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House Warming Ceremony- Griha Pravesh Gifts and Siginificance Of Pooja

வீட்டு கிரஹப்பிரவேசம்

Girha Pravesham- House Warming Gifts

house warming ceremony function

Table Of Contents

  1. The Significance of House-warming (Girha Pravesh)
  2. Why Should We Do Girha Pravesha Pooja at Home?
  3. What Is Essential For House Warming Ceremony and Ideas For Girha Pravesh:
  4. New House Warming Ceremony Gifts:
  5. Home Warming Ceremony Invitation Method and Tips For Griha Pravesh Pooja
  6. House Warming Ceremony Decoration Ideas and Pooja Tips:
  7. House Warming Decoration Images:
  8. Griha Pravesh Pooja Do’s?
  9. Graha Pravesh Pooja Don’ts?
  10. Which Pooja is good for house warming ceremony?
  11. Puja Tips For House Warming Ceremony:
  12. Home Decoration For New House:
  13. Decorating Items For Girha Pravesh and Pooja:
  14. Best Gifts For Housewarming Ceremony, Girha Pravesh Online:

The Significance of House-warming (Girha Pravesh):

    House warming ceremony or Girha Pravesh means it is a festival for a new home when we are going to enter a new house for the first time. Traditionally Everyone celebrates Girha Pravesh during they build a new house and invite their 

  • Family
  • Friends 
  • Co-league
  • Relatives

   Pooja is necessary for all new home this will vanish all the negative vibrations and brings positive thought to the entire environment.

Why Should We Do Girha Pravesha Pooja at Home?

Stepping into a new house after the building is an important ritual in India. This is considered a new beginning in life. Normally this Girha Pravesh is performed on an auspicious day and time.

  •  If we do this auspicious day this will brings good fortune and prosperity to your home.
  • This pooja includes all five elements of sun, earth, water, fire, and wind and this will make alignment of the house.
  •  This will protect the house from evil.
  •  Mango leaves and Pooja will purify the air and our soul spiritually.

What Is Essential For House Warming Ceremony and Ideas For Girha Pravesh:

  •    When entering a new home we always prefer pooja this is the main function.  
  •    We invite our friends and family to this function and get blessings from our grandfathers and mothers. 
  •    While preparing pooja we need some pooja items like 
  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Turmeric
  • Incense Sticks
  • Milk
  • Coconut
  • Rice
  • Oil
  • Ghee
  • Vessel
  • Curd

New House Warming Ceremony Gifts:

  1.      House Warming is essential for all new build houses.
  2.      We can cherish them with new gifts and heartful blessings. There are lots of housewarming unique gifts with collectible collections. 
  3.      We can present them with positive thoughts.

1) Return Gifts, 2) Furniture  3) Utensils, 4) Jewellery, 5) Cards, 6) Flowers, 7) Personalized Gifts, 8) Paintings, 9) Wall Hangings, 10) Traditional Attire, 11) Modern Gifts, 12) Lamp, 13) Coffee Mugs, 14) Diyas, 15) Statues, 16) Home Decors, 17) Pets, 18) Flower Wash,  19) Photo Frame, 20) Candles, 21) Chocolates, 22) Oven, 23) Home Appliance, 24) Showpiece Collections, 25) Entrance Decorating Items, 26)  Buddha Idol,   27) God Statues, 28) Mirror, 29) Statues, 30) Home Decors, 31) Pets, 32) Flower Wash, 33) Photo Frame, 34) Candles, 35) Chocolates, 36) Oven, 37) Home Appliance, 38) Showpiece, 39) Collections, 40) Entrance Decorating Items, 41) Buddha Idol, 42)  God Statues, 43) Mirror 44) Wall Hanging

House Warming Ceremony

Home Warming Ceremony Invitation Method and Tips For Griha Pravesh Pooja 

Now, we have a huge method for inviting our friends and family to the functions that we are going to celebrate.

  • We can invite them with the invitation,
  • Long-distance relations through messages and calls,
  • We can go to their places to invite them, 
  • Invite on WhatsApp,

In the olden days and now also people used to invite their friends and family only to visit their places and invite them for their functions. 

The invitation should be specified about all details of the functions. 

There is a lot of methods and design for invitation two most invitation is, 

  • Friends
  • Family

House Warming Ceremony Decoration Ideas and Pooja Tips:

House Warming Decoration Images:house warming ceremony 1      There are a lot of different ideas we can see here to decorate our home in a simple and special way.

1) Traditional flower decoration.

2) Decor with idols and wall hanging.

3) Lamp decoration.

4) Placing pooja and Vastu idols at the entrance.

5) Decorate with cotton designer clothes.

6) Welcome with shining lights.

7) Decorate with photography.

8) Beautiful Furniture decorations.

9) Door and window panels are decorated with flowers.

     We can decorate our home fully with flowers and lights for more attraction. The above methods are likable by every person who is throwing a party and house ceremony. We can decorate our home with flowers and deepam.

Invite with a welcome message and smile.

Griha Pravesh Pooja Do’s?

