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Uruli – Positive Aesthetic Traditional Vastu Addition To Your Home

Significance of placing Uruli at Home
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Uruli has become a significant traditional element even though modern day art and interior designing have taken a different turn. Urli is used as a decorative objects that imparts a royal glow to even a simple setup. Nowadays Uruli is placed in posh resorts across the world for the perfect reason that Uruli reflects unique beauty and richness to the surrounding.



Uruli is a simple bowl shaped structure which is generally filled with water. Though Uruli is available in a lot of materials, brass is the most preferred one.

Brass is highly revered metal and looks absolutely gorgeous in any environment. Uruli can be artistically and intricately designed with various engravings on the surface. Other designs like god idols can be sculptured on the exterior of Uruli. Uruli designs are enormous.


Uruli is a strikingly gorgeous vastu element to your home or workplace. Water generally denotes wealth and so water element should flow inwards as it represents wealth flow. Therefore, Uruli filled with water covered by flowers or any other decorating element placed facing the main door is regarded auspicious.


Placing uruli at the right place is very important to get the complete benefits out of it. It should be kept at a strikingly visible spot. Seeing it often calms our mind.

Uruli can be placed in your living room complementing it to other decor items and related interior design of your home or office. Here are some of the benefits of placing Uruli at your home according to Vastu.

brass annam uruli


  • Place it in your Pooja room before idols.
  • It can be placed in the entrance of the house i.e., at the opening of the main door of the house.
  • Uruli can be placed at the right side of the entrance.
  • It is also suggested to keep Uruli at the centre of the living room/hall.
  • It can be placed in the Northeast/ishan corner of the house or  workplace.
  • It can be placed either on the table or on the floor as well.
  • It can also be placed at your balcony or at favourite spots in your home.


There are a lot many ways to apply Vastu when it comes to home decor to achieve inner peace and happiness. Even though there are lots of  Vastu products, one unique and enticing vastu element is Uruli.

Pancha bootham / five great elements are believed to remove the negative vibrations around the environment. The water element in the uruli acts as one such remover of negative vibrations or the evil eyes.

Thus keeping uruli at the entrance of the house or workplace will relieve us from the negative vibes in the entrance itself. This stops the negative vibration from entering inside your place just in the entrance itself.


Designer Brass Urli/Uruli with Diyas and Bells

Brass Decorative Peacock Urli/Uruli with a Bell

Decorative Brass Annam Urli/Uruli (Pair) 12.5″


  • Pour fresh water into the Uruli, add some fresh flower petals over it.
  • Rose petals are one of the most common options.
  • Any flower of your preference can be used to decorate. There is no such restriction in the choice of flower.
  • Both scented and unscented flowers can be used to decorate uruli.
  • Leaves can be used as a decorative element.
  • It can also be filled with potpourri of your preference.
  • You can also let small fragmented candles float quietly on the surface of the Uruli in the evening time.
  • Adding few drops of essential oil to the water will uplift the mood of the surroundings.
  • Adding camphor to the water in uruli will also act an insect repellent ( Eg : Mosquito )

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