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Muhurtham Dates 2023 | Upcoming Subha Muhurtham Dates for Wedding

Muhurtham Meaning:

There is a common practise from our ancient hindu tradition to find out or choosing the right day and time referring to panchangam before commencing any special, new big tasks of life. The Muhurtham time is nothing but the right time, place, day, date and position of all astrological factors which are believed to provide highly beneficial results to our respective aspect which is undertaken. 

As hard work, knowledge, intelligence, skills, talents is important for accomplishment of an aspect successfully, the position of stars, planets is also equally important and plays an important role in deciding the success and failure of our endeavour and the commencement of new aspects.



Upcoming Muhurtham Dates 2022 (Next Subha Muhurtham):

Month 2023 Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in 2023
January 18, 20, 23, 26, 27
February 1, 3, 10, 12, 16, 19, 23
March 3, 9, 10, 13, 17, 23, 27
April 10, 16, 23, 24, 26, 27
May 4, 11, 14, 22, 24, 25
June 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 28, 29
July 5, 7, 9
August 20, 21
September 3, 10, 11, 13, 17
October 18, 20, 25, 27
November 1, 10, 12, 16, 19, 23, 24, 29,
December 1, 7, 8, 10, 14

வளர்பிறை முகூர்த்த நாட்கள் 2022

மாதம் 2022
தமிழ் முகூர்த்தம் – சுப முகூர்த்த நாட்கள் 2022
தை  9, 12, 13, 18, 20
மாசி 11, 19, 
பங்குனி 9, 13
சித்திரை 10, 11, 13, 14, 21, 
வைகாசி 08, 10, 11, 18, 
ஆனி  13, 14, 
ஆடி Nil
ஆவணி 03, 04, 31
புரட்டாசி Nil
ஐப்பசி   01, 03, 08, 10, 30
கார்த்திகை 03, 07, 08, 28
மார்கழி Nil


தமிழ் முகூர்த்தம் – சுப முகூர்த்த நாட்கள் 2022


What is the best meaning of Muhurtham?

Muhurtham is simply the auspicious time of the Day. In general Muhurtham is the aspect about the Unit of measuring the Time in addition with kashta, kala, nimish as per Hindu Calendar.

Vedic Astrology Unit Of Time:

  • Truti- Base Unit- 29.6µs
  • Tatpara-100 truti-2.96 ms
  • Nimesha- 30 tatpara- 88.9 ms
  • Kastha-18 Nimesha-1.6 s
  • Kala-30 Kastha-48 s
  • Ghatika-30 kala-1.44 ks (24 mins)
  • Muhurta- 2 ghatika-2.88 ks (48 mins)

How is the Next and upcoming Muhurtham calculated?

Muhurtham us calculated by the division of time 1/30 per day or a 48 minutes period .It is then divided into 30 kalas, and the kalas further divided into 30 kasthas

What are different types of Muhurtham in India?

The Different types of Auspicious Muhurthams are as follows.

  • Vivah Muhurat 2022.
  • Annaprashan Muhurat 2022.
  • Karnavedha Muhurat 2022.
  • Upanayana Muhurat 2022.
  • Vidyarambh Muhurat 2022.
  • Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2022.
  • Mundan Muhurat 2022.
  • Namkaran Muhurat 2022.

Importance of Auspicious Muhurtham in 2023:

As per Astrology any aspect of life to be started should be commenced by fixing the right day, time, and place in order to derive the desired results and to succeed in that particular aspect for which it is started. It is followed from our ancient Vedic time before starting an important piece of work. Hence it is mandatory to initiate any task at the right time.

