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How to do Pradosa Vrata and Worship 2023

Pradosa Worshiping and Vrata:

  • Pradosam is the day for fasting, it’s an auspicious day for Hindu god Shiva. The fasting and vow performed during the period is called “Pradosh vrata“.


  • On pradosha day one should do a head bath in the morning and do pooja at home or People usually go to temples and worship gods for a healthy life.


  • People do fasting on this day. During puja one should be chanting OM NAMO NEELAKANTA for Shiva.


How to do Pradosa Vrata and Worship

  • In the evening, they should do a head bath again and do abhishekam for Lord Shiva. Pradosha time is from 4.30 to 6 in the evening.


  • While worshipping Lord Shiva statue or photo frame you can use Bilva leaves. It is considered as highly auspicious.


  • We can do Naivedyam to god.


Benefits of Doing Pradosam:

Pradosam vrat is a full benefit for those who pray for long life, peace, and good fortune. Pradosam vratham will give full benefits to those who believe in god and doing fasting. And sins will get rid of their life. and also from suffering and worries. This vrat helps fulfill one’s deepest desires.