Famous Places in Kalapatti, Coimbatore

 Famous Places in Kalapatti, Coimbatore:

  Kalapatti is a neighborhood of Coimbatore city in Tamil Nadu, India. There are many Famous Places in Kalapatti,

  • IT Companies,
  • Hospitals,
  • Malls,
  • Colleges,
  • Temples,
  • International Airport, that are surrounded by kalapatti.


Companies and Organizations:

  Near Kalapatti there are developed Companies like KGISL, Cognizant, Tidel Park, iTech software, Ardhas Technology. These are the top software companies in saravanampatti ,coimbatore. Companies are located in Saravanampatti. Kalapatti and Saravanamptti are famous places for colleges and IT and manufacturing companies. 

Colleges and Institutions:

  Saravanampatti near kalapatti is center for all the top grade colleges like

  • Kumaraguru arts and science,
  • Kongunadu arts and science,
  • SNS arts and science and institute,
  • KV Institute of management,
  • KGisl technology and arts and science,
  • Sankara Educational institutional and polytechnic,
  • CMS arts and science,
  • NGP colleges,
  • Ppg Institute and other top government,
  • private colleges are located near kalapatti. 




Famous Places in Kalapatti, Coimbatore

There are the most famous ideal schools such as The

  • Ngp school,
  • KV schools,
  • Indian Public school,
  • Vimal Jyothi schools,
  • Periyanayaki amman Matriculation school,
  • Ruby matric higher secondary school,
  • Guru saran public school.


Hospitals and Clinics:


Famous Places in Kalapatti, Coimbatore

  In coimbatore near kalapatti there are numerous multi speciality hospitals like,

  1. KMCH,
  2. Karuna Women’s Clinic,
  3. Kg wellness center,
  4. Vimal Jyothi Hospital,
  5. Sri Balaji medicals,
  6. Jeyam,
  7. Child clinic,
  8. Pranav Clinic,
  9. Kg eye hospital,
  10. Kumaran medical hospital,
  11. Sathya medical center, 
  12. Kovai medical center,
  13. Government hospital,
  14. KGM hospital,
  15. Lotus eye hospital,
  16. Sankara eye hospital,
  17. Aravind hospital,
  18. NM hospital these are the health center that are located near kalapatti.


International Airport:  

Kalapatti has not only improved the health and educational industry, it’s also famous in the Airport. Yes! the International airport that is located in Kalapatti main road side.



Famous Places in Kalapatti, Coimbatore

  • Adiyogi Yoga center,
  • Ratnagiri Murugan temple,
  • Kalapatti Mariamman temple,
  • Periyanayaki Amman temple,
  • Sri Bhagavathi Amman temple,
  • Shri Kariyakaliamman,
  • Sri Gopalakrishnan temple,
  • Vinayagar Kovil,
  • Siddhi Vinayagar kovil.


Mall or Shopping Center:

  Prozone mall is one of the largest horizontally designed shopping malls in India. This is the fast-growing neighborhood mall in Kalapatti, Saravanampatti road.