Important Festivals 2023 And Date

Festivals 2022
Month – Date in 2022
New Year   January – 1 Sunday
Pongal  January – 15 Sunday
Republic Day January – 26 Thursday
Saraswathi puja January – 26 Thursday
Shivaratri February – 18 Saturday
Holi March – 8 Wednesday
Ugadhi March – 22 Wednesday
Tamil New Year April – 14 Friday
Akshaya Tritiya April- 22 Saturday
International Yoga Day June – 21 Wednesday
Parents Day                                               July – 23  Sunday
Friendship Day July- 30 Sunday
Raksha Bandhan August – 30 Wednesday
Independence Day August – 15 Tuesday
Ganesh Chaturthi September -19 Tuesday
Onam    August 30 and 31- Sunday
Sharad Navratri October- 15 Sunday
Durka Pooja October – 22 Sunday
Vijayadashami  October – 24 Tuesday
Gandhi Jayanti October – 2 Monday
Durka Navami Pooja October -23 Monday
Diwali November – 12 Sunday
Children’s day November – 20 Monday
Thiruvannamalai Deepam                   November – 26 Sunday
Merry Christmas December – 25 monday


Types and Nature: Subha Muhurtham

There are a Total of 30 types available which comprises of 24 hours.

Auspicious:Mithra, Vasu, Varaha, Vishwadeva, Vidhi (except mon, fri), Sutamukhi, Varun, Aryaman, Ahir Budhnya, Pushya, Ashwini, Agni, Vidhartha, Kanda, Aditi, Vishnu, Dyumadgadyuti, Samudram.

Extremely Auspicious:Jeev/Amrit, Brahma.

Inauspicious:Rudra, Aahi, Pitra, Puruhut, Vahini, Naktanakara, Bhaga, Girish, Ajapada, Yam.

What should be considered for calculating the right Muhurtham?

Thithi/ Date, Day, Yoga, Karana, Nakshatra/Star, Navagraha position, Venus-jupiter combustion,bhadra, lagna, rahu kaala etc.are some important factors to be considered before calculating the Auspicious Muhurtham time.


Panchangam is the form of Ancient Hindu Calendar which contains all the traditional units of time, important dates which are calculated and present in the Table  form. (Panch means 5 and Angam means attributes, hence it is called as Five attributes or five limbs).

Theipirai Muhurtham is Good or Bad for Marriage:

Five best and main elements of Panchangam:

  • Var/Day(7 days), 
  • Thidhi/ Date(30 dates), 
  • Nakshatra/Star(27 Nakshathra), 
  • Yoga(27 yogas), 
  • Karana(11 karanas).

Mytra Muhurtham:

Maitreya muhurtham is super auspicious day for repay your debts. If you are repaying any small amount of your debt on this muhurtham day you will have a many possibilities to pay your full amount of debts. That’s why most of people considering this is an auspicious day.

Date/Thidhi- As per Valarpirai (Shukla) / Theipirai (Krishna) paksha

The 30 dates of a month is divided into two halves as 15+15=30, which is denoting by the phases of moon such as Krishna paksha(ammavasya) and Shukla paksha (purnami)

  • Pratipada-1
  • Dwitiya-2
  • Tritiya-3
  • Chathurthi-4
  • Panchami-5
  • Shashti-6
  • Saptami-7
  • Ashtami-8
  • Navami-9
  • Dashami-10
  • Ekadashi-11
  • Dwadashi-12
  • Trayodashi-13
  • Chaturdasi-14
  • Amavasya(krishna paksha)/Pournami(shkula paksha)-15(and repeats cycle)


The var or week is comprised of 7 days as follows

  • Sunday, 
  • Monday,
  • Tuesday,
  • Wednesday,
  • Thursday,
  • Friday,
  • Saturday


There are a total of 27 nakshthra or stars available as per astrology. They are as follows.

  • Krithigai, 
  • Rohini, 
  • Mrigashirsham, 
  • Ardram, Muhurtham-upcoming-dates-27-stars-nakshtras-astrolog
  • Punarvasu, 
  • Poosam, 
  • Aslesha, 
  • Magam, 
  • Porvam, 
  • uthram, 
  • hastham, 
  • chithirai, 
  • swathi, 
  • vishakam, 
  • anuradha, 
  • jyeshtha, 
  • moolam, 
  • purva ashadham, 
  • uthra ashadham, 
  • shravanam, 
  • dhanishta, 
  • satabhisha, 
  • purva bhadrapadam, 
  • uttara bhadrapada,
  • Revathi,
  • Aswhwini, 
  • Bharani.

