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  • We simply create successful business ecosystems for mutual benefits.
  • We have a successful business model (live) and we are ready to share it with you!
  • You can save a lot of time on research and money on unwanted experiments.
  • We supply all your product needs under one roof.
  • We are well knowledgeable in digital marketing. so we can guide you on how to promote your brass business online.

Why Brass Antique Business?

  • Brass is a Standard Product for selling to Customers.
  • Brass is one of the Assets for the Client. So now people buy brass for Assets and Gift Purposes.
  • Brass is a well-known product in India
  • Brass God Idols is one of the trending products for customers who buy their pooja rooms.
  • Brass Home Decor Items has a lot of collections for customer attraction.
  • Brass is our Traditional Item, So people believe in buying without doubts.
  • Brass is a Good Margin Product. 5 to 10 Sales are enough per day to get a good profit.
  • Very Smart Business,  No Difficulties, No Street Competitors
  • Automation is Possible
  • Scalability is Possible
  • Systematic is Possible
  • Economic or Politically not affected our Business Suddenly

How Much Investment need to Start? (Min)

  • You can Start with 25 Lakhs for StartUp. Then you can increase your investment as per your sales requirements.
  • The first 5 Lakhs amount for Store Advance, Company Registration, Bank Account Opening & Business Setup Fee.
  • Then, 15 Lakhs for Product Purchase.
  • Finally, we spent 5 Lakhs for the Interior and Name Board.

What about Working Capital? (Monthly expenses / Aprox)

Showroom Rent – Rs. 30,000
2 Employees – Rs. 25,000
EB and Petty Cash – Rs. 5000
Marketing – Rs. 10,000

Total Expenses: Rs. 70,000 (Approx) / Per Month

What’s Your Profit Ratio?

Based on Product Investments and the right Marketing.

You  can expect Monthly Sales :
2 Lakhs Sales in first 3 Months.
4 Lakhs Sales in 6 Months.
7 Lakhs Sales in 1 Year
10 Lakhs Sales in 2 Years.

So you can expect to profit and see a return on your investment (ROI) from the 6th month.

Small Investors / Start Up:

For an investment of 25 Lakhs and expected sales of 4 Lakhs per month, you can expect a Net Profit of Rs 70,000 per month (approximately 30% ROI per year).
(Business will grow month on month, and you can expect sales and net profit to increase every 6 months.)

Business Known Investors:

For an investment of 40 Lakhs and expected sales of 6 Lakhs per month, you can expect a Net Profit of Rs 125,000 per month (approximately 35% ROI per year).

VIP Investors:

For an investment of 70 Lakhs and expected sales of 10 Lakhs per month, you can expect a Net Profit of Rs 300,000 per month (approximately 40% ROI per year).

Prime Investors:

For an investment of 1.25 Crores and expected sales of 14 Lakhs per month, you can expect a Net Profit of Rs 400,000 per month (approximately 45% ROI per year).

Business will grow month on month, and you can expect sales and net profit to increase every 6 months.
Further, we will explain One-to-One Consulting, a personalized consulting service that we offer to our clients.

What is Your Minimum Requirements to Start?

  • Minimum 400 Sq.ft Shop with 16 feet front end Face and Good Location near City.
  • 25 Lakhs to 1 Crore. Based on your budget. (A minimum of 25 Lakhs is good for a startup)
  • Company & GST Registration
  • Bank Account in Business Name
  • Official E-commerce Website
  • Inventory, Billing Software
  • Branded Package Materials
  • Business Cards and Brochure
  • Computer, Printer & Mobile Phones
  • 2+ Employees (For Admin, Accountant and Sales)

How Long it will take to Complete the Setup?

60 Days to 90 Days. Based on the Interior Design and Location.

We Provide Complete Solutions for You.

  • We give our retail business strategy for the best result for good profit.
  • We give you complete Business Training
  • We will setup your business A to Z
  • Once you finalize your Business Brand Name, We register GST and Open a Bank Account.
  • We plan and complete interior solutions for your shop requirements. (Optional)
  • We setup and give training billing software for your business.
  • We are a Brass wholesaler, So we deliver and set up all brass products to your business requirements.
  • So you can save your time, avoid damage, and attract clients with our latest collections.
  • Our Research helps for your business up to date.
  • We will design your official E-commerce website for a successful Online Business.
  • We provide digital marketing training for you or your team to attract online customers.

We are NO 1 Brass Idols and Decor Wholesaler, 

  • You Can Buy Brass God Idols, Brass Antique Collections and All Brass Items at Wholesale Price.
  • You can get Regular support from us after Business Setup. See Brass Wholesale Price

Contact for More Details:

Mobile: +91 7397799117
Mobile: +91 9789234719

No 53, First Floor, Apex Enclave,
Kalapatti Main Road, (AirPort Opp)
Kurumbapalayam, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu– 641107, India.

Web : (Our Own Retail / Online Store)

Where can you start this business?

The best cities to start a Brass Business are…

Salem, Chennai, Trichy, Karur, Erode, Bangalore, Palghat, Thrissur, Trivandrum, Kochi, Ooty, Coonoor,
Mysore, Pollachi, Palani, Madurai, Kumbakonam, Tanjore…

Yes, You can start business in your city if a rich audience is living there.

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