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1.The Modern Krishna Brass Art:

✨The beautiful Krishna playing flute Brass Décor Show piece

✨It is suitable for Home, office tables and show cases…

✨Also you can convert your plain tables and spaces more attractive using this beautiful brass décor

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 16 at 1.49.21 PM 1 1

2. Radha Krishna | ராதாகிருஷ்ணன் Brass Show Piece :

“Radhakrishnan” – The word “Radha” is incomplete without Krishna, Likewise Krishna is incomplete without Radha.
Radha fells on love with Krishna for his flute playing and Krishna also fascinated on Radha for her beauty. they loves each other unconditionally and merged one by heart.

VGO HD BS 0525 Front View
Lord Krishna needs to leave from the place Madura to helps people. But Radha knows  very well once he go , then Krishna unable to back there. Though Radha allowed Krishna to go without selfishness. Radha’s love is selfishness and purely unconditional .

For the reasons, we praise them and they are perfect example of true love.





3.  Lord Murugan’s Kanda Sasti Festival 2020:

In 2020 Kanda Sasti festival Starts at November 15, 2020 and it continuous upto November 20, 2020 six days and end of the day “Soorasamharam”.  After 6th day,  the famous event “Thiru Kalyanam” for Lord murugan and his consort Devasena performed in all murugan temples.

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It is very famous festival  in tiruchendur murugan temple.  Many devotees keep fasting for this kanda sasti festival to fulfill their needs from lord muruga. During this fasting murugan devotees sings “kanda sasti kavasam”.







4.  Lord Ayyapan Brass Statue:

He is son of Lord Vishnu and Shiva.  The sabarimala is ancient hill temple for lord ayyapan , it is located in kerala.
He is also called Manikandan , Hariharan.

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Ayyapan:                                      

We can worship lord Ayyapa by 41 days dedicated fasting , 18 steps pooja and chanting ayyapan mantras.

  1. Lord Ayyapan removes all evils and negativity  in our life.WhatsApp Image 2020 11 16 at 5.59.35 PM
  2. He helps purify our mind and body and helps to attain success in our life.
  3. We can increase mental and physical health, self control, self-discipline while worshipping Ayyapan.






5. The Buddha Brass Statue:

“Buddha ” name  Stands for “Enlighntment” .

He is a great leader who teach us  peace and mediation for physical and mental health .

The Words from Buddha:                                  Meditating Brass Buddha Statue with stone work Showpiece 8"

“What you think you become ,

What you feel you attract,

What you imagine you create”.

So choose your goals , and achieve it.





6.  Kala Bhairava Brass Statue:

The god well known for his protection behavior and he is avator of  Lord Shivan created from him third eye.

He born to kill asura “anthaka suran”.  There are eight forms of Bhairava’s.

We can resolve our incurable problems and law and order problems and incurable diseases.

Best day for worshipping him                                                              WhatsApp Image 2020 10 31 at 4.11.25 PM

Theipirai Astami 

For more details:

click here to see more






7. Lord Venkatachalapathy |வெங்கடாசலபதி –  For Money and Success:

He is the one of the avatar of Lord Vishnu .

He is also known in another names “Balaji” , “Srinivasa”, “Venkatramana” .

He fulfills our money needs and helps to get success in our business.

His famous temple located in Tirupati, Andra Pradesh. Most of the devotees took one portion of their business profits and put in this temple Hundi.  So it is considered as a one of the wealthiest temple in India.

VBRS MAR20 1509Mantra for worshipping him:

“Om Niranjanaya Vidmahe Nirabasaya Dimahi Thanno Srinivasah Prasodayath”






8.Andal Brass Statue:

She is the only female alvar in 12 alvars. She is the daughter of periyalvar and her birth name is “Kodhai”.

She is the great poet in tamil and author of the “Thiruppavai” and “Natchiyar Thirumozhi”. It is a precious life time gift for us. Andal is the pure and dedicated devotee of Lord Vishnu. In his books we can feel her devotion and love on the god.                                    VBRS MAR20 1391

Andal is very huge inspiration for us. In Every year , During  Margazhi Viratham ,People  sing “Tiruppavai” to achieve peace , happiness and prosperity.





