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ராஜமாதங்கி Rajamatangi, Brass Rajamathangi Idol, Temples

Rajamatangi – ராஜயோகம் தரும் தேவி ராஜமாதங்கி 

She is the only goddess worshipped for Wealth and Knowledge.  She is the feature of “Kalai Magal”, “Malai Magal” and “Alai Magal”.  She is also called “Angle of  Art” . She is well known for his beauty , majesty and smartness.  Rajamatangi is one of  the ten mahavidhya’s and avatar of goddess devi.

Birth History Of Goddess Rajamatangi:

The Saint “Mathanga Muni” who is a dedicated devotee of Lord Brahma.  One day, Saint Mathanga muni mediate to Lord Shiva at  the place of “Thiruvenkadu”, While Lord Shiva came and blessed Mathanga muni.  Mathanga muni wishes to get goddess Parvati to his daughter also he wants his Son-In-Law as Lord Shivan.  Then Lord Shiva blessed to mathanga muni and gave all wishes to him for dedicated worshiping.

Goddess Parvati unable to come as a daughter to mathanga muni. So she took a new avatar and come in the name of “Rajamatangi”. Mathanga muni takes care of his daughter very well. When she reaches age 7, Mathanga Muni wants to arrange a marriage for his daughter with Lord Shivan. During Tamil Month of “Chithirai”  in the day of sabthami the Lord Shiva comes in the form of  “Mathangeswara” with devi’s and married to Rajamatangi. It is recorded in the “Thiruvenkadu Thalapuraanam”.

Benefits of Worshipping Rajamatangi:

  1. She is one of the ten mahavidhya’s and  aggressive and powerful goddess , So we can achieve success in Politics , Art related business , Teaching through worshipping her.
  2. We can get Wisdom and Knowledge in our life and get mastery in knowledge and skill through worshipping her.

Temples For Rajamatangi:                                       



  1. Matangi Mata Temple , Belgaum , Karnataka

               view temple location in google map

      2. Matangi Temple , Madanapalle , Andhra Pradesh

             view temple location in google map

     3. Raja Matangi Temple , ThiruNangur, Nagapattinam

            view temple location in google map

     4.  Matangi Darshan ,Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh 

           view temple location in google map

     5.  Shri Rajamatangi amman ashramam , Kannankuruchi, Salem

           view temple location in google map


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