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How to Keep God Idols In Pooja Room, Keep Idols for Good Luck

 Pooja room is the most peaceful place in the house. We feel more good vibes when we place god idols and images according to vastu. It will make it more divine and beautiful.

 It is the integral part of the house.

Vastu Direction For Pooja Room:

  •      Building a house is not a simple matter, especiallyHow to Keep God Idols In Pooja Room, Keep Idols for Good Luck in building a pooja room. It should face either west to east or east to west. The whole  room should be built in the northeast corner of the house.
  •      Another important thing is that the room shouldn’t lie above or below the bathroom, and also it shouldn’t be in the bedroom and under the stairs.
  •      The room altar should be made of sandal wood or teak wood. And the religious book should keep in the west or south direction.


Vastu Regulation to Keep Idols:

  •      Vishnu, Indra, Brahma, Mahesh these are the god idols placed in the east and facing west to increase their power and positivity in the house.
  •      Lord Hanuman statue should be placed in the north-east, south-west because southeast is Agni’s direction.
  •     To place Radha Krishna idols in the northeast directions, it is safe to keep in this direction.

  Praying gives us peace and strength. It’s also necessary for the mental and spiritual mindPray to god without any anxiety, god thing will happen!