How to Use - Brass and Copper

Brass Properities , Composition, Benefits, It Types

What is Brass?

Brass was introduced around 500 BC. It is a gold coloured metal alloy of copper and zinc, where the ratio and proportion of the content may vary according to the usage of brass. The brass is comprised of 70% copper and 30% zinc. It is the oldest metal alloy which has gained historical importance till date.

It is used since pre historic period and also known as pithal in India. Brass has got a blend of tradition and culture where its usage takes place in various auspicious occasions 


Brass Properties, Benefits, It ty[es


Advantages of Using Brass:

  • It has got a great look, colour and texture.
  • This may not corrode easily compared to other metals.
  • This will not degrade soon in sunlight
  • Even in high temperature this brass will not get softened
  • It is the best and excellent quality for machineries.


Health benefits of using Brass Utensils:


Brass is considered as the best metal for cooking as it contains the ancient health secrets, healings, solution and cures for various health disorders.

  • Produces Melanin for healthy hair and skin and protects from harmful uv rays
  • Drinking water from brass vessels increases Strength and immunity 
  • Eating food from brass utensils helps to Prevents abdominal infections
  • Foods cooked in brass utensils add unique flavour and taste to the food.
  • The zinc content present in brass vessels helps to purify blood.
  • Helps to Sharpen memory of brain
  • Prevents worm diseases and promotes weight loss
  • It Cures respiratory diseases cough asthma
  • Helps to keep the body cool and prevents infections 
  • Consuming from brass vessels reduce burning sensation and aggression in body
  • This helps to Increase a good skin condition
  • Hemoglobin level will be increased due to this.
  • Copper rich food will raise and boost the collagen level
  • This helps to Detoxify body
  • Increasing the metabolic rate of the human body is also its main advantage.


Things made out of Brass:

Brass is utilised for manufacturing and producing various products which we use in our daily life. The propositions and usages may vary from place and its purpose.Some of the things made out of brass are as follows 

  • Musical Instruments
  • Idols and Statues
  • Vehicle radiators
  • Handles and Railings
  • Ammunition castings
  • Marine Hardware
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Architectural works 
  • Decorative items
  • Mechanical things
  • Technical instruments
  • Electronic components
  • Cooking Vessels, utensils
  • Jewelleries, Accessories


Classification of brass:

In general the brass is classified into three broad categories which differ in its content ratio and proportions.

Alpha Brass:

The Alpha brass contains zinc in 35% and contains 65% of copper. This is considered as the high quality brass which will be easy to bend, roll and work with. It has also got more corrosion resistance.

Alpha Beta Brass:

The brass which contains more zinc of about 35%-45% percent which is almost 55%-65% of copper. It is similar to pure brass Aluminium in which silicon,tin are added in addition. This is less flexible than the alpha brass. 

Beta Brass:

This type of brass contains the combo of 45%-50% percent zinc with 50%-55% of copper and it’s too hard to work with in making things out of it.

~Besides these three main categories the other categories include gamma brass and white brass. 

Other materials used in Brass:

In addition, materials like tin, arsenic, silicon, manganese, phosphorus may be used in a very small amount in the making of Brass.

Basic properties of brass:


Brass contains the ability to withstand  for a long period of time holding a strong durability. As both copper and zinc is a metal with no iron content it has got a great durability. Though it’s bright and shiny appearance fades away(can be polished again), that in no way will affect its durability and usage. 

Antibacterial/Germicidal properties:

As the molecules present in copper have the power to kill the harmful bacteria and microbes, using them in things of our routine life will help to protect through its antibacterial properties.

Beauty to home, Aesthetics, Decorative:

Besides other bronze and copper things, brass has got a little more attractiveness because of its golden color shade, it is mostly chosen for aesthetic purposes. Because of the durability of brass it is highly purchased for decorative purposes and uses. Various kinds and types of finish can be brought out of it such a bright finish, antique finish, matte finish, brushed etc.

-Color:–  Brass is of bright golden color in appearance and may vary depending on the amount of other metals mixed with it.

-Malleability:-  It has the malleability which can be Shaped or extended and easily to work with, where coldwork can also be applied to it. (plates, sheets)

-High Conductivity:-  Brass is a good conductor of heat and electricity which transfers high electricity voltage without getting overheated.

-Corrosion resistance:-   Brass has got the high power of corrosion resistance. Though it gets into contact with regular moistures and salt water, it can withstand from getting oxidation.

-Fatigue resistance:-  Continuous or a lot of usage, may lead to weakness in metals. unlike other metals brass is resistant and highly tolerated towards the fatigue. Aesthetic appeal 

-Acoustics:- The brass is mostly used in musical instrument and making bells as it creates sound sharper with smooth tone than the other metals which last for a bit longer

~In manufacturing process brass have got good Machinability, Tensile strength, workability and natural elegance

~Brass is also eco friendly and Recyclable, hence making sure about the environmental welfare.

Maintenance of Brass:

According to the maintenance of brass, its quality and life time can be extended for a long period of time. Here are some basic steps in maintenance of Brass.

  • First wash the surface of brass with soap and water to make it free of dust in every nook and corner
  • Rinse and wipe it with clean cloth and pat dry completely.
  • Once it is done make a coat of lacquer over it to preserve its shine and brand new look.


Cleaning of Brass:

Brass Properties, Benefits, and It types

The various things used in the cleaning of brass are as follows.

  • Using quality brass cleaners 
  • Cleaning with Pitambari powder is followed from traditional way
  • Making use of Ketchup, Vinegar with salt and flour 
  • Mixture of lemon and salt or baking soda.


Types of Brass:



There are a total of about 60 types of brass available with various content, mixtures and properties in them.

Copper zinc, leaded brass, tin brass. 

Admiralty brass:

This brass actually contains 30% zinc and is extremely corrosion resistant. Only a minimum amount of tin is added to it which helps in increasing its resistance. Things like tubes for coolers, evaporators, surface plates are manufactured out of it.

Aluminum brass:

The aluminum brass contains 77% copper, 20 % zinc and 2% aluminum which is also corrosion resistant. Things like Heat exchangers, condensers are made out of it.

Cartridge brass:

Cartridge brass is Mainly utilized to manufacture ammunition cartridges which contains 70% copper and 30% zinc, that lies under alpha brass classification

High brass:

This type of brass contains high tensile strength which has the combination of 65% copper and 35% zinc that is used to make bolt,screws and rivets etc.

Gilding brass:

The gilding brass is the Softest brass of all types which carries 95% copper and 5% zinc and it looks like a reddish colour similar to the appearance of pure copper.

Leaded brass:

This type of brass as the name itself implies is the content in which lead is added to brass. It is mostly used by the Electronic and industrial manufacturers.

Naval brass:

Naval brass is a brass which is 10 times more corrosive resistant and also stays long in salt water. Hence it is more suitable and applicable to make the Marine application.

Value of brass in Future :

Brass being the next popular metal of recent times next to gold,silver,platinum etc, will be holding a high demand and value in future period of time. It is considered as an aspect of investment in metal which is worth a higher value in the future than now.

The ancient metals are rarely used. In recent years, the worth of brass has been getting noticed world wide. Hence the amazing benefits of brass will help to make every one start using them in their daily life. 

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