Partners Terms of Use

Purpose of the Affiliate Program
The main purpose of the affiliate program is to reward and provide the ability to VgoCart affiliates to promote VgoCart Services and improve VgoCart Brand awareness via all approved methods by the company.

 Affiliate Benefits

1. Who are all looking for an additional income or searching for work from home people are eligible for this Business.
2. Can promote from any place, not necessary to have an office setup.
3. Start your own business through Vgocart Affiliate program and earn like a Pro.
4. No exact education qualification required for an Affiliate. Risk free Income.
5. New signup affiliates get free registration, no investment for this Business from your end.
6. Get Support from Vgocart team and expose your business dream and earn it without risk and stress.
7. Join as an Affiliate to Promote Vgocart Service and Start Earning Smartly.

 Affiliate Rights and Obligations:

As to work for VgoCart Affiliate program, you all understand and agree to the following terms,

1. The Eligibility Checking period of an Affiliate will be three months from the signup date.
2. You are obligated for verification process while signup Affiliate program. Proper process will be undertaken by management of Vgocart.
3. You are obligated to act to the best of your abilities to refer customers in a good standing to Vgocart.
4. You are obligated to promote via proper organic and nature activities.
5. All Marketing material will be provided from Vgocart like Banners, links, Brochure, Catalogue, etc.
6. Advertisement Banners, Links should be placed in websites, third party accounts.
7. If need any new promotions to be executed, get prior approval from Vgocart team management and then process it.
8. You are not allowed for manipulate in business and getting spam leads.
9. You are not allowed to take Bulk Visitors through Robotic methods.
10. Do not misguide customers, like promoting fake attractive offers apart from real company offers.
11. You can check all the referral details, commission amount from your end in your wallet account.
12. The Cookie duration is 90 days from the first click of your own referral. If exceeds the given duration the commission is not applicable for that particular customer.
13. An Affiliate must have Bank Account, Basic knowledge in computer are mandatory.
14. If any of the terms are not followed properly or creating fraudness in business immediately your affiliate account will be terminated by Vgocart.

 Payment Terms
1. Click of single Visitor to website – Earn Rs.1
2. On single Signup – Earn Rs.50
3. On Single Sale – Earn 10% commission of each product sold price
4. Repeated Customer – Earn 10% commission of each product sold price
5. Affiliate purchase – Earn 10% commission of each product you purchase it.
6. Affiliate Sign up – Rs.500
7. Affiliate payment will be released and revised in 2nd week of every month.


( Note – Affiliate quality will be verified, should be a blogger with minimum 50 pages posted, or should have proper website, or should have more Referral circle ,website bounce rate will be calculated before the payment)