feet to chest. it is a special feature in this temple.

History of Kuruntha Malai Murugan Temple Coimbatore, India

In 700 years ago, The lord muruga cames in gangadhara chettiyar dream who is a common man lived in velapalayam, Tirupur district and ask him to construct a temple . So only they build a temple for muruga in this place through silver brick (velli chengal).

During Thai Poosam , Valli Kalyanam performed here. It is a special precious event carried out every year in this murugan temple.God Murugan

 Temple Location in Google Map:

View in Google Map

Opening  time:

Morning : 7.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M

Evening : 4 P.M to 7 P.M

8. Arulmigu Baladhandayuthapani Swamy Temple, Coimbatore, India

It is located near Gandhi Park, Sukrawarpet Road, Coimbatore… It is located hot of the  city. In this murugan temple ,Lord muruga blesses their devotees with Valli and deivanai. It is north facing temple.

Here , pooja carried out three times a day with agama rules… Car festivals and panguni udharam  are important festivals celebrated here.

Pooja Timing :

S.No Pooja Timing
1 Usha kala Pooja 6.00 A.M
2 Kalasandhi Pooja 8.00 A.M
3 Uchikkala Pooja 12.00 P.M
4 Sayaratchai Pooja 5.00 P.M
5 Rahu Kaal Pooja 7.30 P.M
6 Ardhajama Pooja 9.00 P.M

Opening  time:

Morning : 5.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M

Evening : 4.30 P.M to 9 P.M

Temple Location in Google Map:

View in Google Map

9. Sri MuthuMalai Murugan Temple, Coimbatore, India

It is located in muthukavundanur village, kinathu kadavu area , Coimbatore. It is 500 years old ancient murugan temple. It is hill temple which is located in kerala border.

History of Muthu Malai Murugan Temple:

There was two stories associated with this muthumalai murugan temple.


Once upon a time , Lord Muruga travelled in the sky on his vehicle peacock, While one pearl left from his crown and lying in the mountain… While lord Muruga stopped there for getting his pearl. So this place is called “Muthu Malai”, because pearl stands in tamil language “Muthu” , Hill stands for “Malai”.


Once upon a time , Muruga arrived in one young girl dream and said , he was there near ” three karai plant”row in the idol form. She told to everyone, but no one ready to believe that. But Lord muruga again and again come her dream and told same thing. So she searching him near the tree and finally found him. People start believing and put a vel in this place.

Opening  time:

Timing : 6.30 A.M to 7.30 P.M

Temple Location in Google Map:

View in Google Map

10. Sri Velayutha Swamy Temple,Kinathukadavu Coimbatore, India

It is located on the hill named “Kanakagiri” and “Ponmalai” in Kinathu Kadavu area , Coimbatore. It is also known in the name of “ponvelayuthaswamy temple”.

We need to cross 200 steps to see lord muruga and no way for vehicle. In this murugan temple was build 700 years ago by mysore kings. it is easily accessible from main road.

History of this Murugan Temple:

While Muruga was in anger for him parents gave “Gnanapalam” sacred fruit to his brother. He left from all and reached “palani”. During lord muruga’s palani travel, his footprints imprinted at this temple location.

A diwan who is maharaja of mysore had incurable injury in his feet. At the time muruga went to his dream and command to worship him foot prints. Then the Maharaja worshipped murugas foot print and smeared ash which found in that area, suddenly injury was healed. Later he construct this beautiful temple for muruga in kinathukadavu area.

In this murugan temple Lord Velayuthaswamy give blessing to devotees with devi’s Valli and deivanani.

Opening  time:

Morning : 7.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M

Evening : 5 P.M to 7 P.M

Temple Location in Google Map:

View in Google Map

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Famous Festivals :

The below festivals celebrated in all above temples for lord murugan.

  1. Thai Poosam
  2. Panguni Utthiram
  3. Tamil New Year
  4. Vaikasi Visakam
  5. Soora Samharam
  6. Thai Kiruthikai

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