Yogas– There are a total of  27 yogas present.  It is calculated as per the position of the Sun and Moon.

Auspicious Yogas:

Preeti, Ayushman, saubhagya, shobhan, sukarma, Dhriti, Vriddhi, Dhruv,Harshan,Siddhi,Variyan,Shiv,Siddh,Sadhya,Shubh,Shukla,Brahma,Aindra

Inauspicious Yogas:


Karana: Karana is the half of a Thidhi or Date. There are a total of 11 karanas, such as

Fixed karanas:

 Kinstughan, shakuni, Nag,Chatushpad

Movable karanas:

Bhava, Baalav, Kaulav,Gar, Taitil, Vanij, Bhadra

Occasions to be held during Muhurtham:

Various important occasions for which the choosing of muhurtham are as follows

  • Weddings, Engagements, Baby showers
  • Commencing a new job, venture or business
  • Naming ceremonies, Tonsure ceremonies
  • Laying new foundation for building house, office, shop
  • Griha pravesham or House warming ceremonies
  • Filling applications for exams, jobs etc.
  • Journey to pilgrimage or holy places
  • Buying new luxury items like jewels, clothes etc.
  • Purchase of new vehicles,properties and other important things.
  • All other festive and special occasions depend upon individuals.

Steps to select the best Muhurtham date:

The major five steps to select a best muhurtham date are as follows;


~To select the appropriate month, where out of 12 months only 6 months are meant for conducting marriages(4 good, 2 ordinary)

Best months:

  • Vaishka month: April-May
  • Jyeshta month: June-July
  • Maagha: February-March
  • Phalguna: March-April

Ordinary months:

  • Karthika: November-December
  • Margashira: December-January


~Followed by choosing the days of the month. In general the month is divided into two halves as Valarpirai(Shukla paksha) and Theipirai(Krishna paksha). 


  • Days 2,3,5,7,10,11,13 of Valarpirai(Shukla Paksha)
  • Days 1,2,5,7,9,10 of Theipirai(Krishna Paksha)


~Next step is selecting the best day of the week in which Tuesday is rejected for marriages. 

  • Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Monday are considered the best days
  •  Saturday, Sunday are considered ordinary days.


~Choosing best Nakshatras is the next step in which out of 27 nakshatras, 11 are known as best.

Best Nakshatras:

Rohini, Mrigashira, Magham(2,3,4 paths), Uttaram, Hastam, Swathi, Anuradha, Moola(2,3,4 paths), Uttarashada, Uttarabhadra and Revathi(1,2,3 paths).


~The final step is to choose yogas, karanas and lagnas. Out of 27 yogas, 17 are good, and out of 11 karanas 10 are considered good. 

  • Rejected 10 Yogas: Vishkambha, Atiganda, soola, ganda, dhruva, vyaghata, vajra, vyatipata, parigha, vaidhriti
  • Rejected 1 karana: Vishti


Lagnas are also considered in calculating the muhurtham and financial stability along with overall well being of the respective person.

  • Good Lagnas: Gemini,Virgo,Libra
  • Ordinary Lagnas: Cancer, Leo,Sagittarius,Aquarius

Apart from these steps the wedding muhurtham is calculated by comparing the kundali match(jathagam) of the respective wedding bride and groom. Astrological moon position of Groom and the sun position of Bride are determined clearly to choose a lucky wedding date for the marriage.

Benefits of Choosing Best Muhurtham:

  • As the chance of an unpleasant bad incident occurring is less during the time of muhurtham, it is believed to provide a higher chance of success.
  • It is said that the duration of muhurtham(early morning) provides a clear and calm stable state of mind scientifically.It helps to boost up energy and stabilise  our body, mind and soul. 
  • Problems from wedding life will be removed and avoided
  • It helps the person to get rid of financial troubles, threat to life, health problems, misunderstandings, incompatibility and other relationship problems .

Mangalyam Mantra:

“Maangalyam tanthunaanaena, mama jeevana haetuna, 

kantae badhnaami subhagae, twam jeeva saradadat satam”