9. Shirdi Saibaba Brass Statue:

He is one of the great legend who teaches moral code of love , honesty , Forgiveness, Helpful and peace.

He is a common leader for all religions.  Him devotees keep 9 weeks Thursday fasting to fulfill their needs through Saibaba.

Most auspicious day : Thursday

Best Mantra :
Om Shirdi Vaasaaya Vidmahe
Sachidanandaaya Dhimahi
Tanno Sai Prachodayaat


1o.  Divya Kachua (Brass Tortoise)

It is second avatar (Koorma Avatar) of lord Vishnu.

It is one of the precious significant Vastu product in india and china.

We can get long life and wealth through keep this tortoise idol in North or North West direction at home.

You can also keep this tortoise idol in the water, in that process you should ensure tortoise feet is fully immersed in water.WhatsApp Image 2020 11 18 at 1.43.20 PM 2

Some people wrote their wishes in paper and keep in a tortoise idol to fulfill their needs .




11. Lord Ganesha- Knowledge of the universe:

He is the  “Mulu muthar kadavul” (First God) and well known appearance elephant head with human body.

He is son of Lord Shivan and Parvati and brother of  Lord Murugan .

We can get patience , knowledge , wisdom and purify our soul through worshipping Lord Vinayaka.

Best Slogam for worshipping him:            Beautiful Antique Lord Ganesha Brass Statue 7"

Gajananam Bhuta Ganadhi Sevitam
Kapittha Jambu Palasara Bhaksitam
Uma Sutam Shoka Vinasha Karanam
Namami Vignesvara Pada Pankajam




12.  Lord Krishna Brass Statue:

He is well known for his charming and flute music.
His life is much interesting and inspiration to us in every stages,
Starts from mischievous little kid a, great warriors to destroy all evils then romantic hero and philosopher to all people enlightment. Radha Krishna Brass Statue with Flute

He is the great legend and divine teacher who teaches morals of life.

His best preach to this universe 

“Change is the law of universe” – Bhagavath Gita”.





13. Goddess Lakshmi Brass Statue:

Goddess Lakshmi is the well known goddess for wealth, Charming , Success who is wife of Lord Vishnu.

We can fulfill all needs of life through worshipping Ashta Lakshmi’s ( Adi Lakshmi , Dhana Lakshmi , Dhanya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi , Santhana Lakshmi , Veera lakshmi,  Vijaya Lakshmi , Vidhya Lakshmi ).

skucode 1803

14. Brass Uruli – Vastu Add On 

It is one of the traditional significant décor product for our home. Currently it is available in huge designs like flower designs, diya attached , elephants design attached  and god idols attached uruli’s,  it is absolutely gorgeous to our home.

Now a days , it will becomes  a vastu item, Because in a vastu shastra water is considered as wealth. If water flows in uruli represents the wealth flow.

You can  place this uruli infront of god statues in pooja room or living area right side .

Lets add some traditional touch to your home!!!




15. Goddess Durga Devi :

She is the fighting avatar of goddess Parvati. She created  to kill asura “Mahisasura”. She protects us from all evils and negativity.

She possess 8 hands  in each hand holds different weapon which is used to kill asuras and sitting on the tiger.

Durga Pooja is famous festival celebrated in india and Nepal . It is a nine days festival and  the victory of durga is celebrated as “vijayadashami” .

Jai Durga Devi !!!

VBRS JUL20 1612


Brass Kalpavirucham Tree

Brass Kalpavirucham Tree

Manifest whatever you want by this boon bestowing tree.

It is a wish fulfilling divine tree or also the tree of life.

It provides the ability for us to attain all the aspirations in life.

This can be placed for both spiritual and visual magnification.

It attracts positive energy, new opportunities, good luck and improves the will power.


Get rid of any obstacles and impediments in life with this wish fulfilling divine cow of plenty.    Skucode 19191  

This sacred cow is also called surabhi.                                                                                                       

She is the mother of cows and every god resides in her body.

