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Handicrafts of Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu is a land famous for its arts and handicrafts. Tamilnadu has a wide history of culture and tradition that has evolved over centuries. Tamil Nadu Culture is ancient and rich. Perhaps the most extravagant thing of the Tamil culture is in the handicrafts of Tamilnadu. This is a perfect destination for religious people. The various handicrafts of Tamil Nadu include Panchaloha statues and sculpture, bronze and brass statues and much more. The handicrafts of Tamilnadu speak with fine beauty. This add wisdom and beauty to the lifestyles of the people Tamil Nadu and all over the world.

Panchaloha Statues
Panchaloha is described from a sanskrit word and also known as Panchadhatu. Initially this was used to make Hindu God statues in temple. But now it is used to make idols/statues and jewelry. Panchaloha is traditionally described as a composition of gold, silver, copper, zinc and iron. It is a Nature consists of five elements like water, fire, earth, air and space.  People use to buy Panchaloha  with the belief that it will bring balance to their body and mind and  keeping  a statues in home  made of Panchaloha brings self-confidence, good health, fortune, prosperity and peaceful mind.
Bronze and Brass statues

Bronze is good source of copper and tin and Brass is a proposition of copper and zinc. It falls under the Stone Age and the Iron Age. Anciently the Bronze and Brass coins were used for longer period. Later Bronze and Brass were used to make weapons and suitable for use in boat and ship fittings and widely used for stainless steel.  Now a days Bronze and Brass became famous for making statues, artifacts, jewelry, musical instruments and for other household accessories.