  • On a good murtham day we should celebrate girha Pravesh.
  • In house warming ceremony we do a lot of things so we should know the do’s and don’ts of Graha Pravesh.
  • During Girha Pravesh Pooja breaking coconut is a must. We should do this before entering into the new house.
  • The next important one is the whole family and friends putting the right foot on the first step of the house, this will increase prosperity and health.
  • Decorate the house with new flowers and mango leaves.
  • Keep the idols of Gods/Goddess facing the east direction of the new house.

Graha Pravesh Pooja Don’ts?

  • Make sure pregnant women are not to perform girha Pravesh pooja.
  • Avoid moving furniture before doing Girha Pravesh.
  • Do not wear black colored clothes for the housewarming.
  • Don’t close the door after Girha Pravesh.
  • Gives gifts or something to relatives don’t let them go empty hands.

Which Pooja is good for house warming ceremony?

Girha Pravesh is an important ritual in Hindu tradition when we are moving into a new home with our family.
In Hindu tradition, we are using lots of pooja items while entering a new home. And follow a lot of puja methods. In order to get a blessing from the god the owner of the house does multiple pooja and rituals. This includes Pooja Kalash pooja, Gomatha Puja, and Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi Puja.

Normal Kalasa Puja:

Kalash pooja includes holy water, this pooja is performed on the first day of building a new house.

Gomatha (Cow) Puja:

Gomatha is very auspicious, this is also called a kamadhenu cow. We invite this Gomatha cow to our new house on gruhapravesam pooja to protect the house and prevent evil forces.

God Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswathi Pooja:

We should get blessings from all gods and goddesses during the housewarming ceremony. They will bless us with wealth and health in life. And they also remove obstacles and evil from the home.

Puja Tips For House Warming Ceremony:

    On Griha Pravesh puja is very special and important. We can use most of the auspicious things for puja and attract divine protection. 

    We can celebrate puja with flowers, rose water, rice, Coconut, Ma leaf, Turmeric, and Oil at the Home ceremony we can’t close the house the entire day. We can decorate our entrance with flowers.

    Before pooja, we need to keep important things to be ready for the pooja. 

    The first step of girha Pravesh is doing pooja in a pooja room with idols and lamps. Complete Griha Pravesh puja thali with Shankh, incense sticks, turmeric, Kalash, sweets, and flowers. 

    We do worship both Ganesha and Lakshmi idols at the same time. This idol pooja has to be done before moving into a new home, followed by Ganesh puja, Vastu Dosh puja, and Navgraha Shanti puja as it purifies the energy and fills the house with positive vibes.

    We give sweets, fruits, and flowers to our family and friends who came to our home function.

Home Decoration For New House:

     Interior and exterior designs are recommendable for all new house builders. We can decorate our home with all types of home decorating things. 

There are huge ideas that we can use when we are planning to build a new home. 

  • Wall Designs
  • Living Room Designs
  • Pooja Room Decoration
  • Bed Collectible Designs
  • Lighting Designs
  • Flower Designs
  • Exterior Designs Decoration
  • Cotton Cloth Design…

    You can decorate your home with your budget and make it more beautiful.

     Nowadays interior designers are helping to build an artistic houses in India and countries. After building the new house they suggest the best things to decorate our home. From the doorstep to the kitchen they doing and giving their best. 

     House building is a dream come a moment for all the people out there. 

  •      Small House Decorations
  •      Big Home Decor

Decorating Items For Girha Pravesh and Pooja: 

  • Paintings
  • House Mats
  • Lamps
  • Glowing Tree
  • Coffee Table
  • Flower Wash
  • Handmade wall hanging
  • Wooden Wall Hangings
  • Sofa
  • Decorative Chairs
  • Wooden Cupboard
  • Glass Items
  • Trending Jula
  • Idols
  • Buddha Statues

 Through beautiful decoration, we can make our home more unique from others. And the most important thing is, we can do all these things within our budget.

Best Gifts For Housewarming Ceremony, Girha Pravesh Online:

House Warming Ceremony is special for every new build house. We can surprise the housewarming ceremony family with our unique gifts. 

Returns Gifts For House Warming Functions:

There are separate types of gifts that we can use as a present. 

For Indian Families: 

Sarees, Kurtas, Pickles, Traditional attire, Home Appliances, Indian Paintings, Colorful artworks, God statues, Lights, money plants, pets, 

Traditional Gifts:

Statues, Hindu god and goddess gifts, Indian paintings, thoughtful and useful gifts. 

Modern Gifts:

photos, artwork, blankets, cards, wall hangings, lighting lamps, pets, wine racks, kitchen appliances, planters, 

House-Warming Gifts For Kids:

Chocolates, Cakes, Flowers, Pets, Sweets, Toys, dresses, Plants, Indoor gaming toys, spoons, cards, alls, photos, artwork, blankets.

House-Warming Gifts For Couples:

Rings, Perfumes, Chocolates, Wine, Roses, Flowers, Personalised gifts, Designer cakes, Photo frames, Cars, Couples tea cups, pillows, sweets, and customized gifts.

Housewarming Gifts For Friends:

God Idols, Lamps, Clock, Wall Hangings, Indoor Plants, Mugs with names or photos, Personalised gifts, Cake, Flower, Chocolate, Books, Name Plate, Gaming pads, LED lights, photo frames, and candles.