This statue of kamadhenu provides spiritual and material success.

She fulfills all the desires of the owner with health, wealth, happiness and overall growth.




 “Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and wherever there is a predominance of unrighteousness. I incarnate on earth”- Bhagavad Gita 4:7.

The significance of these avatars is to shape the evolution of humans through various centuries.        

The 10 incarnations(avatar) of Lord Vishnu are taken to restore the order of cosmos from theriomorphic (animal forms) to full anthropomorphic forms. 

Matsya(fish), Kurma(tortoise), varaha(boar),Narasimha(half lion and half man),Vamana(dwarf man), Parasurama, Rama, Balarama, Krishna and Kalki.



A group of 8 goddess of Wealth.

These avatars of lakshmi have been taken in order to fulfill all the desires and needs of the human in different phases of life and maintain an equilibrium state of material along with spiritual pleasures.

Adhilakshmi/Maha lakshmi(predominal goddess),Dhanyalakshmi(granary wealth),                             

Veera lakshmi/Dhairya lakshmi(courage,valour),Gajalakshmi(elephant goddess), Santanalakshmi(progeny,continuity),Vidhya lakshmi(knowledge,wisdom),

Vijaya lakshmi(victory), Dhana lakshmi/ Aishwarya lakshmi(prosperity,wealth).



The Hindu god of creation, who created the universe and all the living creatures.

Brahma Brass Statue

Brahma Brass Statue

He is known as the Father of dharma and Vedas.   

One of the supreme among the Trinity gods.

He is the one who keeps an account of our infinite actions, creatures and arranges for their incarnations.

Let’s enhance creativity, grant divine wisdom, knowledge and intellect by worshipping him.



Mariamman- The goddess of rain.(Mari means Mazhai and Amman means Mother).

Goddess Regilious Brass Durga Holding A Pot Statue 9"

Brass Amman Statue

Incarnation of goddess Parvati/Shakthi.                                                                                                     

She is the principal god of all the rural village areas of South Indian Tamil origin.

She is worshipped Kaval deivam and known by locals as Grama Devathas.

We can get out from the hold of evil and be protected by the blessings of her.


The elephant headed deity-son of lord Shiva and Parvati devi.                                      

Bronze Ganesha Statue

Bronze Ganesha Statue

Start any undertaking of a new venture by worshipping lord Ganesha to succeed immensely.                           

He endows us with various attributes and is admired as the remover of obstacles by providing joy and prosperity to life.



The Monkey god, a vanara companion and an ardent devotee of Lord Rama.

He is revered for his immense strength and valour                                                                       

One of the  main roles of Epic Ramayana.                                                                                        

He is a Chiranjeevi(one who lives long life) and son of Vaayu(air)

Let’s energise with courage to lead a trouble free life with his grace on us.                                                       


VISHNU BRASS STATUE:                                                                                                                 

The supreme deity of vaishnavism

 ‘one who is everything and inside everything’                                                                                                        

He is the god of protection who preserves the world and restores dharma,peace and order.

He restored the balance of the place to vanquish evil and destructive forces to provide a safe and secure life.

Liberate from the cycle of birth and death by worshipping him.



The enlightened one/ The awakened one.         

“The mind is everything

What we think, We become”

Attract positivity and repels negativity

Attain inner peace and constant balance in life.

Bow at his lotus feet and imbibe for own betterment and self realisation.



“Life is a music, Play it”

Live with what you love.

Decorate your living space with the love of music.

“As we evolve, our homes should too.”

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love,”

Transform/Treat your home with some traditional touch.

Welcome back to the vintage.

Adorn you walls 



“The triumph of lights over darkness”

light diyas to remove the evil darkness and bring light into your lives


Light the lamp of positivity and walk the miles with courage.

Light the lamp and brighten the path.


The statue of any animal is considered  auspicious and good for the financial health of the family.


Dogs- the Man’s best friend and a loyal companion

These best therapists have fur and four legs.

