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Brass Kubera And Lakshmi Kubera Statues


Brass Kubera and lakshmi kubera statuesLord Kubera:

  • Kubera, also known as Kuvera, Kuber or Kuberan, is the god of wealth. Yakshas in Hindu culture
  • He is the productor of the world. He is recognized outside of India. He is also famous in Buddhism. 

Lakshmi Kubera:

‘Ku’ means ‘earth’ and ‘vira’ means ‘hero’; the one who rules the earth. The difference between Lakshmi and Kubera are: Lakshmi is connected with divinity, auspiciousness whereas Kubera is connected with material prosperities acquired in the form of wealth, opulence and riches. During Diwali, Kubera is worshiped with Goddess Lakshmi as it is known to bless one with wealth and prosperity. Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi and Sharad Purnima are two of the most auspicious occasions to worship Lord Kubera.

Brass Lakshmi Kubera Statue Collections:

 Idols of Lakshmi kubera is god of wealth, and the lord-king of the semi-divine Yaskhas in Hindu Mythology.  

Brass Kubera And Lakshmi Kubera Statues are very auspicious.

Can We Keep Kubera Statue at Home:

We can keep the Kubera statue as a vastu. The Kubera statue at home should be placed in the North direction of your property.  Do not place idols of ancient temples in your home.Offer betel leaves, supari, and rice to the fire. Auspicious colors for Kubera are Yellow and Green. We can also keep kubera and lakshmi kubera statues at home for wellness.

Kubera Mantra:

  Chant this powerful Kubera Mantra also known as Kubera Ashtalakshmi mantra. Kubera mantra to attract money, wealth.

Kubera Statues Benefits:

People believe that worshiping Kuber idols regularly along with Kuber yantra ensures fast results and blesses the natives with prosperity, wealth and goodluck.