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Murugan Vel

Murugan Vel:

Murugan Vel is a divine javelin that is associated with Lord Murugan, Murugan is a God of war and Tami God he is also referred as Vel Murugan in Hinduism. Spears were usually used by ancient Tamils in war so it is commonly mentioned like this name. “Vetrivel”, “Veeravel” these courageous slogans were used by Tamil kings and soldiers in a battle field. Then they get courage against their opponent.  

Brass Murugan Vel

Vel in Hindu Religion:

  •   Hindu religious goddess Parvathi presented the Vel to his son Murugan as a symbol of her power for the purpose of destroying the evil asura Soorapadman. Murugan used Vel to defeat the asura.
  •   Vel is an embodiment of divinity and knowledge. To worship this divine vel in all the functions it is dedicated to Lord Murugan.

Brass Vel:

   “When You Think You Won The Fate

Itself is your fate”.

   -Muruga Vel

Vel is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. It gives wisdom, with that wisdom we can destroy the darkness in our life. Brass Murugan Vel is the main divine part of Murugan.