In Hinduism,a dog is the vehicle of Lord Bhairava.

Childless, death

Vastu tips:

  • Placing a dog statue in the North-west, North,East direction may help to eradicate negative doshas.



Elephant- The nature’s living masterpiece.

These divine creatures are the symbol of  Wisdom and Strength.             

Vastu tips:

  • placing the idol of elephant in south or south-west direction helps for the stability of business
  • Placing a pair of elephants helps in building a bond of relationship between couples.
  • As there is a connection of elephant with raahu, it helps in reducing the ill effects and vastu dosha.



FISHES: calm and cool creatures make us realise the faithful submerged in the waters of life.

In Hinduism, Lord Vishnu’s first avatar is Matsa which means fish.

Vastu tips:

  • Placing the fish in a east or north east direction helps to observe negative energy and produce positive energy and brings happiness in your life.
  • This attracts peace and harmony


“Slow and steady wins the race”                                  

It has the power to balance and harmonize our surroundings and produce results to enhance longevity, peace, harmony and luck in all the endeavours of life.

Lord Vishnu took the form of Koormam(Tortoise), the 2nd form among 10 avatars.

Vasthu tips: 

  • This brass statue should be placed in north or north-west direction inside the water to receive the immense benefits.


Horse- The symbolism of energy which inspires us to keep moving forward in life.

It represents speed, perseverance and success in life and supports your dignity and status in the society.

Vastu tips:

  • Placing the horse idol in the south brings prosperity in house.
  • Push your professional life in a right direction
  • Place a running horse when you are looking for fame and fortune in careers.



Peacock- the symbol of integrity and beauty, which we can achieve when we are up to show our true nature of our colours.

In general it represents royalty,glory, love and luck.                                                                 

Brass Peacock Show Figurine

Brass Peacock Show Figurine

This can fulfill the decor of any place with its elegance.

Vastu tips:

  • When placed in entrance can take away bad omen
  • Placing in North-east direction or south corner and reduce the effects of raahu.



Lion- Being the king of animal world,it stands for royal power and prestige

Lion Brass Statue

Lion Brass Statue

In Hinduism it is the vehicle of goddess Durga and Lord Vishnu Has taken the form of Narashima(lion) one among his dasavatharam.

Vastu tips:

  • Placing it in the north-east direction  facing the outside can protect your entrance from evil eyes and spirits by preserving your prosperity.
  • Place the sculptures of lions at the entrance in order to display the wealth, power,honour and respect to the outside world.                                                 


Tiger- The spirit of jungle

Vehicle of Durga ayyappa tribal protector.

It is the association of strength, courage, determination and independence.

This symbolizes how to embrace the wild curiosity and connect with your inner warrior.

Invoke the protection tiger and will power by placing it



Camel- Which makes us realise the long journey of life in which we recoup our own energy and gain the ability to survive against life’s toughest conditions.

It symbolises endurance, strength, stamina and patience.

Vastu tips:

  • Placing it in north-west direction in house brings positiveness
  • Attract job for promotion,money for financial crisis and become rich
  • It acts as a ladder for success, fast progress, stability and mental relaxation.



Pair of Swans – Pure Spirit

The symbol of love,grace,purity,loyalty and self-sacrifice                                                      Brass Swan Show Piece

Vastu tips:                                       

  • Placing it in south west direction or by north wall helps to develop positivity
  • It creates a strong bonding between the couples

BRASS DEER:                                                     

BrassVastu Fish

BrassVastu Fish

Be a deer and leap the highest

Symbolic of speed and agility

Vastu tips:

  • Fills youthfulness and remove stress vibrations from life
  • Detoxify all our negative thoughts and deep blocked emotions
  • Induce an active life to sluggish dull business environment



Owl- A kind of Magical and transformative energy

It is a symbol of wisdom and prosperity

Vastu tips:

Place at the south east or south corner for good fame and reputation.

Shield us from any evil eyes, misfortunes and reverse or bad vibes provide good luck

Helps in increased wealth circulation.


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