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Brass Prodhosa Diya Idol- 4″

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Brass Leaf Plate Diya

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Brass Gajalakshmi vilakku 9″

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Brass diya with dancing Ganesha- 9″

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Brass Five Face Annam Diya | Pure Brass Five Fcae Annam Kuthuvilakku 8”

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Pure Brass Kuthuvilakku 8.5″

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Brass Single Face Diya With Lotus Base 3”

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Brass Lotus Agal Diya- 2.2″

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Brass Ganesha Lakshmi Diya – 7.2″

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Buy Diya Online In India 

Diya is more essential in the Hindu religion because it signifies purity, Goodness, good luck, power, and prosperity. The presence of light is the non-existence of darkness and evil forces. The light of Diya produces magnetic changes in the atmosphere and represents holiness during festivals. Mostly, in all Hindu people home, Office, business location Diya’s are lightened, due to their more profound significance. Buy Diya Online In India to enlighten your beautiful places with beautiful handcrafted Diyas. Do you know many unknown factors, significance about Brass Diya, lighting Diya importance, benefits, Diya for Vastu Shastra and many more? Will discuss more in detail in upcoming chapters, Stay tuned!

 Importance of Diya Lamp in Indian Culture

In our Indian culture, lighting a Diya Lamp denotes banish away the darkness. Also, another word called ‘Jyoti’ in Indian languages. In the Hindu religion, we all pray to God & Goddess by lighting a Diya Lamp. It’s significantly believed that we all richly rewarded with tremendous prosperity, happiness and fortune. Women always advised to light a Diya Lamp and pray for the welfare of their whole family. In reality, said that Goddess Rajarajeshwari resides in the Diya Lamp. She represents in the combined form of Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Lighting the Deepalakshmi with vermillion, flowers on every day ( especially Friday) gives you more benefits which cannot describe in words.

Diya Lamp which has five faces denotes five unique qualities. Women need to have these qualities like

  • Affection
  • Intelligence
  • Resoluteness
  • Patience
  • Caution

When you light a lamp, all these five qualities of the woman gets prominence. 

While you light a lamp, you light your soul. It helps us in developing our intellect. All these mentioned are in developing our intelligence.

 Guidelines while lighting Lamp are

  1. Rotate the lamp in the form of’ from the foot till the head at least thrice during puja.
  2. Light the lamp with Oil/ Ghee or mixture with both.
  3. Smear Diya Lamp with vermillion and sandal powder.
  4. Offer flowers to Diya Lamp.
  5. Lamp on every Friday in front of Goddess-like Amman, Durga Devi, Lakshmi.
  6. Lighting lamps in front of your home during the month of Karthigai is very powerful and auspicious.

 Diya Lamp is always a good omen. Buy Diya for Gift; it’s one of the auspicious gifts for your beloved ones on festivals and special occasions like weddings, anniversary, new house warming, etc. If someone gifts you diya lamps consider being an auspicious gift in your life.

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 Brass is an alloy material of compounding Copper and Zinc. India is famous for its architecture and culture. Many talented artisans located in India years ago. Craftsman design traditional Brass Diya’s with superfine characteristics very uniquely. Traditionally designed Brass Diya Lamp are manufactured, exported and seller at one place at exclusive factory price. Buy Diya Online In India at exclusive factory price, unique collections, real handcrafted Diya Lamps at No.1 Trusted Online Seller Store VgoCart. Attractive Brass Diya for Puja, Gift and Home Decors with extensive collections. Buy Diya Online In India at Vgocart and get unlimited offers, great deals for all your purchase. Diya Online Shoppingat Vgocart is much easier now. Shop Now.

 Significance of Brass Diya for Vastu Purpose

 According to Hindu religion, lighting Diya for worship purifies the environment and induces positive energy in the ambience. Diya is a symbol of light in darkness before any holy function. The Diya has a special place in Hindu Dharma. Lighting Brass Diya is an essential part of all puja rituals in Hindu religion. Placing Brass Diya in the home, according to vastu brings calmness, happiness, prosperity and removes all negative vibes according to mythology. Lighting Diya is an essential part of every home.

Diya for Puja Purpose 

According to Vastu Brass Diya should be placed in east or west direction in your puja room or other places. As the God facing is in the east or west direction, so that should place Diya in that direction. Hugely suggested that the number of flames in the diya lamp should be 1 or 3 or 5 or 7 etc. (odd number series). For daily puja, use can buy Peacock Brass Diya in regular size or small size. For any holy functions or festivals, Buy Lord Ganesh Brass Diya will be auspicious. Buy Diya for Home for decorating your home with Hanging Brass Diya which adds more beauty.

Diya for Home Décor 

According to vastu, keeping Brass Diya for Home décor purpose brings positive vibes and prosperity to your home. Place in the living room, or near the water pot. Brass Wall Hanging Diya can be placed in the bedroom or at staircase location. Buy Diya Online In India, and light diya with ghee morning and evening times is the symbol of inviting good health, happiness, good energy and wealth. 

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  • Elephant Diya Set
  • Brass Karthikai Diya
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  • Lakshmi Diya
  • Brass Leaf Diya
  • Brass Kuthu Vilaku set with Ganesh, peacock and Parrot

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 Shop Diya Lamp Online for Festivals

 In all Hindu festivals, Diya Lamp lightened during morning and evening in puja. Lighting Diya during festivals represents wisdom, the removal of greed, jealousy, hatred, the dirt of human nature. Diya also symbolized as Knowledge. Decorating Diya Lamps while festivals bring wealth and prosperity, especially on Diwali as the festivals celebrated for the victory of Goodness. Diya encourages us to choose the safe road in your life, that leads to the serenity of mind and soul. Buy Diya Online In Indiadecorated, handcrafted peacock brass diya, parrot diya, Ganesh diya, Brass kuthu vilaku and many more at lowest price with door delivery at free shipping.

 Decorative Brass Diya Lamps for Gift

Diyas are the hallmark of traditional legacy. All diyas have uniqueness and are loved by millions of people for lighting it at home, to gift for loved ones. Buy Dazzling Brass Diya at Vgocart at an affordable price for gift purpose. View magnificent collections in site and shop by the easy and secure way. Ordered products will deliver at your doorstep with free of cost. Gift your loved ones Dazzling Brass Diya Lamp for festivals, birthday, wedding, anniversary, new ventures, new house warming, corporate gifts, business gifts etc. Your ordered diyas will be gift packed safely from vgocart indirect shopping or online shopping process. Buy Diya Online In India for beautiful occasion gifts.

 Summing Up  

Diya a Traditional symbol of Hindu mythology. Significance and importance of Diya Lamps elaborated for all viewers. Know the importance of lighting Diya in your home, office and gifting purpose. Buy Diya Online In India to get all traditional blessings for your home through Diya. Lighten Diya at your home, office daily and get all Goodness of God. Buy Decorative Brass Diya at online shopping site with many best deals.

 ‘Let your life be brightening more with lighting Diya Lamp.’